Squishy Tantus Goliath Review – The Sixth Day of Dicksmas

Merry Christmas, all! How about a toy review?

It’s deja vu day here on the blog, and I’m back with a Tantus Goliath Review! This time, I specifically have a Tantus Goliath Super Soft review, which is the toy I thought I was getting when I got the Goliath Super Hard instead. (That’s not really it’s name, by the way.) Although I enjoyed the Goliath Super Hard, it wasn’t a perfect toy for me. Tantus was happy to send me the Super Soft so I can do a comparison… and here we are!

It’s the Sixth day of Dicksmas, and Tantus sent to me… A Goliath Dick! I’m not going to rhyme it. Okay, I’m tempted to sing “A Goliath dick for my pussssyyyyyyyy…” but I think that’s kind of crass. Although crass is my brand, isn’t it? I digress.

Onto the dicking!

Background Info

When I reviewed the Tantus Goliath earlier this month, I mentioned that there had been a communication mix-up and I got the regular Goliath instead of the Goliath Super Soft. There are two Tantus toys both called Goliath, and they look very similar, but they aren’t the same. The regular Goliath is firm and not flexible. I tend to prefer solid toys over squishy toys, but the regular Goliath is at the upper limit of my girth tolerance, and it was a bit difficult to manage.

Tantus was awesome and immediately sent out the Super Soft for me to try as a comparison. It arrived in time to be part of the Days of Dicksmas!

Out of the Box

This Goliath also comes in a giant box, but fortunately, I knew what to expect and didn’t momentarily fear I had requested a thermos for review.

Tantus Goliath Super Soft in Box

The Goliath Super Soft comes with a suction cup attachment and a bullet vibe. Everything you need for a fun evening at home.

This package looked exactly like the regular Goliath (the Goliath Super Hard). I had a momentary bit of puzzlement. Did they send me the same toy again? So I poked it through the plastic and, to my relief, it seemed to squish a little.

Once I took it out of the box, I saw that it was definitely squishy. But I’ll get to that in a few minutes. First, here’s what it looks like with all its accessories.

Tantus Goliath Super Soft with accessories out of box

The base of the toy has a socket where you can put the suction cup or the vibrator.

Goliath Super Soft Socket

This angle is creepy, right? If you look really carefully into the gaping anus of this toy, you will see some small grooves that help hold the suction cup (or bullet vibe) in place.

Tantus Goliath Super Soft in hand

Here it is with the suction cup attached. The suction cup slides easily into the socket, and it is easily removable, unlike the Goliath Super Hard. With that one, I didn’t put the suction cup all the way in because I was pretty sure I would never get it back out again. With the Super Soft, though, I could remove it with just a bit of a tug. It still felt solid, though: the toy was not going to pull off the suction cup through regular use. Maybe if you hung it upside down from the ceiling, but c’mon. What are you doing with your dildos here, people?

I was a bit more nervous when it came to the bullet vibe.

Goliath Super Soft with bullet vibe 1

What would happen if I pushed it all the way in? Would I ever be able to get it out again? How deep was this socket, anyway? Could it accidentally get stuck all the way inside, like an anal toy without a flared base?

I tested the depth of the socket with my finger and figured through Highly Scientific Means (sort of guessing) that it wasn’t too deep for the bullet vibe.

Bullet Vibe in Tantus Goliath Super Soft

Here is the Goliath Super Soft with the bullet vibe in as far as it goes. There is enough protruding from the base that I can grab the bullet vibe to remove it, and even if I can’t, the Super Soft texture means I can squeeze out the bullet vibe.

The Goliath Super Soft is approximately the same size as the regular Goliath in both width and girth. The Super Soft is 1.75″ in diameter and has 6.8″ of insertable length. The original Goliath is 1.7″ in diameter with the same 6.8″ of insertable length.

Tantus Goliath Super Soft girth

Here’s the Super Soft from the top, so you can see the girth.

Most notably, though, the Super Soft is… super soft. Check it out:

Goliath Super Soft bent at a 45 degree angle

Look at that bend! And that’s without much effort. It’s also soft enough to squish a bit when gripped hard, so the girth doesn’t feel quite as girthy. Let’s get to that, shall we?

Into my Box

Holy shit, folks, the Goliath Super Soft is a fabulous dildo for me. Even though it’s a bit bigger around than the regular Goliath, I didn’t have to warm up at all with the Super Soft, and it didn’t cause the same discomfort of getting the coronal ridge past my pubic bone. I had to move slowly, of course, since it is a girthy toy, but I was able to insert it past the widest point with just a little bit of maneuvering. With the toy’s squishiness, it felt like a completely different size than the regular Goliath. I wasn’t uncomfortable at all.

Please note that this is my subjective experience, entirely dependent on the elasticity of my vagina. Your experience will be different depending on your particular anatomy, too. But I’m hoping that I give enough info to decide if the Goliath Super Soft is right for you.

Using this Goliath, I found that I wanted to try the accessories right away. It was working fine (more than fine) as a standard dildo, but Tantus sent me accessories. I would be a negligent blogger if I didn’t use them.

Accessory Rundown

The bullet vibe has three settings: low, high, and intermittent high. I tried all of them. It’s a simple vibe, but effective and straightforward. I could easily insert and remove it from the dildo while it was in use. The vibration transmits well through the dildo. I seldom use internal vibrators anymore, except for the ones that also have an external component, so it was a bit of a strange sensation for me. Nice, though. It’s a nice amount of vibration.

While I enjoyed the vibrator, I also wanted to test the suction cup. I swapped the bullet for the suction cup and looked for something to affix the suction cup to. The wall seemed a good option, but I wasn’t in the mood for the amount of physical maneuvering that would take. I ended up finding a horizontal surface instead. What I noticed upon use was that the flexibility of the dildo was well-suited to a suction cup. Sometimes, if a suction cup toy is too firm, it’s difficult lining it up for proper penetration. With this, I could move around and the dildo would follow me. Thumbs up for flexibility.

Cheers and caveats

Cheers to squishiness. Regardless of whether I’m using the dildo horizontally or vertically, upright or lying down in bed, the actual movement of the Goliath Super Soft is fluid and comfortable. It’s a thick dildo, but it’s not too thick for me. The softness of the dildo really makes it possible for me to take a larger girth than I would normally be able to. I’m in favor of that!

Cheers to accessories! The vibrator and the suction cup both get the job done. They work well with the dildo and are easy to insert and remove, even while the toy is in use.

Cheers to flared bases. If you’re into anal play, the flared base of the Goliath Super Soft makes the toy safe for anal use. It’s also harness-friendly. Whether you’re the giver or the receiver, the Goliath is set for a rockin’ good time.

Now, for a caveat, and a caveat about caveats. If you don’t know, caveat means “a warning,” not “a bad thing.” When I put caveats in this review, it’s information to be aware of, not necessarily information to dissuade you from your purchase. One caveat of the Goliath Super Soft is that it’s a large toy. It doesn’t feel as large as the regular Goliath to me, but it’s still not small. It’s not a beginner dildo. If you are new to the world of Fucking Yourself With Things, try a different Tantus toy like the Acute dildo or similar smaller-size toy. Or, you know, buy the Goliath and live your best life. You know your body. Who am I to judge?

A Note about Shopping Small

This isn’t about shopping for small dildos, but shopping in small businesses.

I highly recommend you buy your dildos in person at a local sex shop, since small businesses are the livelihood of our communities. Small, friendly, feminist, sex-positive toy shops help people new to toys learn about toys, and I’ll always advocate shopping there first. You also get the added benefit of seeing the toy in person before you purchase it. My local shop, Oh My Sensuality Shop in Northampton, Massachusetts, recommends the finger test: hold up fingers next to the toy to see how wide it is, and compare it to your own experience fingering yourself or getting fingered. It’s easy for one’s eyes to be bigger than one’s… stomach.

I mean vagina. Or anus. Not stomach. It’s an expression.

Final Thoughts

The Goliath Super Soft is a new go-to dildo for me. Not as stiff as the regular Goliath, with more girth than the Echo Super Soft, the Goliath is a just-enough stretch toy for me.  I’d be really into getting fucked with it by a partner, too. Although it’s pricey (like all Tantus toys), you get what you pay for. The Goliath is a high-quality silicone dildo with the option to become a vibrator and a suction cup toy. What more could someone want for the holidays?

Merry Christmas, all! Enjoy the dicking, and the continued days of Dicksmas into the new year.

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