Jopen Pavé Liz: All Buzz, No Wow

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I wanted so badly to like this vibrator, folks, but this Jopen Pavé Liz review is full of disappointment. This toy is not without merits–it’s not the Satisfyer Multifun, for example–but it doesn’t deliver on its promises, and I don’t think it’s worth the money unless you like a very particular type of vibrator. Here’s the full scoop on the Pavé Liz.

Out of the Box

The Pavé Liz is impressive right from its packaging. It comes in a jewel-style octagonal box in mint green with a clear front. Right away, this looks like a quality product.

Out of the box, the Liz is elegant and simple in design.

Pave with charging cable on bed

The mint green silicone toy is meant to fit over a finger for fingertip vibration. The little clear crystal is the controller, which you press to turn the toy on and off as well as to cycle through the patterns.

The bottom of the Liz is textured to provide clitoral stimulation. Sorry this pic’s a bit blurry.

Bottom of Liz, with raised circles for texture

The shape of the toy is a nearly-closed C, with some flexibility of the curve to allow for different finger sizes. It’s not super flexible, though. What’s below is the extent of the flexibility.

The Liz charges through a plug-in charger that you stab through the self-healing silicone. You can see the charger dimple here, on what looks like its bum.

Charger dimple

In hand, the toy feels elegant and aesthetically pleasing. I was interested to see what kind of vibrator it contained, so I charged the toy and fired it up.

Onto My Box

The first buzz of that vibrator filled me with disappointment. The Jopen Pavé Liz is a buzzy vibe. It’s not just a little buzzy; it’s really buzzy. It’s the same level of buzziness as a cheap knock-off fingertip “massager” that I bought at Caldor’s for $15 when I was 18 years old.

Determined to see this review through, though, I put it through its paces. The vibe gave me the most stimulation when held lightly over my clit, and even then, the vibrations didn’t penetrate. That’s the problem with buzzy vibes: you get only surface-level vibration. Some people do like this, by the way, but I’m not one of them. Pressing the vibe harder against my clit was merely uncomfortable.

I tried moving the vibe back and forth, to gain stimulation from the ridges, but this negated the effect of the vibrator itself, even with lube. I couldn’t seem to move it at a pattern that felt good; the texture didn’t do much beyond what my finger could do. Maybe less.

I tried turning the vibe to the side, too. If you notice, one ridge at a corner of the vibe is thicker than the rest, perhaps for more pinpoint stimulation. The toy didn’t fit on my finger as well like this, but it did give me slightly more stimulation. Unfortunately, not enough to feel good.

I tried all the different patterns, tried with and without holding onto it, with and without my labia spread, and all I got was itchy and annoyed. Eventually, I tossed this vibe aside and grabbed a different one to actually get off, because I would never have an orgasm with this toy.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for a really attractive aesthetic. The Pavé Liz feels like a high-end vibrator and it comes in an elegant box. The crystal controller is actually pretty instead of cheap-looking.

Caveat: This vibe is a really buzzy vibe, and lots of people don’t like buzzy vibes. If you’re into it, great, but I’m not.

Kudos for waterproofing and body-safe silicone. High quality materials make a nice-feeling toy.

Caveat: this toy is expensive for what you get. I’ve used a lot of $20 vibrators and a lot of $80 vibrators (and some $200 vibrators), and an $80 vibrator should feel like it’s worth the money. This one is not.

Final Thoughts

I really wanted to like this toy, but it’s not a win for me. I can’t justify asking anyone to spend $72 on a vibrator that’s this buzzy. I’m also worried some people will get it, thinking it’s a great first vibrator, and get turned off from vibrators forever because of the discomfort.

There are, however, alternatives for the same price range! For nearly the same price, get a toy that sucks your clit: the Womanizer Scarlet. I swear, it may not be a vibrator, but it’s going to rock your world a lot more than this toy will. There are also a lot of finger vibrators on the market similar to the Liz, and one of those might be a better option. Just remember to always look for 100% silicone rather than silagel, TPE, or jelly rubber.

If you’re into the aesthetic and into buzzy vibes, the Jopen Pavé Liz might still be a good choice. As for me, it’s just too must buzz and not enough wow.

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