Soft Silicone Sensory Delight: Uberrime Review

This Uberrime review is a review of not one, but two toys from the independent dildo manufacturer Uberrime. I’m reviewing the Xenuphora Tentacle dildo and the Quattro Pulsanti dildo, two gorgeous toys in one post.

Background Info

I discovered Uberrime by accident when a sex blogger I follow was posting pics of their toys on Twitter. I asked about one of the gorgeous tentacles, and Marco from Uberrime (or, should I say, Marco of Uberrime, as it’s a one-person operation) replied that it was his creation! That dildo was the Deep Diver, which I decided was probably too much girth for me. Marco had a solution, though: the Xenuphora Tentacle dildo, which was a smaller width. I asked to review that and the Quattro Pulsanti dildo, and he graciously provided those in exchange for this review.

Affiliate link note: as with many posts on this site, this post uses some affiliate links. Uberrime’s dildos are available through SheVibe and Peepshow toys, where I am an affiliate, as well as through the main Etsy store, where I am not.

Out of the…”Box”

Uberrime is a small independent business, and their dildos don’t come in boxes. They come in silky drawstring bags.



I’m going to talk about each of these in turn.

Tentacle Dildo

The hand-poured qualities of this dildo really show, as it’s beautiful. I love the iridescent colors! This tentacle has lots of texture, with raised suction cups and ridges along its length and a pointed, triangular head.

The base has raised nubs on it, both at the front and rear. Here are some more angles from the tentacle photo shoot.

The texture of this dildo is super squishy! It’s a very soft, flexible silicone, so I could bend this dildo every which way.

Damn, my nails look really good in these pictures.


The Quattro, while it’s labeled a dildo, is designed really well for anal use as well and I can’t help but think of it as a butt plug. It has four raised bumps, each larger than the last, and a flared base. It’s bigger than it looked in the pictures, for sure!

Pardon the way these toys don’t line up perfectly in the horizontal row.

Like the tentacle, the Quattro is very flexible.

Into My Box


This isn’t a particularly wide toy for me, so I had no trouble with insertion. I like the textured nubs on the broad base of the tentacle, and if I fully insert it, I can get some clit stimulation from the base.

The tentacle is an interesting toy. The curve of it invites insertion with the tip facing up, for g-spot stimulation, but the raised suction cups are on the other side of the toy, so to get that kind of stimulation, I need to flip it over. I tried both ways, and I couldn’t really decide which I liked better. The softness of the silicone and flexibility of the shaft meant that both directions were pretty comfortable, but I had to choose between more g-spot stimulation and more texture.

The pointed head of the tentacle is not my favorite. In order to get any clit stimulation from the base, I have to insert the shaft pretty deep, and then it pokes at my cervix. It’s not a fun sensation. Other people might be fine with this; it’s quite anatomy-dependent.

I love the idea of the tentacle dildo. The design is beautiful, the quality is high, and the silicone is soft but textured. I actually found myself wanting more girth as I was using this toy. The texture was fun, but I like a feeling of fullness as well. Although I think the Deep Diver might be too much width for me, I wish this particular tentacle were a bit wider. Again, though, anatomy varies, and your mileage may vary. It was fun to thrust and fun to use while imagining all kinds of tentacly scenarios.


I’m using the Quattro as an anal toy, because it’s got the graduated bumps that I find fun. It’s a bigger anal toy than I usually use, so that was an adventure, but I am nothing if not adventurous.

Back in college, I had this (terrible quality) butt plug that also had graduated bulbs, and we called it the Christmas Tree. It was way too big for comfortable use most of the time, but I liked working up to it. I got rid of that toy long ago, since it was rubber and unsanitary, but the Quattro is like the good-quality grown-up cousin of that Christmas Tree.

In the interest of oversharing on the internet, I must tell you that I cannot get this whole toy in my ass. Maybe at some point, but it’s not a goal I particularly have. I like just working with part of the toy. Because the bulbs are each distinct, I can go as far as I want and not worry about the whole thing slipping out when I let go.

This is not a beginner’s anal toy, but it’s not crazy-advanced, either. It’s broad for me, yes, but the softness of the silicone means I can take more width than I could if the device were firmer.

The downside of soft silicone for an anal toy is that it can be hard to insert it. I push the head against my ass and the toy wants to bend out of the way. That first push requires some creative maneuvering. Once it’s started, though, smooth sailing from there. Even with the bumps.

Obviously, you can use the Quattro as a vaginal dildo as well (although not after anal! Safety first). I don’t think the bumps would have the same effect, but hey: you do you.

Uberrime Final Thoughts

These are high-quality, beautiful toys, and buying them supports an independent business. We’re all about that here on this blog. Plus, they’re fun! Uberrime has a ton of different designs, many steps beyond the generic “looks like a penis” shape, and that’s pretty fantastic as well. Their toys are all high-quality silicone with a flared base that works for harness and anal play, they come in tons of beautiful colors, and they’ll look great on your shelf or… in your body.

Aside from the Tentacle and the Quattro mentioned in this review, you can check out other Uberrime toys at Peepshow and SheVibe.

Thanks to Marco over at Uberrime for letting me try these!

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