Tracy’s Dog OG Pro 2 Review: I’m Mad

Folks, I’ve gotta tell you something. I’m absolutely furious about the OG Pro 2.

I’m furious because I’m having some of the best orgasms of my whole damn life right now, multiple orgasms that go on forever and defy the laws of science and physics, and it’s because of a toy from a company with the worst name I’ve ever heard.

That’s right. This is about Tracy’s Dog, specifically the Tracy’s Dog OG Pro 2. It feels like an absolute karmic prank from the universe that now I have to recommend Tracy’s Dog with a straight face. I should not ever have to say, “I swear I’m not fucking an animal” at any point in my human existence, but here we are.

First Impressions: That Name

I’m going to get to the sex toy in a minute, this absolutely mind-blowing sex toy that has changed my life. But first, I’m gonna talk about this company. My dealings with them have been delightful. They’re polite and funny, and their website is cheerful and not at all skeevy. But they’re called Tracy’s Dog.

According to their website, the name is meant to evoke the idea of “a faithful and loyal companion.” A dog is a person’s best friend, so “Tracy’s Dog is the leader of the pack.” Except the mental image it actually evokes is quite a turnoff. I don’t want to think about somebody’s dog when I’m getting off.

And the logo?

Logo making the T and D look like a penis, where the T is the balls and top line of the shaft and the D is the head

No, that’s worse, actually. They’ve made it worse.

First Impressions: The Toy

Am I over the name? No, definitely not, but I’ll circle back at the end. For now, let’s talk business.

The OG Pro 2 comes in a shiny black box with that big dick logo right on the front in a lovely embossed silver.

Tracy's Dog outer box

Open up the box and there’s a perfect cutout to reveal the OG Pro 2.

Tracy's Dog in box

You get a lot of cool stuff with the OG Pro 2: a remote control, charging cable, instruction booklet, cute purple satin storage case, and STICKERS!

OG Pro2 with stickers and accessories

Here’s the OG Pro 2 itself.

It’s roughly heart-shaped, with a bulbous exterior motor that has a clit sucker nozzle and a longer, ridged interior g-spot arm. The g-spot arm has a hinge point near the bottom, so you can bend it back and forth and change that angle, but it’s not bendable along its length.

A few more shots:

There are two buttons on the main body of the toy: the O controls the clit sucker, and the wavy line controls the vibrator in the g-spot arm. The second pic above shows the charging port, which is one of the ones where you have to stab the metal charger into the toy.

The OG Pro 2 comes with a remote control with the same buttons as the body of the toy.

remote control

Now, let’s talk about this toy where it really counts: in use.

In Use

I have used a lot of clit suckers, and I was not expecting miraculous things from the OG Pro 2. But as I indicated earlier in this post, my expectations were all wrong.

The internal g-spot arm is girthy, and with the fixed angle of the toy, it pressed very firmly on my g-spot. The vibrations resonated all throughout the area even though the vibrations are a bit buzzy. The clit sucker was a bit tricky to line up at first; I had to fiddle with the penetration of the g-spot arm, wiggle things around, etc. Once I had it lined up, though, it was a perfect storm.

The clit sucker on the OG Pro 2 is strong. It’s not overwhelming, but it’s not a delicate flutter, either. We’re talking insistent thrumming. I loved how easy it was to control the intensities with the remote: two buttons, no fuss. I found an intensity level for each that seemed right, and then before I knew it, I was coming.

Now here is where the story gets interesting. With the strong g-spot vibrations and that insistent clit sucker, I just…kept coming. I came for what seemed like forever. I lost control of my sense of time and space. The stimulation didn’t stop and my orgasm didn’t stop.

A few minutes in, I decided I could live with the name “Tracy’s Dog.”

Some eternity later, my spasms were starting to subside, but also I could feel another orgasm coming on, somehow, even though the first wasn’t done? And then I came again, another hard peak, and I finally shut the toy off.

Repeating the Experiment

To make sure this wasn’t a fluke–and not for any purely selfish reasons or anything–I decided to give the OG Pro 2 another go a couple of days later. I couldn’t have come for that long, could I? Was that really possible? So I fired up the stopwatch on my phone to see if I could duplicate the experience. At the moment of orgasm, I clicked “start.”

Readers, I came for over four and a half minutes. The end of that four and a half minutes was the second orgasm.

My abs were sore the next day from doing what essentially constituted a five minute continuous abdominal crunch.

I’ve been able to achieve multiple orgasms multiple times with this toy. Not just “more than one orgasm,” but an orgasm that goes on for so long that it blends into a second buildup and peak.

I played with this toy with my husband and he said I came for over five minutes. He also said, “I like that toy.”

Now, I have also used the OG Pro 2 and just stopped during the first orgasm after the initial spasms had gone on for a bit, just turned it off and come down. It was still satisfying. But knowing those multiple orgasms are possible makes turning it off a little bit difficult.

The Biggest Disclaimer

I have no idea if the OG Pro 2 will give you multiple orgasms. I have no idea if it’s even going to line up perfectly for you. My experience is not a universal experience.

I will say that I’ve used a lot of clit suckers and I have never come like that.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for one of the most amazing sex toys I’ve ever used. Seriously, what the fuck? I’m blown away. I might die in the middle and my gravestone will say “She died doing what she loved.”

Kudos for a strong g-spot vibrator that really hammers into that g-spot. More kudos for a clit sucker that knows what it’s about and goes for it.

Caveat: the g-spot vibrator is buzzier rather than rumblier. I found that the strength made up for it, but your mileage may vary.

Kudos for a large internal arm. This might be a caveat for you: that internal portion is substantial, so it’s going to be good for those who like penetration with more than one finger’s width.

Kudos for a simple, straightforward remote control.

Caveat: with only two buttons, you have to cycle all the way through the settings if you pass the one you like, or shut it off and turn it back on. Kudos, though, for not having to keep track of too many buttons. It’s a toss up.

Additional kudos for total waterproofing! Use this in the bath or shower, and you can wash it without fear of damaging it.

More kudos for how incredibly inexpensive this is. It’s $70 on sale right now for $60. I’d pay twice that, easily. I’d give them my kidney. This is a steal.

I’m going to give kudos again for THESE ORGASMS. HOLY SHIT.

Caveat: It’s called Tracy’s Dog.

Just for fun, let’s go through some true statements you just can’t say.

  • Tracy’s Dog got me off last night.
  • I came so hard last night thanks to Tracy’s Dog.
  • My favorite pastime is wanking with Tracy’s Dog.
  • I got a new toy to spice up my sex life. It’s Tracy’s Dog.

They had a lot of opportunities to change the name, but they’ve decided not to, so this is my life. Faithfully devoted to getting off with Tracy’s Dog.

Final Thoughts

I want to hate how much I love this toy, but alas, I just love it. I love it deeply, maddeningly, obsessively. The OG Pro 2 has earned a permanent spot on my nightstand.

Look past the name. Try something new. It may not change your life…but what if it does?

I received this toy in exchange for my honest review. This is a sponsored post, but that does not affect the honesty of my review. Affiliate links are being used in this post, and buying a product through those links benefits me and this blog.

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