Tracy’s Dog OG Flow Review: Again?

Here we are, people, with another review of a Tracy’s Dog sex toy that blows my mind. I’m talking about the OG Flow, a 2-in-1 clit sucker and vibrator combo that lets you choose your own sex toy adventure. Just a couple of weeks ago, I was losing my mind over the OG Pro 2. Now, I’m here again to tell you that Tracy’s Dog has another smash hit with the OG Flow. Which toy you will prefer is going to depend on a few different factors, which I’ll discuss in my review.

First Impressions

I’m not going to spend another chunk of time talking about the horror that is the Tracy’s Dog brand name. I spent a lot of time on that in my OG Pro 2 review. But for the OG Flow, I’ve got a lot to discuss, so I don’t have time to duplicate content. Read that review and know that my name complaints still stand.

The OG Flow comes in a lovely black box with the brand name printed on the front.

Tracy's Dog box exterior

The box opens to show a really beautiful storage bag with the toy and accessories tucked underneath.

Og Flow interior box

You get some fun marketing materials with the OG Flow, plus the product itself, charging cable, instructions, and a gorgeous velvet storage bag.

OG Flow with bag and instructions

Seriously, it’s probably the nicest storage bag I’ve ever received with a sex toy before, and I have received a lot of storage bags.

The OG Flow is an unusual looking toy. The clit sucker section is an oval, somewhat bulbous end, and the internal arm/handle curves over the back of the clit sucker and away from the toy.

There’s something a bit “uncanny valley” about the clit sucker section. It’s like a single alien eye with surprised eyebrow, or a sightless gaping mouth. It weirds me out every time.

But fortunately, I don’t have to look at it when I’m using it.

The OG Flow has 2 buttons on the back, one for the clit sucker and one for the g-spot arm. These buttons also double as the magnetic attachments for the charger.

OG flow buttons

From that angle above, it looks like something you’d buy at Brookstone.

The skeleton hands don’t know how to hold onto it.

OG Flow in skeleton hands

I didn’t photograph one of the most interesting aspects of the OG Flow: the g-spot arm is completely bendable. This means you can bend it all the way vertical (like a hand-held showerhead) and use it like a handle if you want, focusing only on the clit sucker. You can also use this toy only for its internal vibrator, and hold the clit sucker portion as a handle. Or, as I prefer, you can use both at the same time and get maximum magic.

In Use

Like the OG Pro 2, the OG Flow takes a bit of maneuvering to get the clit sucker lined up exactly right. The bulbous clit sucker end of the toy is a bit unusual to place. I also found that the flexibility of the internal arm meant it was prone to bending at the base during insertion, so it was challenging for me to get an angle that actually pressed my g-spot.

Once I lined everything up, though, we were off to the races.

And I do mean races — I came in mere minutes. And came…and came…and came.

Yup, the OG Flow had the same effect on me as the OG Pro 2. I came endlessly, and was even able to get a second peak after the first went on for a lifetime.

I duplicated this effect several times on different days. (For research, of course. I must be thorough on your behalf, dear reader.) If this was the first Tracy’s Dog toy I’d used, I would be shocked, but after the OG Pro 2, I was ready.

(Typing the phrase “Tracy’s Dog toy” still makes me barf in my mouth a little bit.)

This toy is another goddamn magical miracle orgasm machine, and I would be mad about it if I wasn’t so happy about it.

Comparisons: OG Flow and OG Pro 2

Rather than a section of kudos and caveats, like I normally put here, I wanted to compare the OG Flow and OG Pro 2 to help you decide if you want one, both, or neither.

Please note the scale (via my hand) in these pictures:

  • The Flow can be used just externally, just internally, or both. The Pro 2 has to be used both internally and externally at the same time.
  • Both the Flow and Pro 2 have buttons that independently control the clit sucker and internal vibrator. Both toys offer a variety of intensities and patterns.
  • Both are completely waterproof, including submersible in the bathtub.
  • The Flow has a much longer (and a bit thinner) internal arm. The Pro 2’s arm rests right on the g-spot, and the Flow’s arm gives deeper penetration.
  • The Flow allows you to completely change the angle of the internal arm. The Pro 2 allows for a bit of movement, but the general angle is fixed.
  • The Pro 2 has a clitoral nozzle that sticks out further from the body of the toy than the Flow’s clitoral nozzle.
  • The Pro 2 has a remote control, and the Flow does not.
  • The Flow charges by magnetic induction. The Pro 2’s charger pushes into the body of the toy.
  • The Flow comes with a velvet storage bag. The Pro 2’s storage bag is satin.
  • The Pro 2 comes with stickers, and the Flow does not.
  • The Flow comes in one color (lilac), and the Pro 2 comes in three colors.
  • The Pro 2 is $59.99, and the Flow is $89.99.

My thoughts on choosing between the two: If you don’t always want penetration with your clitoral stimulation, get the Flow so you can have the option. If you don’t mind always having penetration with your clitoral stimulation, get the Pro 2. I think the Pro 2 is my personal preference, but the Flow is more versatile, and it’ll fit more bodies than the Pro 2. And if you’re not sure, well, I think you should definitely buy both.

both GIF

Final Thoughts

The terribly-named Tracy’s Dog has done it again with a sex toy that makes me come so hard I almost pass out. The OG Flow is gorgeous, versatile, and effective, suitable for a wide variety of bodies. I highly recommend it!

I received this toy in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are being used in this post, and buying a product through those links benefits me and this blog.

2 thoughts on “Tracy’s Dog OG Flow Review: Again?

  1. I have the Pro 2 and we call it the Levitator for obvious reasons. All I can say is Wow! My only comment on this toy is being petite it doesn’t line up exactly right with my clit. No way to make it fit. Hubby loves being extra close to me while I’m using it as it turns him on even more so. I ordered the Flow from Amazon (next day delivery) instead of waiting days for it from Tracy’s Dog. Out for delivery as I write. Excited to see how these two compare.

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