Monster Dildos for Spooky Season

It’s officially fall, now, and that means it’s practically October. It’s monster season: perfect time for a monster dildo review. Whether you’re a monster fucker at heart like me or just enjoy a wide, girthy dildo, BigShocked has the silicone cock you need. I’m reviewing two monster dicks today: the Houou and Fusho, both in Triones color scheme. Two households, both alike in dignity.

First Impressions

BigShocked sends their toys in plain packaging, so there’s nothing on the outside of the box to indicate monster dick enclosed. Once you open the box, these are each packaged in a basic clear bag.

Both of these are girthy dildos that taper to a narrower (but not necessarily narrow) point.

And because it’s almost Halloween, please enjoy the two of them in this new “wine bottle holder” I got at Target.

two dicks in skeleton hands

Let’s talk about each one individually first.


Houou in skeleton hands

The Houou is named after a mythical bird. It has a fairly pointed, tapered head with some raised bumps along its length.

There’s some really lovely detail work in the raised chains around the base and the ridges of “feathers” along the middle of the toy.


Fusho in skeleton hands

The Fusho is similar to the Houou in length and overall girth. It has a much more bulbous, rounded head and more distinct textures along the sides. It’s also a bit bendier, as you can see in the second photo below.

The Fusho has fewer large bumps along its length and instead has a lot of smaller bumps all over.

Side By Side

Here are the Fusho (left) and Houou (right) side by side.

side by side

According to the BigShocked website, here are some dimension comparisons.

  • Total length — Fusho 8.46″, Houou 8.07″
  • Insertable length — Fusho 7.48″, Houou 7.08″
  • Diameter of head — Fusho 1.37″, Houou 1.1″
  • Diameter of mid-shaft — Fusho 2.04″, Houou 1.89″
  • Diameter of lower shaft — Fusho 2.16″, Houou 2.16″

Some of these surprise me, like the Houou definitely looks longer in this pic than the Fusho, but it could just be the angle.

In Use

The differences between these dildos is fairly small in use, so I’ll talk about those differences first and then discuss them as a unit.

The Fusho’s larger head makes initial insertion more of a process. The Houou is easier to start with, much more gradual. While the Fusho’s texture was really interesting, I enjoyed the Houou’s gradual taper and smooth surface more overall. The Fusho demands more lube.

The width of both was delightful, girthy and substantial, with a strong and thick base that’s easy to grasp. Plus, suction cup bases mean it’s mountable on a flat surface.

I loved the aesthetics and structure of both!

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for girth! If you like a thick dick, you’ll find it here.

Kudos for the aesthetic. Monster Fuckers at heart (like me) will find much to enjoy in not only these dildos, but also all the ones on BigShocked’s website.

Additional kudos for the silicone that’s a bit squishy but not so soft that it doesn’t hold a shape.

Caveat: texture varies by toy, so make sure you know what you’re getting.

Additional caveat: remember that these widths are diameter, not circumference. They all look smaller on the website than in real life.

Kudos for pricing. At under $50 each, these dicks won’t break the bank.

Additional kudos for customization. BigShocked not only has a ton of different dildo designs, but you can get any of them in a variety of colors. I am partial to the blue, as you can tell.

Final Thoughts

With October just around the corner, you should lean in to your Monster Fucking desires with some new themed dildos. BigShocked has you covered with a variety of fun dildos, all reasonably priced, all well-made and thoughtfully designed. The Houou and Fusho are both excellent choices.

Tis the season to get railed by a mythical beast, even if just in your fantasies.

I received these toys in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are being used in this post, and buying a product through these links benefits me and this blog.

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