Tracy’s Dog Magic Vibrating Wand Review: Magic Plus Accessories

Wand vibrators are one of the most famous forms of sex toys. Masquerading as a back massager, or doing legit double duty as one, wand vibrators from various companies have been a stealth sex toy since the 70s. I’m on the blog today reviewing the Tracy’s Dog Magic Vibrating Wand, a wand vibrator with a delightfully rumbly motor and a whole collection of accessories. Trust me: there’s a whole adventure to be had here.

First Impressions

Tracy’s Dog is a company that makes some of my favorite sex toys despite their horrifying name. I have gotten a little more used to the name since I reviewed my first product of theirs, but if I think about it too long, I get uncomfortable all over again. So I try not to think about it.

The Tracy’s Dog Magic Vibrating Wand comes in a simple black box with the company branding.

Black box with tracy's dog logo

Inside, here we go! Wand in a box.

Open the box and here's the wand and a storage bag

But much like any magic trick, the Magic Vibrating Wand you see here hides a whole bunch of accessories tucked beneath that deceptively simple layer.

All you see here! Magic wand with three accessories, charging cable, satin bag, and instructions

The Magic wand comes with a gray satin storage bag, a charging cable, some simple instructions, and three accessories, which I have named.

Spiky Pumpkin is for all-over clit and vulva stimulation. The Anal Commander seems specifically shaped for anal use, especially given its textures, and the Rabbit is so un-creatively named by me because it resembles a rabbit vibrator with clitoral arm.

Here’s the Magic Wand itself.

The Wand is controlled through three buttons: the power button also cycles through five different patterns, and the plus and minus sign control the intensity of each pattern (or the non-patterned vibe). To charge the Wand, plug in to the base, as seen in the last pic above. It’s a stabby kind of charger.

In Use

The Magic Vibrating Wand is pleasantly, surprisingly rumbly. I was thrilled to see that this toy has a quality motor in it, so those vibrations penetrate pretty deeply.

I tried all three of the accessories to some degree. The accessories all fit snugly onto the head of the toy, and removing them made me a bit nervous due to how snugly they were on. I had to peel the silicone back from the head and it felt like I was degloving the toy. (If you don’t know what that is, do not google image search it. Text only, please, for your own sake.)

I did notice that with the accessories, the rumbly vibrations became more diffused. While I like the concept of a wand with accessories, the vibrations can only do so much when transmitting through, say, five inches of solid silicone. It wasn’t bad, mind you — they were quite fun! — but I liked the straight-up vibe better.

The Tracy’s Dog Magic Vibrating Wand gets me off quickly and effectively. It’s a powerful vibrator, even on the lowest intensity, and I was shocked and thrilled by the quality of the motor. WOW.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for a battery-operated wand vibrator that’s not cumbersome. Weighing in at 372 grams, or 3/4 of a pound for my fellow Americans, it’s lighter than many of its competitors.

Kudos for waterproofing! It’s great to have a toy you can take in the bath or shower.

Additional kudos for including a quality storage bag that fits the toy. Caveat: it doesn’t fit the accessories.

Kudos for including accessories as part of the main package rather than making you pay extra for them. It’s nice to have all the options for using a toy included with the toy.

Kudos for a strong, rumbly motor that gets the job done. Seriously, this is a powerful vibe and I’m into it.

Caveat: While the three vibration levels are enough to get the job done, I wish there were more interim steps of intensity rather than just low, medium, high. (It’s more like medium, high, and really high.)

Caveat: while it’s a decently quiet motor, it’s not silent. People don’t tend to grab wand vibrators looking for silence, but I thought it’s important to be clear.

Final Thoughts

I don’t always love wand vibes, but this Magic Wand definitely gets me where I want to go, and fast. FAST. The intensity of the vibrations and the rumbly quality of the motor combine to stellar orgasms in no time at all. If you’ve been thinking about a wand vibe, you should definitely consider this one! I’m a fan.

You can get the Magic Wand directly from Tracy’s Dog, and this link also gets me an affiliate commission. If you’d prefer I not get an affiliate commission, you can also purchase it from Tracy’s Dog on Amazon.

I received this toy in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are being used in this post, and buying a product through these links benefits me and this blog.

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