Tracy’s Dog P. Cat Review: Whoa, Whoa, Whoa

I don’t know if anyone here will immediately get the Tom Jones reference in my title, but my Tracy’s Dog P. Cat review is all about that WHOA, WHOA, WHOA. I’ll tell you what’s new, pussycat: fast, strong orgasms from a tiny magic device that’s gained an honored spot at my bedside. Tracy’s Dog keeps delivering toys that make me forget my own name, and the P. Cat Sucking Vibrator is another wondrous clit sucker continuing that trend. Let’s talk!

First Impressions

The P. Cat comes in a sturdy black box with the Tracy’s Dog logo on it.

P. Cat box, a black box with the Tracy's Dog logo on the front

Yes, the logo emulates a penis, in case the name Tracy’s Dog wasn’t already unsettling. (I spend a good amount of time waxing poetic about the name Tracy’s Dog in my first review of one of their products, and please know the sentiment remains even as I celebrate countless orgasms.)

Open the box and there’s the P. Cat, a cute handheld clit sucker with charging cable.

P. Cat in box with charging cable

Here’s another shot of the P. Cat on the table with its accompanying content: charging cable, storage bag, and instructions.

P. Cat with the aforementioned items

The P. Cat comes in both pink and Tiffany blue (I have the Tiffany blue). It has a curved shape for easy handling and two buttons: one for power, and one to switch between the ten sucking modes.

P. Cat facing screen with nozzle visible

Here are a few more shots of different parts of the P. Cat and different angles.

The silicone is a soft-touch silicone, very pleasant in hand. It has an oval nozzle for clit or nipple stimulation, and two fin-like curves at the bottom that don’t do anything in particular. It charges by plugging into the back with one of the stabby chargers.

But let’s talk about the P. Cat in use, since it’s not just about aesthetics.

In Use

The first time I used the P. Cat, I though, this is too strong for me. Even on the lowest intensity, it was a higher degree of suction and power than I’d experienced from most other toys. But pretty much as soon as I’d had this thought, I was coming.

All right, an interesting fluke, perhaps?

No, not a fluke. This toy makes me come so fast I barely have time to process it. I can pull it away and enjoy some edging, but mostly, this is a dynamic orgasm machine. Whenever I’ve attempted to use higher intensities, it’s too much for me and I swiftly circle back to the start, but the power is there for those who prefer more sensation.

I’m not sure what exactly makes this different from other clit suckers I’ve used. I do like that the broadness of the nozzle means it fits easily over my clit, and the wide rim of the nozzle also creates a decent suction. The fluttering/pulsing of the pleasure air motor is a difficult sensation to describe if you haven’t experienced it before, but it’s exquisite.

This has become my go-to fast orgasm machine. I don’t know what magic is happening but I know that I am here for it.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for aesthetics: the P. Cat is curved, elegant, easy to hold and use, plus it’s fairly light. The buttons are raised slightly and easy to find without looking. The fins don’t do anything but they do look attractive. And that Tiffany blue color is also lovely.

More kudos for making me come so hard I think I’m going to lose my mind. Witchcraft? I do not care.

Caveat: it’s water resistant, but not waterproof. Don’t submerge this in the bath or shower. It’s fine for a quick rinse but better to clean around the nozzle with a wet cloth.

Kudos for including a storage bag, which I want from all my sex toys.

Caveat: while decently quiet, it’s not as silent as other clit suckers. I could hear this one running. It’s nowhere near as loud as other toys, but it’s audible. You probably will be, too, so maybe that doesn’t matter.

Huge kudos for the price! At only $39.99, this is a bargain. A steal. Seriously, it’s worth twice that much.

Caveat: it’s from a company named Tracy’s Dog, so you’ll have to live with that. But I think with the orgasms you’ll be enjoying, you’ll end up like me and just not much care.

Final Thoughts

I am a huge fan of the P. Cat Sucking Vibrator and it’s going to earn a place in the Hall of Fame of my Sex Toy Master Airtable. It’s a triumph of engineering and an excellent bedside companion. It makes a great gift for yourself or others, and I highly recommend it!

I received this toy in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are being used in this post, and buying a product through these links benefits me and this blog.

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