MysteryVibe Poco Review: Customized Curves

I always enjoy when companies are innovating with regard to sex toy form and function. MysteryVibe is one of those companies. Their name makes me think of the erstwhile “Mystery Date” game of the ’70s, but their vibrators are 21st-century creativity. The Poco is a bullet/g-spot vibrator that lets you customize its curve for a fun, versatile experience.

First Impressions

The Poco’s outer packaging shows the product and gives helpful info on the back.

Beneath the outer sleeve is a sleek, minimalist box.

Poco inner box

Inside the package lies the Poco along with a charging cable, user guide, and quick use instructional card.

Poco with accessories

MysteryVibe describes the Poco as a bullet vibe, but it’s definitely larger than any bullet I’ve ever seen.

The Poco has four buttons at the bottom which control intensity and cycle through patterns. It charges through a single port at the bottom.

What makes it unique is its flexibility. The top of the quick start guide shows the various shapes of the Poco.

Quick use card

Here it is in a couple of bends.

The Poco’s flexibility is designed to be customizable to your body.

While you can scroll through the patterns and change intensities using the buttons at the base, the Poco really shines through the app.

MysteryVibe App

When you first turn on the MysteryVibe app and connect the Poco, it has a lot of firmware to download. This activates the patterns on the Poco. There are a number of patterns with names like “power pulse” and “slow fall,” each offering a different pattern of vibrations between the two main vibrators in the device. The app lets you reorder these patterns so you can put your favorites first and more easily cycle to them. You can shift the overall intensity of each pattern up and down and give a burst of intensity by touching that vibrator on the phone’s touch-screen.

Even more exciting: you can create and store your own vibration patterns, up to 4 different ones, or download different ones from the vibration pattern library. You can replace the ones already on the toy with different ones, too. I love that!

In Use

The Poco is definitely a vibrator where a person (me) can get caught up with playing around in the app rather than actually using the toy. The settings are really interesting, and the bendy body of the Poco is fun to play with.

Actually in use, the Poco is a solid vibrator. The vibrations are rumbly, not buzzy, offering some strong penetrative sensation. I couldn’t decide whether I liked it better as a g-spot vibrator or a clit vibrator. My Poco came with a whole set of cards depicting different positions and ways to use the toy, and I had fun cycling through those. (I’m not sure if everyone gets a copy of the cards, but all the images/descriptions are available online.)

I had a few quibbles with the Poco, namely in the bullet-vibe-vs-g-spot-vibe department. In my experience, toys that attempt to multitask seldom succeed. The Poco is a bit long for a bullet vibe and a bit short for an internal vibe, and it’s not long enough to stimulate both at once. This makes it functional for multiple purposes but not necessarily the best option for either. However, if you like versatility (as I do), it’s worth forgiving the Poco for its shortcomings. It is fun having a toy that I can swap between purposes if I change my mind about how I want to play. Plus, those vibrators are strong and they know what they’re doing.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for innovation and customization. I love being able to shape the Poco to press against my g-spot or my clitoris.

More kudos for a beautiful app that lets me control the minute functions of the toy. I love being able to use these different and functional patterns, change their intensities, get a burst of power from one or both motors. More kudos for being able to create your own patterns and have a library to download from!

Caveat: you can’t pair your toy with a long-distance partner. This seems like a missed opportunity, since there’s an app with Bluetooth capability anyway.

Kudos for shower-proofing, but caveat: it’s not submersible-waterproof. I wish it were.

Kudos for rumbly vibration rather than buzzy.

Kudos for an aesthetically pleasing design and beautiful packaging.

Caveat: it doesn’t come with a storage bag. It would be nice to have something to keep the Poco in rather than tossing it in with my other toys.

Kudos for versatility and the Poco’s ability to stimulate the clitoris or g-spot, or other erogenous zones on the body. Caveat: there’s no specialization here, so it’s not a particular star at any one of those things. All-around versatility vs. stellar performance in one key area. I think it’s a common trade-off.

Final Thoughts

The Poco is an excellent toy for someone new to the world of vibrators or someone who’s into innovation. The bendable shape, customizable app, and powerful motors make it an easy win. While the Poco isn’t perfect, is a wonderful addition to anyone’s toy collection and/or a fabulous introduction to sex toys. It’s fun, it’s non-intimidating, it’s functional, and it doesn’t look like a penis. These are all wins in my book, and I’d happily recommend the Poco from MysteryVibe.

I received this toy in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are being used in this post, and buying a product through them benefits me and this blog.

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