Gotta Go Fast: Sohimi Hedgehog Clit Sucker Review for Sexmas Day 3

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Clit suckers are one of the latest types of sex toys, and this cute hedgehog from Sohimi capitalizes on that trend. My Sohimi hedgehog clit sucker review is generally positive — there are a few design flaws, and a bit of “meh,” but overall, this is an inexpensive product that gets the job done. It’s Day 3 of Sexmas, and we are here to talk about sex toys.

A note: I’m calling this the Sohimi Hedgehog Clit Sucker, but it doesn’t really have a name. Thanks to the cruelty of Amazon’s product search algorithms, this innocent Hedgehog is called “Clitoral Stimulator Sucking Vibrator with 7 Frequencies Vibrating clit clamp and Vagina Suction, Sohimi Clit Sucker G Spot Nipple Massager Oral Simulator Adult Sex Toys for Women and Couple or Solo.” But please, don’t let this nightmare mashup of search terms dissuade you. Once you get past the CVS-receipt of names, the product itself is pretty great!

Out of the Box

The Sohimi Hedgehog comes in a good-looking red box with the company name embossed in gold.

Sohimi box, red with gold lettering

The box also comes shrink-wrapped. Peel off that plastic, pop open that top flap, and you see the Hedgehog and his charging cable. Huzzah!

Hedgehog in package with charging cable

Here is everything out of the package: Hedgehog, USB-A charging cable, and tiny two-page instructional book. Pamphlet.

Hedgehog with cord and instructions

Now, let’s look at the Hedgehog himself. The black body is silicone, and the red back part is a plastic material.

I was a little disappointed that the giant terrifying eyes from the Amazon image weren’t actually real, but maybe that’s a blessing in disguise. He does have little nubbins hat I think are supposed to be his eyes and ears. Angle shot to show his lil eyeballs:

Angle shot of the Hedgehog

He looks like he’s shocked. And, I mean, he should be.

The Sohimi Hedgehog has one single button under his nozzle on the belly side. Right below that is the magnetic attachment point where the charging cable hooks on. I’ll leave this image a little bigger so you can see it.

Hedgehog from belly side to show magnetic charging and button

That’s the Hedgehog! Now let’s talk about this fellow in use.

Onto My Box

The Sohimi Hedgehog has two functions: vibration and clit sucking. It’s a pressure wave device, meaning it uses jets of air to stimulate the clit more than actual sucking. But it feels a lot like sucking. It’s intense, and it’s wonderful, and it’s really damn strong with this Hedgehog. But I’m getting ahead of myself here.

To turn on the Hedgehog, press and hold the only button for a little over 2 seconds. This turns on the clit sucker. Tapping that power button cycles through a range of intensities as well as clit-sucking patterns. That’s right, folks — the Hedgehog has patterns for clit sucking, and most devices don’t have that, so that’s pretty neat. Pushing the power button twice, quickly, switches from clit sucking to vibration. It doesn’t do both at the same time. Once you’re in vibration mode, you can tap the power button to cycle through intensities and patterns, just like the clit sucking. Double tap and you’re back to the beginning of the clit sucking range again. To turn it off, push and hold the power button.

So how does it all work? First off, that clit sucker is strong. Even on the lowest setting, it was intense on my clit. I tend to use lower settings on pressure wave devices as I’m warming up, and that’s not an option here. I did try out all the patterns and intensities to see how they felt, but I ended up (personally) sticking with low. That’s just the type of stimulation my clit prefers. Ultimately, and in very little time at all, I came hard. This pressure wave device delivers.

Trying out all the different intensities and patterns is how I realized the key design flaw of this Hedgehog. The button to change the patterns and switch modes is on the underside of the Hedgehog, way up near the nozzle. It’s nearly impossible to press while the device is situated against the body. I had to pull it away any time I wanted to change settings.

And the vibrator? Meh. It’s buzzy and surface-level, and the body of the vibrator seems to be situated in the middle of the Hedgehog. So it’s not giving direct stimulation at the nozzle, which is the most focused part for clit stimulation. I tried the various parts of the Hedgehog with the vibration and all of the different intensities and patterns, and none of them did it for me. Frankly, I’d rather they had left it out altogether, but I suppose it’s not hurting anything by being there.

The clit sucker, though, is the real winner on this product. And another reminder here that I call it a clit sucker, but it’s really an air jet of sorts. It’s not sucking your clit right off your body or anything. It’s very easy to detach, even when latched on and running.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for a cute design. The Hedgehog is a nonthreatening, endearing sex toy. It makes me smile whenever I look at it.

Additional kudos for body-safe materials. The silicone covering all the body-contact parts of the product makes me feel comfortable using it.

More kudos for waterproofing! This device is totally waterproof, which is awesome. It charges through magnetic charging so there are no open plugs or anything.

A mixed set of kudos/caveats for the clit sucker, which is powerful and effective but perhaps too intense for those with sensitive clits. Know thyself and know thy clit. Frankly, I think it’s workable by most people, and I’m pretty sure I’m an outlier when it comes to sensitivity.

Caveat: that vibrator is not doing this product any favors.

Another caveat: button design. Fine if you’re not going to change settings during use, but if you are, you will quickly get annoyed by having to move the whole product out of the way.

Final caveat: noise. If this product is running while not against your body, it’s a bit loud. Not really loud, but not as quiet as other pressure wave devices. In use, it’s a bit quieter, but still not silent.

The biggest kudos of all to price. The Sohimi Hedgehog is only $26.99 on Amazon and it’s available for Prime delivery. You could have this little fellow in your home in mere days.

Final Thoughts

I’m so glad I got to try the Sohimi Hedgehog. While it’s not great as a vibrator, and the button design is kind of annoying, the clit sucker itself is powerful and well-designed. It gets the job done fast and effectively. I love that the design is approachable to someone who is intimidated by sex toys. And for this price, the Sohimi Hedgehog would make a great stocking stuffer for yourself or someone you love. Happy Sexmas, everyone!

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