A New Wave: The Arcwave Ion Review

The Arcwave Ion review is different from most of my reviews in that I’m not the person who tested the product. Every now and then, I’m contacted to review products for people with penises — and I’m not a person with a penis. Fortunately, I have access to someone with a penis (my husband) who is occasionally willing to give a product a go. The Arcwave Ion was so new and interesting and exciting that he happily agree to review it. For this review, I’ll be sharing my overview of the product and then the results of my interview with him about its use. The bottom line: The Arcwave Ion is a game changer for the penis, the same way that pressure wave devices were a game changer for the clitoris.

Out of the Box

The Arcwave Ion comes in a box that makes it look like a fancy space-age device…which it is, in many ways.

Open the box, and you see the charging case as well as the Ion itself.

Arcwave Ion in box that's been opened

Here’s the whole assortment of what you get in the package:

Arcwave ion with accessories and charging cable

In this picture, the actual Arcwave Ion is the piece in the right front, with the curved down and open sleeve. In the back, you can see the two halves of the charging setup, and then on the left is the charging cable, some lube, and the instructions.

The Arcwave Ion’s charging container looks nondescript, like a device for cleaning an electric razor or storing tools.

Arcwave ion charging container

When you open the container, there’s a vented tube used for drying the Ion’s sleeve.

Arcwave Ion charging compartment

The packaging comes with a long, thin sleeve of silica gel to put in that vented tube, which helps absorb any leftover moisture. A nice touch, honestly.

The Ion itself fills the charging container, fitting over the tube and also plugging in for charging at the same time.

Arcwave ion charging container with lid off

So here’s the moneymaker: the Arcwave Ion. (Please ignore the bits of dust; this is the type of silicone that tends to attract lint just by existing.)

The back of the Ion, which is where the motor and everything is housed, provides a firm plastic structure with several buttons on the back: the “Smart silence” button, plus the “up and down” buttons to control intensity.

The sleeve itself is made of silicone and is lightly ribbed on the inside. If you peer carefully in on that third picture, you can see the real business end of the Ion: the pleasure air port, which delivers air pulses across the sensitive frenulum of the penis. You can also press on the penis through the silicone sleeve, to change the type of sensation.

The devices uses magnetic charging through the charging case. The connectors are pictured in the last image above.

The Ion disassembles easily with a “twist to open” function, meaning you can separate the housing from the sleeve and wash everything. It can be submerged in water for easy cleaning.

That’s the design, now let’s talk about the Arcwave Ion‘s function.

Ion In Use

To use the Arcwave Ion, you put some water-based lube into the sleeve and slide it down over your penis. The smart silence function means that when the device detects contact, it will turn on. The pressure air port moves air across the frenulum, simulating the sensation of someone blowing and/or sucking on that sensitive point.

I’m going to provide my husband’s review in the form of a Q&A.

So, how easy is the Arcwave Ion to use?

If you read the instructions, it’s very clear. It’s not necessarily intuitive, especially if you’ve never used a toy like this before, but the instructions are straightforward.

Would this be suitable for a wide range of penis sizes?

I think so. It fit me well. It’s stretchy, which is helpful. It might be a bit tight on really giant cocks, but I think it would accommodate almost everyone well. They give you lube, which is helpful. [Note: it’s water-based lube, which is the best for this kind of product. Don’t use silicone-based lube with silicone toys.]

What’s it feel like to use the Ion?

It’s a very focused suction that feels almost like vibration on the frenulum. It’s very, very focused. It hits right where a partner’s tongue would be during a blow job. It’s really easy to line the toy up to focus on that particular spot.

You can control the level of the intensity; it’s easy to reach the buttons in that position. Also, one of the buttons is indented, so you can tell which button you’re touching, which is useful because you can’t see them when it’s in use.

You can use the Ion like a stroker, or leave it in one spot, or a combination. How did you prefer to use it?

I liked leaving it stationary. I enjoyed the focused stimulation, which I didn’t get when I was moving it back and forth. The stroker action is nice, since it’s ribbed and all, but that isn’t the main draw compared to the air pressure. I preferred just to set it right where I wanted it and leave it there.

Was there anything in particular you noticed about the function or design while in use?

I’m not sure if I liked the Smart Silence, where it only turns on when it detects pressure. I preferred to just set it so it would stay on all the time. I get why they have that, but I didn’t find it useful. Also, it’s pretty loud. That’s kind of a minor quibble, but it’s not like it’s really quiet or stealthy. I appreciated how easy it was to clean. It just twists apart, so that was simple and straightforward. You do need to be able to wrap your hand around it to push the buttons, which might be hard for people with mobility issues, but overall it seems really accessible.

Also, it’s really effective. Really effective.

What kind of masturbation do you think the Ion is good for?

Its main forte is getting you off quick. You could definitely turn down the intensity and take the more scenic route, you know, the guided tour, but it’s easier to jump right to the main event. I don’t think it’s made for a really long session. [Note: the battery life is a little over an hour.]

Also, some toys are good to use with a partner, and the Ion is made for solo use. I don’t think it would be as good with a partner, based on where the buttons are. It’s great if your partner is there watching you use it, but you really are better off controlling the buttons yourself.

How does it compare to other types of masturbation or partner stimulation?

Well, with a partner you get a level of randomness that this obviously doesn’t provide, but sometimes it’s nice to not have randomness, too. The predictability can be great for getting off really easily. It’s easier to clean than my other strokers. Also, the pressure air is really something. It achieved its goal really well. I’m honestly surprised at how effective it was.

Would you recommend this toy? To who?

Oh, yeah, absolutely I’d recommend it to anyone with a penis. I think even if you aren’t used to toys, it’s accessible to complete beginners, just read the instructions. It feels different than anything else. It’s great. There aren’t as many really unique toys out there for penises, and this is something brand new.

Final Thoughts

My husband was a big fan of the Arcwave Ion, which makes me a big fan of the Arcwave Ion as well. I think we’re ushering in a new wave of fun sex toys for people with penises. I’m so excited that we got to try this product, and I hope you like it as well!

This product was provided in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are being used in this post, and purchasing a product through these links helps benefit this blog.

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  1. Thank you for your review I’m thinking of buying one. I was concerned about price and the disappointment with other male masturbation toys I have been looking for some time for new methods to seek self pleasure
    I will be purchasing a Arcwave ion in the near future

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