Lelo Enigma Review: No Mystery, Just Great Orgasms

I’ve reviewed a lot of sex toys in the past five years. (Over 100! You can check out the spreadsheet.) Often, when a toy is trying to do multiple things at the same time, it fails in all of them. There are notable exceptions. The Lelo Enigma is an exception. The Engima is described as a “dual-action sonic massager,” and it provides touchless clitoral stimulation as well as internal g-spot stimulation. In this Lelo Enigma review, I’ll share my various thoughts about this product, including the bottom line that the Enigma is a gorgeous high-end product that delivers stellar orgasms.

Out of the Box

The Lelo Enigma comes in a tall black box with a clear front. The packaging is lovely. (You can see me in the reflection, which I just can’t help. That’s irrelevant to the loveliness of the packaging.)

Lelo Enigma in box

The Enigma comes with a charging cable, storage bag, instructions, lube, and a warranty card.

Lelo Enigma with accessories

Let’s take a look at the Enigma from a few different angles.

The last picture in the photoset above shows the buttons. There are only three: a center button that controls patterns, and a + and – to decrease and increase the intensity of the stimulation. (Turn it on/off with the center button.)

The internal g-spot arm has some good flexibility. Here’s me extending the arm out to show its range of movement.

Enigma with extended g-spot arm

You can see the shape of the g-spot arm pretty well in the above picture. The widest part is near the tip, and the narrowest part is at the base.

The Enigma has a non-magnetic charging port. You have to penetrate this one. Heh.

Enigma charging port

The entire device looks really space-age, and it feels nice in hand. It has sleek curves and a soft-touch silicone exterior. It looks more like a piece of art than a sex toy — not that I mind if my sex toys look like sex toys, but beauty is always appealing.

But we all know beauty isn’t everything. Let’s talk about performance.

Into My Box

The Lelo Enigma is designed to provide internal vibration at the same time as exterior clitoral stimulation. The way you use this toy is to insert the g-spot arm, line up the external nozzle with your clitoris, and then turn the whole thing on and adjust as needed.

The internal arm of the toy must be situated first. That part of the toy isn’t fully round; the shaft is “flat” on each side, but I didn’t notice any difference in the sensation of penetration as a result. The amount of penetration and the angle of penetration will differ per person based on where your clitoris is in relation to your vagina. It was a bit of fumbling for me to get everything lined up exactly right. The clitoral stimulator nozzle is fixed at a particular angle, which required me to move the g-spot arm to make the toy as a whole match my body. It wasn’t difficult as much as it was just a bit fiddly.

Then I got to turn it on and get down to business. Lelo describes the clitoral stimulation as “sonic waves.” I am not sure if they’re the same as the pressure wave / air pressure / clit sucking stimulation as other devices like the ones made by Satisfyer or Womanizer, but it feels similar to me. And that’s a good thing! Because that kind of stimulation is amazing. The g-spot vibration is deep and rumbly, stimulating all the important bits from the inside while the clitoral nozzle worked on the outside.

I spent some time fiddling with modes and intensities. The Enigma offers eight modes/patterns (one of which is just steady), and each pattern’s intensity can be increased or decreased with the plus and minus buttons. Important to note: the external and internal functions of the Enigma work in tandem. You can’t independently control the internal vibration separate from the external sonic waves/air pressure/whatever’s happening with the clit.

The step up in intensities is very subtle, so once I found my chosen mode (which for me was “no pattern”), I was able to flick the intensity up and down and get gentle increases and decreases rather than giant steps up in strength. This was nice, since I usually like lower levels of intensity and sometimes the jump between them is too much for me to handle.

I used this toy a number of times before writing this review, and every time, it made me come incredibly fast. I had to pull it away in order to actually check out the different modes and intensities, because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to last. It makes me come really fucking hard no matter what. I can go from zero to lightning round in minutes or less. That’s phenomenal.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for the beautiful design of the Enigma, which looks sleek and elegant and feels nice to both hold and use. It’s gorgeous. Put this on display, people.

Kudos for 100% waterproofing. Even with the “you have to stab it” charger, the Enigma is submersible waterproof, which means it’s safe for your bath or shower. In this day and age, high-end sex toys should absolutely be fully waterproof, so I’m glad the Enigma meets my standard for this quality.

Kudos for being really damn effective. This is a quick train to orgasm city, folks. Choo choo. I don’t know what else to say in this particular arena. It does what it’s aiming to do and it does it well.

Mixed kudos and caveats for the controls. So, on one hand, three buttons is simple (Kudos for simplicity). It’s easy to figure out which button does what without being able to necessarily see the controls. But because there are only three buttons, you can’t control the clitoral stimulation separately from the g-spot vibration (Caveat is an inability to customize). For me, this means even though I like stronger g-spot vibration, I can’t get that unless I can also handle stronger clitoral stimulation. And I can’t. So it’s a trade-off. That said, I think the simplicity edges out the customization for me. I’ve used other dual-stimulation toys where I was keeping track of five or six buttons by feel, and there’s no way I can be functional doing so when I’m about to come.

Caveat that’s sort of a spin-off of the previous one: with just one button controlling the modes, if you miss the mode you like, you’ve got to cycle all the way through to get to the beginning again.

Mixed kudos and caveat: the Enigma remembers what mode you last left the toy on. Kudos: if you find a mode you love, you never have to cycle to get back to it again. That’s it. You’re home. Caveat: you can’t just “turn off” the toy to reset back to the beginning “steady” mode. This is important if you’ve lost count of which mode you’re in and need to find your way back to “steady” once more. You just gotta keep pushing that middle button and eventually you’ll figure it out.

Caveat: pricing. The Enigma clocks in at around $189, which is beyond entry level for most people. I will argue that a product of this caliber is worth every penny, but that doesn’t mean it’s affordable to everyone.

Kudos for a flexible design that should accommodate most vagina-owning bodies. I’ve struggled with two-for-one designs in the past that relied upon a fixed distance between the clitoris and vagina, but a highly flexible internal arm means that I think the Enigma should work for mostly everyone.

More kudos: the Enigma is super quiet.

Finally, kudos for a long standby time: once you charge it, the Enigma stays charged for 90 days. That’s delightful, especially if you don’t know when the mood is going to strike.

Final Thoughts

The Lelo Enigma is beautifully designed and super effective. It’s a powerhouse sex toy. It’s knocked my proverbial socks off each time I’ve used it, and I keep coming back for more. A bit finicky to situate at first, its dual stimulation and focused attention internally and externally lead to glorious orgasms. I’m impressed and I highly recommend it.

I received this toy in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are being used in this post, and purchasing a toy through these links benefits me and this blog.

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