Tentacle Delight: Icicles 69 Review

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My Icicles 69 review celebrates the intersections of several things I love: firm dildos, g-spot stimulation, and tentacles. If you know me at all, you probably know about my deep-seated tentacle love. I have several toys so themed, but when I had the opportunity to try another, I jumped on the chance. Icicles No. 69 (heh) from Pipedream is a double-ended glass dildo with a beautiful curve and a tentacle aesthetic that’s simply delightful.

Out of the Box

The Icicles 69 comes in a simple white box with an image of the product.

Icicles box

Out of the box, the Icicle 69 is a much lighter pink than the box makes it appear. It has a pronounced curve and a textured surface.

Icicles 69 on bed

There are two different-sized ends. One is significantly wider than the other. The smaller end has a knob, which is probably intended to make it easier to hold.

Here are some shots of each end for size comparisons.

The Icicles 69 is a glass dildo, although it’s not actually glass: it’s made of borosilicate, which is closest to Pyrex. It’s not as fragile as glass, although you shouldn’t drop it on a hard surface.

Into My Box

Glass dildos are wonderful for their frictionless texture and glide, and the Icicles 69 is no exception. With just a little bit of lube, either vagina-produced or from a bottle, the 69 is easy to insert and to move.

I worked entirely from the larger end of the dildo, as I know my body and know that smaller end is nothing but disappointment. The larger end, though, is the type of girth I’m looking for from a toy, the kind I can feel.

The curve stymied me for a little while. With a curve like this, I fully expected to use the 69 with the end pointed up, to stimulate my g-spot. This position angles the handle down and away, making it more challenging to reach, but allowing for firm g-spot internal stimulation.

And yes, that was nice. It’s a good feel.

But I found myself experimenting with different angles during use, and eventually choosing to flip the entire toy upside-down, so the end was pointing down, and therefore the curve was facing up. This had two main positive results:

  1. The handle was pointed up, making the toy easier to reach and thrust.
  2. The textured upper curve rubbed against the lower third of my vagina during thrusting. Since this is the part of the vagina with nerve endings, I could better feel the texture, and that texture was nice.

I normally prefer g-spot stimulation over texture, but something about the way the firm curve felt vs. just the head of the dildo made me choose an upside-down style.

My own preferences are secondary here, though: the point is, there are several ways you can use this dildo, based on what your own anatomy likes. That’s pretty awesome, and I’m a fan.

If you’ve never used a glass dildo, this is a great one to start with: different widths, depending on what you like; texture but not overwhelming texture; and enough curve to be noticeable. The nearly-frictionless surface and super firm rigidity provide a sensory delight.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for an aesthetically pleasing dildo that doesn’t look like a penis. It’s nice to have penis-free options. The tentacle look is just a bonus.

Caveat: It’s really pink, even if it’s light pink, and for some people, that might be gendered enough to be a turn-off.

Kudos for glass, which is a body-safe material that’s a wonderful sensory experience. Glass also allows for temperature play.

Kudos for price: $50 is a good price for this dildo.

Caveat: this toy has a slight knob on one end, but that’s not enough of a flared base to make it safe for anal play. This baby should be vagina-only.

Kudos: It’s called the 69. C’mon. That’s awesome.

Final Thoughts

I love glass toys, and I love tentacles, and this Icicles 69 dildo is a wonderful mix of both. It’s a good price and a good quality, even if it’s not as fancy as, say, some hand-blown gorgeous piece from your local sex shop. It’s fun and friendly to glass newbies and experienced aficionados alike.

If you don’t want this one, you can find other glass dildos online as well.

Go have fun!

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