Surprise Party: Magic Tongue Vibe Review

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Before I get into the details of this Magic Tongue vibe review, I must give this introduction: some sex toys are absolutely ridiculous. They have unappealing packaging, unpleasant names, strange designs, or some combination of all of the above. Usually, these toys are a disaster. Now and then, though, you get a toy that’s got all three strikes against it and yet somehow, some way, it turns out to be an unmitigated delight.

Let me introduce you to the Pretty Love Magic Tongue Vibrator, the sex toy I never thought I’d love.

Background Info

When I agreed to do some sponsored posts by HotCherry, I chose an assortment of toys. I planned to choose two that I would most likely enjoy and one that seemed really “out there,” a wild card toy. For the first “likely enjoy” toy, I picked the Jopen Pavé Liz, which unfortunately turned out to be a buzzy dud. For the second “likely enjoy” toy, I chose the Icicles 69, a tentacular glass dildo that was as great as I’d hoped. And for the wild card toy, I chose this Pretty Love Magic Tongue vibrator. It looked obscene, and I thought, “there’s no way this will work, but it will be fun to try.”

I think it’s important to understand how much I expected to dislike this toy to really appreciate this review.

Out of the Box

The Pretty Love Magic Tongue vibrator comes in a white box with an image of the toy and a horribly disturbing photo of a woman getting her tonsils checked.

Magic Tongue vibe box

Inside the terrifying outer sleeve is a more subdued black box with a sex toy inside it.

The vibe comes with a charging cable and a mesh bag for storage.

Magic Tongue vibe with storage bag and charging cable

Out of the box, the Magic Tongue vibe is pretty much exactly as pictured. It has a shaft with a slightly raised bump at the base, a wheel that spins for clitoral stimulation, and buttons for controlling both.

To charge it, you stab it through the silicone in its little butt dimple. I hate this method of charging, but it’s undeniably satisfying, and it allows the toy to remain waterproof.

Magic Tongue vibe butt dimple for charging

Here are some images of the girth of the shaft, with my thumb for comparison.

Let’s talk about this wheel of spinning fins, shall we? The fins, or tongues, or whatever the fuck they are are made of silicone and they’re quite soft and flexible. Here are some closer shots, including one where I’m bending the fins to show their softness.

With this vibe, one of the buttons controls the fin wheel, cycling through 4 different speeds/patterns. The other button controls the shaft vibration, including different intensities and patterns.

Into My Box

I decided to give this toy a try on a whim one day, even though it wasn’t my next scheduled review. Mostly, I figured the clit wheel was going to be the biggest failure. I had a toy designed to mimic oral sex — the Adrien Lastic Caress, also known as the Clit Garlic — and it was unable to spin at all unless I held my labia apart. The motor wasn’t strong enough. I expected similar with this toy, so after charging it, I slapped some lube on there, lined everything up, and turned the wheel on.

Holy fucking shitballs, people.

That little wheel went to town.

The sensation of the silicone fins sliding over my clit was somehow exactly the kind of clit stimulation I like. It was intense, but the good kind of intense. I tried all four patterns before settling back on the lowest one, which let me feel the sensation the most.

I then tried the vibrator in the shaft, and found that it was surprisingly rumbly instead of buzzy! It was a little buzzy, but mostly, it was a nice, strong vibration that pressed all the right places.

Guys, gals, nonbinary pals, this fucker had me on the train to orgasmville in no time flat. I was left reeling, wondering what the fuck had just happened and why.

The Perfect Storm: My Preferences and the Magic Tongue

I do not think this toy is the perfect toy for everyone, but it is a great toy for me, and I think that’s due to some key factors.

  • I wax my vulva. I’m quite confident that the silicone fins would tug on pubic hair.
  • The type of clit stimulation I prefer is circular/back and forth clit rubbing, even more than vibration. This toy mimics clit rubbing, or even licking.
  • Having the clit wheel attached to the shaft keeps the wheel in place so I don’t have to hold it.
  • It’s got strong enough motor to turn even if my labia get in the way.

These elements overall combine into a perfect storm of “WOW” instead of whatever sadness I was expecting.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for clit stimulation that actually feels like getting licked by a very persistent tongue.

More kudos for a rumbly vibrator.

Caveat: that terrifying woman’s tonsil inspection on the outer box does NOT attract me. If you’re giving this as a gift, maybe take the outer sleeve off.

Kudos for waterproofing! I need to try this fucker in the bath.

Caveat: It’s called the Pretty Love Magic Tongue. That’s a pretty big caveat.

Kudos: Dual stimulation makes this a keeper, and I keep going back to it even though I have a million other sex toys. The clit stim is a really unique type of stimulation for me, and I’m a fan.

Caveat: It’s not cheap. At $73, I think it’s worth it, but not everybody will think so.

Final Thoughts

I love the Pretty Love Magic Tongue vibrator, and for me, it’s exactly the kind of stimulation I enjoy. If you also like something rubbing over your clit, you might be into it to! Hell knows this is a big surprise. If you don’t love this one, you might love another tongue-style vibrator.

And here’s a lesson for all of us: be open to sex toy surprises. I’m so glad I tried this terrifying monstrosity, and I heartily recommend it.

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