Come and Play 2-5, Episode 31: Recorded Live at Dungeons + Geekdoms

Episode Summary

We’re recording live at Dungeons and Geekdoms New England! We talk about Vagina Rage and shitty sex ed in America. Then it’s a bunch about the amazing kink con, the classes we’re taking, and the vendors and products. Some discussion of Jurassic World, dinosaur gothic, dinosaur porn, and video games we’re playing. I also include a short review of the Volita. All that and much, much more in this latest episode of Come and Play.

Show Notes

Learn the Rebound test for appendicitis
  • We talk about the Japanese term for folded-leg rope tie and can’t remember the name. It’s futomomo.
  • My bondage book is Playing Knotty.
  • Our slapper is from Leather by Danny. It’s wonderful!
  • Agreeable Agony is a great vendor of rope and wax items and all kinds of fun things. 
  • Our amazing local sex shop is Oh My in Northampton. 
  • Dinosaur Gothic
  • Victorian Velociraptor With Violets
  • Yes, folks, here is the post about the velociraptor sucking dick. This post is the commentary; the ACTUAL dick-sucking dinosaur requires an additional click. It’s like two-factor authentication for dinosaur porn. 
  • I reference my Volita review, as well as the Caress.

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