Pink Punch Sunset Mushroom Review: Pleased as Punch

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In the world of sex toy reviewing, like in most arenas, substance matters more than style. And yet sometimes the style is so delightful that it has to be mentioned alongside substance, bearing equal weight. This review of the Sunset Mushroom from Pink Punch celebrates a vibrator that may not be revolutionary in the quality or intensity of the vibrations, but whose aesthetics are second to none. The Sunset Mushroom is one of the cutest toys I’ve ever reviewed, and I’m excited to share it with my readership.

Plus I’m just in time for the start of National Masturbation Month!

First Impressions

My first impressions of the Sunset Mushroom are wow. The outer box has an adorable aesthetic. There’s sci-fi/futuristic looking line art of the product on a fun background, and the box is encased in a translucent sleeve bearing the product name and company name.

Then, open that up, and you get an even more adorable storage case! The storage case rivals the toy itself for overall cuteness. With its ombre pink to yellow shading, it’s eye-catching. 

The storage case has cutouts inside for the actual vibrator along with its heart-shaped pull tag. It’s not just a storage case, though, but a charging station: you charge the case itself by plugging it in via its pink USB-C charging cable (included), and then the case can charge the vibrator.

Pink Punch sunset mushroom in case

Here’s everything you get with the Sunset Mushroom from Pink Punch, minus the case.

Sunset mushroom with accessories

Now let’s look at the toy itself. It obviously resembles a mushroom, hence the name. It’s a light pink/peach silicone that fades to yellow, and the entire thing is covered by a layer of translucent silicone that make it seem very space-age.

Sunset mushroom in hand

The very tip of the mushroom has a small divot, which is hard to see when you’re not holding it. The top has a cute pattern.

There’s a place at the base to loop the pull-tab through, along with a single button for a control.

Absolutely adorable, right? I know. But there’s more.

The App

Pink Punch has an app for controlling their toys, and I’m in love with the aesthetic. Here’s the main menu page:

Main menu page

From that menu, you can connect your toys and then navigate to controlling them. You can also shop online, give remote access to a friend, or track your “achievements.”

Here’s the screen for the Sunset Mushroom, which I named Peach. (Yes, you get to name them.)

Sunset mushroom in app

Dragging the cursor up and down raises and lowers the intensity of the vibration.

There are also several other modes, all patterns, and a random mode that shows a slot machine and chooses a random pattern.

I had so much fun playing with the app, I almost forgot to try and get off.

In Use

Now here’s where the Sunset Mushroom falls a bit short: it’s buzzy. The vibrations are somewhat diffused throughout the body of the mushroom rather than concentrated at the tip, and I had to turn it up higher than I normally would in order to get off. The vibrations were more surface-level instead of deep and rumbly. While I did find success with this toy, I like it more as a tool for foreplay than a start-to-finish orgasm machine.

In terms of internal or external use, the Sunset Mushroom manual says that you should only use the toy externally. But at the same time, they say that if you do use the mushroom internally, you should attach the heart-shaped pull cord for removal. This makes sense: it’s a slender, small, slippery toy, and if you have a very deep vagina, you might have trouble retrieving it. Better off not inserting it at all, as the instructions recommend.

So even though this toy isn’t the best vibrator in terms of intensity or quality of vibrations, I keep returning to it for playing around, because it’s so damn cute and the app is so damn fun.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for the aesthetics. Pink Punch knows about branding and they are leaning in. The box, the case, the toy itself, the app, all of this is visually attractive and engaging.

Kudos and caveat for the app. It wouldn’t load on my Android, but customer service sent me a direct download for the app that worked great. The app itself has worked reliably every time, with no trouble connecting.

Caveat: if the base of the toy gets too far from the phone, it has a propensity to disconnect.

Kudos for waterproofing: you can take this toy in the bath or shower and have a grand old time with it.

Kudos for remote control as well. Have fun with a friend!

Caveat: the vibrations are buzzy rather than rumbly, and if you’re picky about vibration types, this might not get you off as easily as you’d like.

Additional caveat: definitely don’t ever insert this toy anally. It’s not made for that, and neither is the pull cord, and you could be the ER workers’ next great story.

Kudos for a storage case that charges the toy. Just like headphones! Why don’t more companies do this?

Final kudos for a DISCOUNT CODE! Use code Elia30 to save 30% off your purchase!

Final Thoughts

The Sunset Mushroom from Pink Punch may not be the best vibrator, but it’s one of the cutest I’ve ever seen, and I love using it. Plus, as soon as I got it, I had to send pics to all my friends. It’s that adorable. This would make an amazing gift for someone new to the toy world: it’s an approachable, fun sex toy that isn’t marketed using any sexual imagery at all. It’s also a great purchase if you’ve got a bunch of sex toys but want one that’s cute enough to show off. I love it, and I’m excited to try more from Pink Punch. This company’s branding packs a punch, and I’m here for it.

If you’re interested in the Pink Punch Sunset Mushroom, use code Elia30 to get 30% off! That’s a steal!

This is a sponsored post, but that does not affect the content or honesty of my review. At this time, affiliate links are not being used in this post.

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