Zalo Bess 2 Review: Sexmas Day 3

Welcome to Sexmas Day 3! Today I’m reviewing the Zalo Bess 2, a sex toy that’s actually four (five?) sex toys in one. You all know how much I love versatility, so let’s jump right into it.

First Impressions

The Bess 2, like Zalo’s other line of vibrators with an Egyptian aesthetic, comes in a black box with gold accents.

Bless 2 box

In addition to the Bess itself, you get everything here: A silver storage bag, charging cable, instructions, and four attachments (including the little silicone ball already on the tip).

Bess with attachments

The Bess is covered in soft-touch silicone with gold accents in ABS plastic.

Bess in hand

It looks a bit like that long microphone they use on the Price is Right. Well, Bob Barker used to use it. Does Drew Carey still use it? Let me know.

The Bess has three buttons: vibrator control of the tip, vibrator control of the base/body of the toy, and heating.

Bess buttons

Bess charges via magnetic induction on the back.

Charging attachment

The idea of the Bess is that it works for a lot of different types of stimulation. The actual body of the toy is insertable, and you can control that vibrator via a separate button. Then there’s the antenna part which serves as pinpoint stimulation or insertion, and that has its own button as well.

Here are your attachment choices:

From top left, going clockwise: silicone ball, brush tip, anal beads, and g-spot finger.

The silicone ball and brush/flower tip are to be used externally on the nipples or clitoris. The brush tip purportedly creates a suction sensation, but I didn’t find this to be the case. Still nice, though. The anal beads are a series of raised bumps to stimulate the anus, either by being left in place or being withdrawn near climax. The g-spot arm also works for the p-spot: it’s curved to provide more focused stimulation.

In Use

Functionally, the Bess has a lot going for it. It’s water resistant, so you can take it in the shower. It has all these attachments so it’s offering up a variety of stimulation types. And it’s got two vibrators.

In use, I worked my way through the attachments before settling on the pinpoint silicone ball. The insertable attachments (g-spot arm and anal beads) take some effort to get situated down onto the post on the toy. Zalo really doesn’t want these coming off accidentally. As a result, removing them feels a little bit like ripping the toy apart. It takes some serious effort to get those anal beads off the base. But it’s possible!

The brush tip was nice, but I found it providing more stimulation around my clit than on it, although I really liked the way it felt on my nipples. For my money, the silicone ball was the best attachment. It made the Bess similar to other pinpoint stimulators like the Zumio or the Lelo Dot.

One hindrance, though, is the buzzy nature of these vibrator motors. I have noticed this on other Zalo toys before, but the Bess is surface-level buzzy instead of rumbly. This is fine for external stimulation like from the pinpoint attachments, but for anything insertable, it’s just not as pleasant for me.

That said, it was easy for me to find a way to use the Bess that felt good to me. With this amount of variety, it’s easy to find an ideal type of sensation.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for versatility. The Bess lets you try out internal and external stimulation of different kinds from one toy, which is wonderful if you like variety or if you’re not sure what you might enjoy.

Kudos for a beautiful aesthetic. This is a lovely toy.

More kudos for water resistance, although I wish it were fully submersible waterproofing.

Additional kudos for giving a lovely satin storage bag. Any toy with multiple attachments should be required to provide a storage bag.

Caveat: these vibrators are buzzy, which isn’t as nice as a rumbly vibe.

Caveat: you can’t have both vibrators on at once, and I wish you could. Maybe it causes a rip in the space-time continuum.

Kudos: the heating function is nice if you want to “warm up” a bit before play, literally.

Caveat: at over $100, the Bess is not priced for many consumers. It’s a reasonable price for all the variety you get, but folks may resist the splurge.

Final Thoughts

The Bess is a lot of toys in one. It’s an ideal option for those who seek versatility or want to experiment. The vibrators are strong, even if they are a bit buzzy, and you can choose your own adventure with the different attachments. It’s also beautiful to look at and fun to use. There’s a little something here for everyone, and that’s worth celebrating.

I received this toy in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are being used in this post, and buying a product through these links benefits me and this blog.

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