Womanizer Marilyn Monroe Edition Review: Sexmas Day 2

Merry Sexmas, everyone! Sexmas is the time of year between Thanksgiving and New Year’s where I post a bunch of sex toy reviews and try to catch up on my backlog before the end of the year. It’s a great time to celebrate all things sex toys, whether you’re buying them for yourself or someone you love. Today, on Sexmas Day 2, I’m reviewing the Marilyn Monroe Special Edition of the Womanizer Classic.

Womanizer, known for an unpleasant name and excellent products, produces primarily pressure wave air toys. Their clit suckers are some of my favorites, including the Premium and Premium 2, both of which blow my mind (and other things). Now, they’re celebrating Marilyn Monroe’s legacy with a line of beautiful classic designs on an updated version of their original toy.

First Impressions

The Marilyn edition comes in several colors, including some beautiful marbled ones. Mine is the Vivid Red color. It comes in a box with clear Marilyn branding.

Marilyn edition with Marilyn's image on the front and a clear window to see the toy

The front panel folds open for more information.

Front panel open

In the package, you get the Womanizer Marilyn Monroe edition, an extra suction nozzle of a different size, a cloth storage bag, charging cable, and instructions.

Marilyn with accessories

Now here are a few shots of the Marilyn Monroe edition itself.

The Marilyn is made of a soft-touch ABS plastic with a silicone nozzle. It feels really light in hand. It charges through magnetic induction. There are three buttons: a power button near the base, plus a plus and minus button to increase/decrease the intensity.

If your clit doesn’t fit well with one nozzle, Womanizer provides a second. One nozzle is deeper and the other shallower, depending on how much your clit protrudes.

The toy itself is a standard Womanizer design, but what makes the Womanizer really special isn’t its looks: it’s the function.

In Use

Womanizer originated the pressure-wave clit stimulator, and there’s a reason it’s the original. The combination of light suction and air stimulation is completely unlike everything else, and if you’ve never tried one, you should.

The Marilyn edition, like other Womanizer products, offers a variety of intensities. I don’t think it’s my imagination, but I found that all the intensities offered some variation: it wasn’t just the same type of stimulation at each level, but some mild escalation and de-escalation that felt absolutely stellar. It seemed to almost pulsate.

Much like other devices of this type, I found myself escalating to orgasm in no time at all. The Marilyn knows what I want and how to get me there.

After orgasm, the Marilyn offers a new feature called “afterglow” which I love. A quick press of the power button brings you down to level 1 of intensity, letting you ride out the aftershocks in style.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for another amazing pressure wave toy. Womanizer does clit stimulation so well.

More kudos for a beautiful aesthetic: whether vivid red, mint, or one of the marble colors, the Marilyn edition is lovely to look at and pleasant to handle.

Additional kudos for waterproofing. The best toys are ones you can take in the bath or shower with you.

Kudos for including a different sized nozzle and a storage bag. All toys should come with a storage bag!

Another kudo for the afterglow function to make coming down from these stellar orgasms even more enjoyable.

Caveat: at $129 retail, this is not priced for intro sex toy purchasers. It’s worth the money, to me, but that doesn’t mean it’s accessible. Black Friday sales this weekend have brought that price down, however, so act now to save some $$.

Caveat: The company name is still Womanizer, which never makes me thrilled.

Final Thoughts

With a gorgeous new aesthetic and the same incredible functionality, the Marilyn Monroe Special Edition of the Womanizer Classic is an excellent addition to the connoisseur’s toy box. This would make a great gift for yourself or someone you love this holiday season. And if you’ve never invested in a pressure wave device…what are you waiting for?? The best time to buy one is years ago, and the second best time is now.

I received this toy in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are being used in this post, and buying a product through those links benefits me and this blog.

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