Womanizer OG Review – Sexmas Day 4

It’s Day 4 of Sexmas, and I’m reviewing the Womanizer OG. Womanizer, the company who popularized the pressure wave “pleasure air” clit stimulating devices, is back with something new. The Womanizer OG is a vibrator that also stimulates the g-spot with air, attempting to do for the g-spot what similar devices do for the clitoris. It’s a bold innovation, one that people may really like. Sadly, I’m not one of those people. I wanted to love the Womanizer OG! But before I get ahead of myself, let’s start at the beginning.

First Impressions

The Womanizer OG comes in a generously-sized box with an image of the product on the front.

Womanizer OG external packaging

The outer sleeve slides off, showing the product and a separate partition for accessories.

Womanizer in box without sleeve

The Womanizer OG comes with a charging cable, instruction manual, and a drawstring bag.

OG with accessories

I need to take a moment to tell you that this drawstring bag is the Holy Grail for my cat Molly. I’ve reviewed several other Womanizer toys that all have this same drawstring bag, but this particular drawstring bag has turned Molly into an absolute terror. She has climbed the shelving unit next to my bed every day to pull this bag down off the shelf. I’ve had the toy charging and left the bag empty, and getting the strings on that bag is Molly’s sole purpose in life. She’s pulled it out of a storage basket of other sex toys, nearly pulling down the entire basket as well. She’s pulled it off the top shelf where I thought I was hiding it behind some books. I’ve had to stash the bag in increasingly challenging places. Currently, the bag is tucked under several other toys and a sweater.

Your move, Molly.

Now, back to the OG.

The Womanizer OG is a long, curved vibrator with a wide air pulsation nozzle at one end and buttons at the other. It has a slight bend already but is also flexible enough to be straightened or bent more.

Four buttons control the OG: a tiny power button at the very bottom, a plus and minus button to control the intensity of the air pulsation, and a vibration button to switch the vibration intensity.

The OG charges through magnetic induction charging, attaching to the metal dots visible in that fourth and final picture.

Covered in a soft-touch silicone, the OG feels great in hand: it’s got some heft but isn’t particularly heavy, and it feels like the quality item that it is.

I was so very excited to try this toy.

In Use

It took me a while to figure out how to turn on the OG, because I hadn’t taken a close enough look to the buttons and didn’t realize there was a separate power button. Once I got through amateur hour of my own idiocy, I was underway.

I quickly noticed that turning on the toy turned on both the air pulsation and the vibrator. I tried everything to turn off the vibrator, but nothing worked. Needing answers, I interrupted my session to do a little research and found out that both are always on. This is touted as a feature: dual stimulation, air pulsation and vibration. It’s not a feature for me. I generally like the option to control these independently, including turning one off to focus on the other.

It was tricky to line up the air pressure nozzle with my g-spot. The g-spot is hard to identify without pressure, for me: I know when I’m touching it, and I know when it’s being pressed (either by myself, a toy, or someone else). But I don’t exactly know when it’s being stimulated by air. I experimented with moving the toy in a variety of places, trying to find a spot that felt better than others. Nothing felt particularly noteworthy. I tried increasing the intensity of the sucker nozzle. It made me feel a bit crampy. I could feel it tugging inside me, regardless of whether it was pressing against my vaginal wall or just inserted, and I didn’t like that feeling. I decreased the intensity of the air pressure until that feeling went away.

This wasn’t a toy that was going to get me to orgasm on its own. I experimented with using the suction nozzle over my clit, which is one of the recommended uses for the toy. Womanizer advertising touts that as a good method for “warmup.” The wider nozzle didn’t give me the same intensity of contact or air pressure that other Womanizer toys do. It felt good, though, and I could probably get off with that if I persisted.

But honestly, I have other clit stimulating air pressure devices, including some from Womanizer that I love. I wanted to experience this g-spot air pressure. So I switched to using it internally and relying on manual clit stimulation.

I was able to get off with the Womanizer OG and clit stimulation, but I didn’t notice anything special or significant about the air pressure + vibration beyond another type of vibrator. My orgasm wasn’t stronger or faster. I felt like in some cases, the toy was more of a distraction than a boost.

Disappointment ahoy. Maybe my g-spot just isn’t sensitive to this kind of stimulation. I’ve noticed that I respond best to firm pressure on the g-spot, not vibration and (apparently) not suction, either.

Who Would Like This?

When I don’t like a toy that’s otherwise high quality and well made, I try to look at who this toy would be good for. Even though this wasn’t a great choice for my body, I imagine others will like it. They apparently do: there are lots of glowing reviews for the OG. Granted, a lot of them talk about how well this works with an additional clit stimulating air toy. But still, people like this.

I think this is a great toy for those who have g-spots that enjoy a lighter sensation. If your g-spot is especially stimulated by light stroking or minimal pressure, or if you have a high concentration of nerve endings right there, this would probably be great for you. If you like slimmer insertables, too, this is a good choice. And if you enjoy multiple types of stimulation at once, vibration and air pressure, this is probably going to rock your world.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for a beautiful toy with Womanizer’s high quality aesthetic. The color, the packaging, everything is beautiful.

Caveat: your cat may love the strings on the bag.

Kudos for total waterproofing. Take the OG in the bath or shower with you and have a blast.

Kudos for innovation. I love that Womanizer is continuing to try new toys with new types of stimulation. I hope they keep innovating.

Caveat: this type of stimulation didn’t do much for me, and was a bit uncomfortable at times.

Caveat: the power button and vibration button are surprisingly hard to push. I had to press the vibrator button with a fingernail because the pads of my fingers seemed too big. The vibrator control button is indented rather than raised, so you can find the right button without looking, but that made it hard to use.

Another caveat: I wish I could turn the vibrator off or turn the suction off independently. I don’t always want it doing both! I like to experiment with focused sensations.

Final caveat: this is a toy at a really high price point considering it wasn’t enough to get me off on its own. If I’m going to spend $200 on a toy, it better be doing most of the heavy lifting itself. The OG wasn’t like that for me. I could pair it with another amazing Womanizer toy and go after that $400 orgasm, but I wish the OG was enough for me on its own.

As always, your mileage may vary.


If you don’t think the Womanizer OG is for you, but you want g-spot stimulation, consider the Womanizer Duo. It focuses the air suction on your clitoris and provides strong rumbly g-spot vibrations, and both functions are independently controllable.

If you just want to enjoy that sweet sweet pleasure air on your clitoris, the Womanizer Classic Marilyn Edition is a beautiful update on the original Womanizer. If you’re willing to splurge a bit, the Womanizer Premium 2 is even better, offering an amazing autopilot mode that blew my mind.

Final Thoughts

I had high hopes for the Womanizer OG that the toy couldn’t fulfill. At this price point, I need a toy to absolutely wow me, and this isn’t that. I enjoy the innovation and the creativity, but I’m going to reach for my Womanizer Premium 2 over the OG any day. This might be a great toy for you, though, and don’t let my review dissuade you if you think so! You can buy the OG direct through Womanizer.

I received this toy in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are being used in this post, and buying a product through those links benefits me and this blog.

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