Zalo Aya Review: Functional and Fun

The Zalo Aya tackles the white whale of vibrators: the remote-control panty vibe. While powerhouses like We-Vibe have long held market share on these public-play and long-distance-play devices, Zalo proves that it’s anybody’s game out here. The Zalo Aya is a small, effective vibe that’s fun and versatile.

First Impressions

Zalo’s packaging for the Aya is beautiful. They had similar packaging for the Queen, which I reviewed this summer. The box is simple and sleek, gold ink on a black background with an Egyptian theme, an elegant look all around.

The Zalo Aya comes with the main toy and an internal silicone attachment, plus a remote control, a silver satin storage bag, a charging cable, instructions, and a warranty card.

Zalo Aya with accessories

Now let’s look at the Aya itself.

The Aya is a sleek, curved external vibrator with a raised ridge for clitoral stimulation. The gold emblem on the back is a magnet, designed to attach to the outside of underwear and hold the device in place.

The Zalo Aya charges by magnetic induction charging at the two metal dots visible in the first and last pic above.

There’s also a single power button on the device to turn it on, and to cycle through the options if you don’t want to use the remote control or the app. (You want to use the remote control or the app.)

Power button

In addition to the main body of the Zalo Aya, the kit comes with a silicone g-spot attachment.

It’s not particularly large, but it’s firm, providing a bit of internal stimulation and pressure.

The two parts fit together like so, with the silicone sleeve of the attachment sliding over the bottom half of the Aya’s main body.

The Zalo Aya’s remote control has just three buttons: power, plus a button each to cycle forward and back in the patterns.

Remote control

You can control the Zalo Aya through this remote, or you can use the Zalo Remote Pro app, which I’ll discuss below.

In Use

Zalo Remote Pro App

I was a little disappointed that the Remote Pro app was a different app from the one I already downloaded to control the Zalo Queen. I’m not sure if each toy needs its own app, or if this is just an updated version, but make sure you check that you have the right app.

The Aya connected immediately and stayed connected. It provided me with a series of patterns to choose from and the option of connecting with a partner.

The modes were somewhat ambiguous — what do the dots mean? Is that one a pair of eggs? — but it was easy to figure out which modes I liked.

Zalo Aya In Use

The Aya is a surprisingly effective toy. The vibrator itself was fairly buzzy, but the design meant the vibration aligned exactly where I wanted it. The raised hump of the clitoral ridge was enough for me to feel the vibrations really well. While the Aya alone worked well, it excelled for me in conjunction with the internal g-spot arm. That part of the toy held the Aya firmly in place, so it hit both my clit and g-spot with precision.

I tried both the app and the remote control, and I liked both, although I preferred the app because of the easy ability to click between modes without cycling up and down. I did notice that I could only get a variable intensity with the remote control, rather than the app, and only for the baseline “steady” vibration rather than the patterns. There may have been an app setting that I just missed, but it seemed to be only patterns. Still, with the pinpoint clit stimulation and firm g-spot arm, I had no trouble getting off with the Aya.

One note: that magnetic gold attachment plate is a good idea, but because of the configuration of my clit and labia, it was completely useless for me. I would have had to shove my panties way up into myself to get the magnet to stick. Fortunately, my anatomy itself held the toy in place just fine.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for a thoughtful design. Although the Aya is small, its smallness and lightness proves an advantage. My anatomy is such that I could nestle it right into place without dealing with the magnet, and it’s light enough not to fall away from my body. If you are helped by the magnet, it’s there for you.

Caveat: the vibrator is buzzy rather than rumbly. It’s strong enough that this didn’t bother me, but it might bother you.

Kudos for a bluetooth connective app that stayed connected! Caveat that it’s the second app I’ve had to download from Zayo.

Caveat: although the Aya is splashproof, it’s not waterproof. At this price point, it really should be submersible.

Kudos for the two-part design. You can use the clitoral vibrator without the g-spot arm if that’s how you’re feeling, and the device is no worse for the separation. Plus, unlike the Queen which required a lot of lube and effort to slide on the pressure wave sleeve, the g-spot arm slides easily onto and off the rest of the toy.

Kudos for the option of the remote control or the app. It’s nice having choice!

Kudos for a really quiet motor. I wouldn’t use it in a silent space, but any amount of background noise will totally hide this motor.

Final Thoughts

The Zalo Aya is a wearable vibrator that works. Despite a somewhat buzzy vibrator motor, the toy is strong, well-designed, light, and effective. The packaging is beautiful and the toy was clearly designed with care. I’d recommend it to anyone who wants a discreet toy for solo or public play.

I received this product in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are being used in this post, and buying a product through those links benefits this blog.

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