Lelo Dot Review: Small And Mighty

I’m very excited to be an early reviewer of the Lelo Dot, a pinpoint clitoral stimulator. The Lelo Dot uses a figure-eight stimulation pattern to produce a variety of sensations that vary by pressure and angle. With Lelo’s attention to design and aesthetics as well as top-notch craftsmanship, the Dot is an exciting addition to my fall repertoire.

First Impressions

Lelo’s products are always elegant in branding. The Lelo Dot comes in a matte black box with a clear front window revealing the toy on a black foam background.

Lelo Dot outer box

Of course, you don’t just get the Dot in the package. You get a charging cable, instructions, lube packet, and a black satin bag.

Lelo with accessories

I always appreciate how Lelo’s satin storage bags are high quality, just like their products: no fraying edges or loose threads to be seen.

It’s spooky season, so here is a shot of my favorite skeleton hands with the Dot.

Dot in skeleton hands 2

The Lelo Dot is shaped like a teardrop with a center cutout that serves as a handle. The body of the toy is silicone.

There are three buttons controlling the Dot. The center button (with a suspiciously vulva-esque pattern) turns the toy on/off, and you press it to cycle through the patterns.

The other two buttons have a plus and a minus sign and control the intensity of each level and pattern. Each pattern is independently controllable for intensity. The Dot charges by a plug-in port at the bottom.

While the body of the Dot is mostly rigid, the very tip is flexible, allowing the Dot to achieve its elliptical movement patterns.

Dot tip being bent

The Dot is sleek and elegant, another beautiful Lelo product.

In Use

The Lelo Dot purports to be unlike other clitoral stimulators in that it will not cause numbness and will allow multiple orgasms. According to Lelo, the elliptical pattern creates a variety of sensations and will not desensitize you.

So, first off, there should be some very big caveats with these claims. Not everyone can easily have multiple orgasms, for reasons other than clit desensitization. Orgasm is a very different experience for each person! If you’ve never been able to have more than one orgasm and you want the Lelo Dot to cure that for you, I would encourage you to modulate your expectations.

That said, I did find the Dot’s stimulation to be unique and intense. The tip is so tiny — smaller than a q-tip. I found myself moving it only a fraction of an inch to try to gain new types of sensation. The difference between “yes, perfect” and “oh god, too much” was minuscule. Even so, it was a really pleasant, resonant feeling.

The Dot is an interesting contradiction. It feels like it should be buzzy, because it’s light and quiet and not generating much sensation in hand, but the oscillations penetrate deeply into the clitoris. I felt like I could feel the Dot all throughout the internal arms of my clitoris, even though it was only brushing against the tiniest external portion. It was fascinating.

The other paradox with oscillating toys like the Dot is that you get more sensation from lighter contact. Pressing the tip harder against the clitoris muffles the sensation somewhat, limiting the tip’s ability to oscillate. I generally like to use my toys hands-free, and hold them in place with my legs, but I needed to hold the Dot in hand to get the level of stimulation I enjoy. It was fun to move it to different angles to experience a variety of feelings. Also, the handle made it easy to hold.

I came really easily with this toy. It didn’t numb me, either, and I was able to continue clitoral stimulation afterward without it being uncomfortable. Of course, your mileage may vary, like with all sex toys. For me, this was a great toy to enjoy an orgasm and then keep going. I love pinpoint stimulation rather than diffuse, broad stimulation, so the Dot was a great toy for me.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for an absolutely beautiful toy: from packaging to product itself, everything about the Lelo Dot indicates quality.

More kudos for design: an oscillating tip rather than a normal vibrator is a welcome addition to the Lelo line. They aren’t the first clit stimulators to use oscillation rather than vibration — the Eroscillator and Zumio have both done this before — but the Dot’s supersoft pinpoint tip is new and lovely. For me, that soft tip keeps the oscillation from becoming too intense.

Kudos for complete and total waterproofing. It should be standard at this price point. The Dot is safe to use in the shower or bath.

Caveat: the Dot is so pinpoint, it might be too much direct stimulation. If you prefer indirect stimulation, or touching your clit directly feels too intense, the Dot may be too much for you.

Additional caveat: the Dot is pricey. At $179 full retail, this is beyond what most people will want to spend on a sex toy. Of course, you’re reading a sex toy review blog, so maybe you’re not most people. While Lelo has never apologized for being a luxury line, I don’t know if folks will be willing to make the leap for this investment.

Final Thoughts

The Lelo Dot is priced beyond an entry-level toy for most people, but it bears the Lelo name well with excellent design and quality. This is a gorgeous gift for a lover or intimate friend, and connoisseurs will likely want it for their own collections. I know that mine will surely get a lot of use as I experiment with different angles and styles of stimulation. It’s top-end for specific, precise clitoral stimulation. This is a delicate instrument for those with attention to detail and nuance. It’s not for everyone, surely, but if you’re thinking about investing in a high-end sex toy this fall, you should definitely consider the brand new Lelo Dot.

I received this toy in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are being used in this post, and buying a product through those links benefits me and this blog.

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  1. Thanks for the review! Can you comment on it sound? Is it loud or would you consider it discrete?

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