The Wide World of… Sex Toys: Part 1

This post is first in a multi-post series about sex toys. For the other parts, click here: Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

No, this post isn’t about the Wide World of Sports. If that disappoints you, you’re probably on the wrong blog. This post is about something far more interesting, at least to me.

Sex toys!

I’ve been a toy aficionado since I was just barely 18 (*cough* 17 *cough*), and in that time, I’ve watched the world of toys grow ever larger. … wait, that doesn’t sound right. I mean, new sex toys just keep coming. Wait, that isn’t right either. I mean… there are a lot of sex toys out there! In fact, I couldn’t cover them all in one post, because they just wouldn’t fit. (Ack! It just keeps happening!) So, this post is the first of several on the topic. In this series, I’ll cover some basics of sex toys and even throw out a few recommendations. I’ll tell you what’s worth splurging on… oh, hell, you know what I mean.

A Note On Shopping For Sex Toys

The pictures and links in this series are directly from Good Vibrations, a San Francisco-based shop and my personal favorite online shopping destination. If you are shopping online, I recommend them. Friends have spoken highly of Adam and Eve as well as Babeland, but I’ve never purchased from either, so I can’t speak from authority.

However, I’d ask you to consider shopping locally before shopping online. There are many women-friendly sex shops all over the country, a far cry from seedy adult bookstores with neon lights and backdoor parking lots. (Not that there’s anything wrong with a little “backdoor parking.”) I’ll always try my local shop before purchasing online, even if the price is a bit higher, because I support their ideals and their business. These proprietors offer a level of personalized service (no, not like that!) and advice you just won’t find online. Plus, the more we patronize our local shops, the more we can develop a sex-positive community at home. So strap on your courage… and anything else you might want to strap on… and head to your local shop! Chances are, the people are friendly, the prices are reasonable, and you don’t have to wait for your new prize to ship.

Without further ado, to the toys!


The Purpose Of These Should Be Obvious.

A dildo differs from a vibrator in that it doesn’t vibrate. But beyond that, the world of dildos is huge! I mean… Oh, fuck it. The innuendoes are just going to pop up unexpectedly. <– Like that one.

Anyway, a dildo is made for penetration. It’s usually shaped somewhat like a penis. Some may have a flared base, safe for anal play… but we’ll get there. Dildos can be made of many different materials. The cheapest material is rubber. Cheap isn’t necessarily bad, and if you’re new to the world of toys, you might be reluctant to invest. But rubber is difficult to clean and harbors bacteria, so if you go that route, you should use condoms with your toys. Sound like a pain? It is. Better off spending a bit more and buying something in silicone. In addition to being far more durable than rubber, silicone has the advantage of being non-porous and easy to clean, suitable for boiling or even the top rack of your dishwasher.

Caution: don’t use silcone-based lubricants with silicone toys. They may seem made for each other… but they’re not. 

My recommendation, though, is glass. (Really, it’s Pyrex.) Glass dildos are firm and can be warmed or cooled in water. If you’re buying some fancy hand-blown item online, you might be spending a fair chunk of change, but I’ve purchased several through my local shop for around $30 each. Easy to clean, compatible with any lubricant, these toys are fantastic.

If you really want a worthwhile investment, though, splurge for a toy in stainless steel. I purchased the njoy Fun Wand on a friend’s recommendation, despite its (seemingly) ridiculous $90 price tag. Let me tell you, that toy is worth its (rather substantial) weight in pleasure. I was originally unimpressed: it seemed a bit on the puny side, girth-wise, but that angle is pure magic. Now it’s my overall favorite.

nJoy Fun Want

This thing is amazing.

Next post: Vibrators. Stay tuned…

So, readers, do you have any recommendations? Share them in the comments! Your recommendation may be featured in an upcoming blog post.  



16 thoughts on “The Wide World of… Sex Toys: Part 1

    1. I think you might be spammy, but I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt. Maybe English isn’t your first language. I’ve heard good things about Lelo (which is not glass, btw) but never tried it.

      1. Hi, Elia Winters:

        My name is Jasam, Thank you to trust me,(thank you to give me this.) english is not my first language, and i will try to improve it…..Yes, Lelo is not glass, i said that your pictures in the post looks cool, and your blog theme i’v never saw, designed by yourself?

        1. Hi Jasam,
          I did not actually design this theme. I used an existing theme and substituted my own background. Thank you for the compliments.

  1. After posting about Sex Toys (Parts 1 & 2 and more) I wonder if you have an idea about the ideal sex toy for women, one that doesn’t not exist at the the moment and that you would like it to be made. Each sex toy has pro and con, so an ideal one will combine all of the pleasures with none of the flaws.

    1. Hmm, an ideal toy? I’m not sure. Personally, I enjoy a variety of toys depending on the purpose, so I could never settle on just one! Although I imagine a Sybian comes fairly close to perfect.

  2. i can’t wait til i have a partner to play with . . . .toys are so much better with someone else. i think i’ve learned the celibate lifestyle is not optimal for me lol. i would love the guy I’m crazy about to play with me with a glass dildo, as well as the fun wand, because that angle sounds like heaven

  3. i love re-reading your old blog posts – it makes me happy 🙂 “backdoor parking” haha you’re so hilarious!

    1. I will happily give an honest review of any toy sent to me. Feel free to email me, eliajwinters @gmail, to make arrangements.

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