The Wide World of… Sex Toys: Part 3

This post is third in a multi-part series on sex toys. You can find the other parts here: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 4

Anal Toys

Whoo, is it hot in here, or is it just me? Here in New England, summer has rolled in with all its heat and humidity. Speaking of things that sizzle, it’s time for another Wide World of Sex Toys post.

(Um, your sex toys probably shouldn’t sizzle. That’s just a metaphor.)

So here we go: Part 3, Anal Toys.

Butt what?

Not everyone’s into anal play, and it certainly has more than its fair share of taboos. If you’re a newbie to the world of backdoor entertainment, you should read up on it first. GoodVibes has a great article that covers the basics. I also highly recommend The Ten Rules Of Anal Sex. (Spoiler alert: the article’s not just about anal sex!) I’ll cover some of that content in this post, but don’t hesitate to go to the source for more.

So you want to add anal play to your sexcapades. First off, make sure you use an anal-safe toy. The most important quality of an anal toy is that it has a flared base so it doesn’t slip entirely into the rectum. I’m sure you’ve heard stories about hospital visits where someone “tripped and fell” onto some object. Don’t be one of those people: choose your toys wisely.

Also, lubricant is a must, not just a suggestion: your rectum doesn’t make its own lubricant, and anal fissures will not improve your fun time. Spit is not a good lubricant, no matter what you may see in porn. Some stores sell numbing lubricant for anal play, but I don’t recommend it. Your nerves are there for a reason, and numbing them just cuts off your body’s ability to communicate when something is wrong. If you do it right, anal play shouldn’t hurt at all. Remember, silicone lubricants don’t go with silicone toys! Water-based lubricant is best.

First on the docket: butt plugs. (Wait, what kind of docket is this?)

Sidekick 1 and 2

Butt plugs, as they are so ignominiously called, are usually made out of silicone, with some glass and stainless steel options as well. (I even saw a wood toy! How cool is that?) You can get vibrating and non-vibrating toys; whatever your parts desire. Plugs range in size: when in doubt, start small. I recommend the Sidekick 1 if you’re looking for a great starter toy: it’s silicone, so it’s easy to clean, and it’s small enough not to be intimidating. From there, you can try out different sizes, lengths, and styles.

If you want the weight of steel with a little bit of whimsy, you might enjoy the Sparkle Plug or its derivatives. I don’t own this, so I can’t review it personally, but I do know those little anal jewels seem to show up everywhere in erotic photography. If nothing else, it’s pretty damn cute.

NJoy makes an anal toy called the Pure Plug, which is on my wish list. After my amazing experience with the Fun Wand (reviewed briefly in Part 1 of the Wide World Of Sex Toys), I would buy anything nJoy makes. [Edit – I bought the Pure Plug after this post first went live. It was worth the investment and is, by far, my favorite anal toy. I’m arranging to have all my paychecks directly signed over to nJoy right now.]

It’s important to note that you can use many dildos and vibrators as anal toys as well; you don’t have to get something specifically made for anal play. You do, however, need to buy something that has a flared base or other design feature that keeps it from slipping completely inside. Many websites like Good Vibrations will indicate when a toy is safe for anal play. Hygiene is important: if you’re using the same toy for anal and vaginal play, either use a condom or clean it thoroughly before switching. You can go vaginal-to-anal without concern, but anal-to-vaginal is a hygiene no-no. The rectum has bacteria that does not play well with the other lady parts. (Note: this is also why it’s good not to get your sex education from porn.)

Please note that dildos are usually fairly large, so if you’re an anal beginner, play it safe and buy a specially-made anal toy.

Now, what’s the deal with anal beads?  (Now there’s a lead-in to a joke Jerry Seinfeld would never make.)

Anal beads are pretty famous, and for good reason. You can insert anal beads and leave them there during masturbation or partner sex, but pleasure can be heightened by slowly pulling them out at the moment of climax. I’ve always found that this requires quite a bit of coordination during solo play, but it can be worth it! Most anal beads nowadays are built like the picture above; gone are the days of beads on a string. Well, you might be able to find that kind, but I recommend you don’t try. They’re difficult to clean and often made of cheap plastic with sharp seams on the beads. Ouch!

Anal toys are fun for all genders, so if you’re curious, give them a try. Just remember, safety first: start small, lubricate, and clean up afterward. When in doubt, use a condom.

That’s all for now, folks! There will be a Part 4, so stay tuned…

5 thoughts on “The Wide World of… Sex Toys: Part 3

  1. Thanks for such an informative post, Elia! Reading this definitely made me long for my backdoor man!!!

  2. The anal jewels do sound cute; i would try them. I’d also try the fun wand, with the right person. 🙂

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