The Wide World Of… Sex Toys: Part 2

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Welcome to Part 2 of the Wide World of Sex Toys! This post comes to celebrate National Masturbation Month, occurring right now (right now!) in May. Once you finish reading this post, feel encouraged to celebrate this fine month of self-love.


Things That Go “Buzz” In The Night

I’ll bet that for most women, their first purchased toy was a vibrator. And there’s a reason: homemade dildos are easy, but homemade vibrators are a bit more challenging. Personally, I got my start as a vibrator fan through those squiggle pens. Hilariously, when I Googled “squiggle pen” just now, this link came up first: apparently I wasn’t the only person using these pens for more than writing notes. I’ve also heard electric toothbrushes are a decent substitute, but in today’s market, buying an actual vibrator is probably cheaper.

There are so many different types of vibrators with so little in common that they barely fit in the same category.

“Kind Of Looks Like A Penis” Insertable Models

Pink Lemonade Smoothie VibratorStandard cylindrical models are cheapest and simplest, and are a good starter model for the inexperienced toy-buyer. Some women prefer internal vibration, and some prefer external vibration. If you don’t know which one you are, then the basic vibrator (which can be used for either) will help you figure it out.

“Doesn’t Look At All Like A Penis, At Least Not An Earth Penis” Insertable Models

Nosy Toyfriend Silicone Waterproof VibratorSome insertable vibrators are curved for g-spot stimulation, or are shaped like cute animals for some reason, or are somehow otherwise different from a penis. It’s okay. They still work the same way as the ones that do look like penises.

“Sure, It’s My Back Massager” Models

Magic WandSome vibrators are specifically designed for external stimulation. The Magic Wand is probably the most popular, and while I’ve never given it a go myself, it’s popularity cannot be disputed. [Edit – I bought one after this article first went live. It’s every bit as wonderful as its reputation.] You can purchase a variety of attachments to give it some variety, but even at its most basic, it’s the Cadillac of plug-in vibrators. There are some knock-offs that pretty much do the same thing.

Shot Through The… Heart? Bullet Vibes

Bliss Bullet VibeCouldn’t someone have thought of a better name for these than bullet vibes? Well, I guess they do look like bullets. Bullet vibes are small external vibrators, usually attached to a battery pack by a cord. They vary in size, strength, and fancy features: some have multiple vibration patterns, and some just use a simple on/off mechanism. In my opinion, one of the greatest advantage to bullet vibes is their ability to be used during penetrative sex, since they’re small and don’t much get in the way.

A seriously under-developed subset of bullet vibes are remote-control bullet vibes. If you’ve read Purely Professionalyou know that remote-control bullet vibes play a major role in some of Max and Bridget’s public play. Unfortunately, I had to take a lot of creative license to invent the perfect remote-control toy. I’ve tried two wannabes: the bNaughty and the Club Vibe 2.OH. Both, frankly, left me underwhelmed, especially given the price. The stimulation isn’t very strong, and the remote control is sporadically effective. When, oh when, will they make a good, small remote-control bullet vibe? Toy companies, get on this! And, dear readers, if you know of any good remote-control bullet vibes, leave me a comment!

The “Twice As Nice” Models

Rabbit Pearl VibratorSome vibrators are euphemistically called “Twice as Nice” models, but I suppose you could also call them “Look Ma, No Hands!” (but that’s creepy, because your mom) or “I Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything But Lying Here,” which might be the most accurate description of all. These models pair an insertable shaft with an external clitoral stimulator of some kind. These vary in complexity and price; the most elaborate might have rotating shafts, spinning pearls, multiple motors or varying vibration patterns. The “Rabbit Pearl” is probably the most popular, hitting mainstream popularity back when Ally McBeal discussed it on TV. (I’m not old, right? You all remember that show?) If you want one that mows the lawn washes the car does the dishes (damn, all these clichés sound sexual in this context!) does lots of fancy stuff, you’ll pay for the pleasure. But in a way, that’s what all vibrators are: paying for the pleasure.

The Category-Straddlers

Lily VibratorHow can I resist the urge to use the word “straddler” in my blog post? Clearly, I can’t.

Some vibrators fit in multiple categories (Heh. Fit in.) or no category at all. For example, some vibrators are made to be worn: they have harnesses to hold them in place for clitoral stimulation, or they fit over your fingers. Some vibrators are shaped for external stimulation but don’t look anything like bullets. Just because I don’t categorize it here doesn’t mean it’s not worth trying!

In Summary

Vibrators are varied and fun. They range in price point, style, and functionality, so don’t be afraid to buy many different kinds and experiment. Chances are, you’ll find something that makes you go buzz in the night, too.

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14 thoughts on “The Wide World Of… Sex Toys: Part 2

  1. My personal computer doesn’t open many sites, nor does it show the pictures, so I’ll go to another one and then will comment. But I must say that I just read your Excerpt about Bridget and Max in the restaurant and it’s captivating to read. I want to know what will happen next. Maybe because I didn’t read any BDSM erotic novels before, only read parts of 50 Shades of Grey which is tame compared to yours. Good luck for your agent to find a good publisher for this novel. Many women, and some men, will read it.

  2. Thank you, Chantilla! When I can speak openly about the book’s next steps, I’ll be putting that information right here on the website first. I appreciate your comments!

  3. Thanks again for such an exciting, informative post, Elia. The one I have is one of the “Twice as Nice” model; it looks very similar to the Rabbit Pearl – those bunny ears sure know how to do the trick lol. I don’t use the “penis part” much because it makes me too horny for the real thing, but i love those vibrating rabbit ears lol 😉

  4. I have a question Elia; have you ever used remote control vibes before? I haven’t, but I have been thinking about them lately and it has been turning into a big fantasy thinking about how my guy would use them to control me and make me submissive. Extremely hot. Can’t stop thinking about, wanted to see if you had found any better bullet vibes. Have you gotten any good recommendations yet?

    1. I’ve only tried the ones I mention in this article. No recommendations; I’m beginning to think these things are better in fantasy than reality. But that’s true of many aspects of sex, and a good reason for erotica.

  5. Hello Elia,

    Firstly, I’d like to say that I was beyond impressed with Purely Professional! I myself am not one to usually experiment with toys, but my boyfriend and I are beginning to think that we’d like to try some vibrators. Yes, they may be what most beginners go to, but we’re not into much kink and want to keep it pretty vanilla. Just looking for a little extra help to get the job done, and didn’t know if you have any suggestions!!

    So excited to read Playing Knotty!!
    Great work!

    1. Thank you so much, CuriousJane! I’m glad you liked Purely Professional.

      Vibrators are an excellent way to explore sexually. Don’t ever feel like you’re being too cliché by doing something just because “most beginners” do it…. after all, there’s a reason! 🙂

      If you’re looking for something that you two can use together, bullet vibes are great to tuck between the two of you during penetrative sex. Companies also manufacture cock rings that have bullet vibes built in, including some disposable ones that are really inexpensive and good to “try out.” You’ll have more variety in options with a basic bullet vibe, though. I recommend finding one with variable speeds. Most important, don’t take anything too seriously. Sometimes it takes a while to figure out what you both like. Experimenting is half the fun.

      I hope you enjoy Playing Knotty, and if you’re feeling adventurous, stop back in and let us know how the vibrator experiment worked out for you!

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