Suck and Shake: A Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration Review

I’ve written several reviews of Satisfyer’s newest line of products, including the Pro G-Spot Rabbit and the Pro 4 Couples. Despite my loud and undying love of the Pro Penguin, the new line has left me underwhelmed. Well, I’m pleased to announce that this has changed. My Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration review is filled with praise. This is a great toy where the addition of a new element actually makes it better, not worse.

Background Info

If you haven’t been following my long legacy with Satisfyer, here’s the short and sucky of it: Satisfyer makes a line of pressure-wave toys, which means they feel like they’re sucking your clit. (If you have a clit. I don’t know. You do you.) It’s not actually suction alone, but a combination of light suction and puffs of air that feel like tapping. The first few Satisfyer toys have relative similarity in form and function: they latch on like the world’s most pleasurable lamprey and provide intense, fabulous stimulation. 

Got it? Great! Let’s move onto the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration, which does all that and something new. Yup. You’re good at context clues. It vibrates.

Out of the Box

Satisfyer’s branding is bright, simple, and elegant. The box for the Pro Plus Vibration has a picture of the toy on the outside so you know what you’re going to find when you open the package.

Pro Plus Vibration in Box

Once you open the package, the box contains the toy plus a charger cable. This charger cable is interchangeable between all the Satisfyer pressure wave toys. It has magnetic charging.

Note: make sure your toy is charging when you first plug it in. It’s sometimes possible to attach the charger backwards, and while it won’t hurt your toy, it also won’t charge.

The Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration is an L-shaped toy with a soft-touch silicone covered body and a silicone suction end.

Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration in hand

The angle of the Pro Plus Vibration is much more extreme than with the other Satisfyers I’ve tried. There’s plenty of room to wrap your hand around the handle, if you so choose.

Looking down the suction end of the pro plus vibration
When you stare into the void, the void stares back.

Looking down the nozzle of the Pro Plus Vibration, you can see that the head itself is broad, with a wide suction end. It will fit over many size clitorises… and nipples, too!

The Control Center

Back of Pro Plus Vibration

Here’s the back of the Pro Plus Vibration, where the buttons are. The top button, near my thumb, is the power button for the pressure wave/suction. In the middle, the gold oval has a plus and minus, controlling the intensity of that suction. The bottom round button in the picture controls the vibration, which is the extra feature this toy includes. To switch between vibration intensities and patterns, you keep pushing that same button, and holding the button turns the vibration off. This means that if both suction and vibration are turned on, it takes two separate buttons to turn off the toy. 

The two little dots at the very bottom of the toy are for attaching the magnetic charging cable.

Like all Satisfyer toys of this ilk, the Pro Plus Vibration is waterproof.

Onto My Box

I like the sucking sensation of the Satisfyer line. It does amazing things with the particular type of clitoral stimulation I enjoy. This toy is great. The angle is a little different than other Satisfyer toys I own, so I had to figure out how best to hold it, but that is a fun learning curve. Once latched, I set about analyzing this vibration thing.

Using vibration with the suction feels interesting to me. If I turn the vibration or suction up too high, I lose the ability to distinguish between the two sensations. It feels good, but I can’t always tell what’s going on where.

This is not a complaint. I like the combination of vibration and suction. For one, the pairing means the vibrator is firmly anchored right where it needs to go. The vibration itself is buzzy, not thuddy, so for me, I can only feel that vibration around the surface area of my clitoris rather than along the internal arms. That works well enough, though. The combination lights me up pretty fast. With this toy, I can vary the type of stimulation I want more of (vibration or suction) depending on my mood, and it gets me off pretty damn fast.

About That Vibrator…

A note about the vibration: I don’t imagine it’s going to work well without the pressure wave suction, and it’s not intended to work alone. The vibration is going to surround your clitoris, but you’re not going to have any vibration on the clitoris itself. Maybe that’s your jam, but if you like direct clitoral contact, you’re gonna need that pressure wave. Frankly, that’s the best part of this toy. If you want direct clitoral vibration, get a clitoral vibrator. There are plenty of them. 


The Pro Plus Vibration most resembles the Pro Penguin and the Pro II for me, so I’m going to compare those.

I find the Pro Plus Vibration more maneuverable than the Penguin, because the PPV is thinner. It’s easier for me to get it into place with that thinner, longer nozzle. Also, the nozzle itself has thinner walls, so it’s easier for me to tell when the PPV is in place vs. the Pro II, whose thicker nozzle provides a broader sensation of contact all around my clitoris. With the Pro II, I can tell I’m in the right area, but can’t always tell if I’m in the exact spot. The PPV is easier to pinpoint.

The PPV is way louder than either of the other comparison toys. This is in part because of the vibration. The vibrator portion is not quiet, and while the pressure wave is pretty quiet, that’s negated as soon as you turn on the vibrator. You’re not gonna be able to use this without people hearing it, maybe unless you’re under all the covers and the door is closed and the TV is on. Less stealthy than other Satisfyers. 

I like the variety of sensations provided by vibration and suction, so I’m going to start recommending this toy (*gasp*) over the Penguin, or at least as another option. 

Cheers and Caveats

Cheers to a toy that combines two clitoral stimulation methods: pressure wave suction and vibration. This is wonderful for people new to toys like this who might not know which type of stimulation they prefer.

Cheers to the price point: the Pro Plus Vibration is still pretty inexpensive, compared to other high-end sex toys. It’s not cheap, by any means, but it’s a great value for what you get.

Cheers for waterproofing! Baths and showers are super fun. 

Caveat: buzzy vibration. If you can get a rumbly vibrator into this toy, it’s going to provide surface stimulation with the pressure wave and deep stimulation with the vibrator. That could be amazing! Instead, it’s a little less amazing.

Caveat: An aspect of the design feature. Take a look at the button placements compared to the toy shape:

PPV from side

In this picture, the suction nozzle end is in my hand, so I don’t block the buttons. I want you to imagine holding the handle end, which is the opposite end from what I’m holding. The power button for the pressure wave is up beyond the curve of the handle. The button at the top of the handle is actually the “power up” plus button for that same pressure wave. 

So What?

What’s that mean in practicality? Well, if you’re anything like me, you might reach up to turn the toy off, and not reach far enough. You have to curve your hand all the way over the hump to reach that button. My intuitive reach goes right to that plus sign every. single. time. So instead of turning the toy off, I turn it STRONGER.

I’m into edging and denial, into forced orgasm play, but I don’t usually have a toy that does it for me. If you go to turn off this toy because it’s just too intense, and you accidentally turn it stronger, well… good luck with that. This is the true intent of a caveat: it means beware. 

So beware.

Final Thoughts

The Pro Plus Vibration is, in my opinion, the best of the new Satisfyer Pro lineup. It’s way better than the G-Spot Rabbit or the Pro 4 Couples, both of which require a particular anatomical layout to function properly. It’s made a few design improvements since earlier Satisfyer toys. This is a great toy, and if you like pressure wave toys and you like vibration, you should try this combo.

It sucks! And that’s great.

Thanks to Satisfyer for sending me the Pro Plus Vibration in exchange for this honest review. Affiliate links are being used in this post, and their use benefits this blog. 

One thought on “Suck and Shake: A Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration Review

  1. I’m a huge Satisfyer fan. I started with a first version Pro2 maybe 3 years ago and discovered thumping rapidly brought on orgasms immediately. The thing was so noisy though it was only usable when the kids were at their dads (we are divorced). Next I got a Pro2 Next Gen. Its lower start speed was great as it removed the occasional Yowee of first contact. It wasnt quiet enough though, despite promises in the advertising, so it remained only for occasional use. The Pro2 Vibration was the next acquisition and it adds nice pulsing. I dont feel vibration as such just a sort of rippling in the overall stimulation. Still yummy though. The Travel model was a mistake. Its no more portable than the others really and it is limited in what it does for me. Latest acquisition is the new High Fashion. It is brushed metal, really solid in my hand, has an upgraded vibration function and its soft liquid silicone mouth makes a much better seal than any previous toy so that my clitoris really feels like the toy is on turbo while keeping things whisper quiet. It also has a really huge battery capacity which makes play endless. I cant think what Satisfyer will add to their next models but I look forward to trying them out.

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