Ease into 2020 with Vibease – Dicksmas Day 4

Happy New Year! Because Dicksmas follows no rules of the calendar, it’s somehow Day 4. Today I’m reviewing Vibease, a Bluetooth and app-controlled vibrator that integrates with sexy audios. This is a fun, novel approach to the app-controlled vibrator experience, paired with a good-quality vibrator, for an overall solid product.

Out of the Box

The Vibease comes in a box with an image of the product as well as some product reviews and instructions.

Vibease outside box

Inside the package is the toy, two chargers (one short, one long), and a nice storage bag.

Vibease with chargers and storage bag

The Vibease is a pink crescent-shaped vibrator, with a raised portion at one end to sit over the clitoris. Here are some pics from all its angles. Note: I didn’t go through and adjust my white balance, so these are the same toy as the one above even though it looks like it’s a totally different color.

The buttons on the back of the toy serve to turn it on and also cycle through vibration patterns.

The App

While you can operate the toy by its buttons, Vibease has its own app for remote connectivity. Like other Bluetooth products, you can control this yourself via phone or also send connectivity to another person via the internet.

What really make the app different, though, is its stories. Vibease calls them “Audiobooks,” but they’re not generally full book-length pieces. They are stories, generally around 10-20 minutes long, that interact with the vibrator as somebody’s recorded voice on the other end talks dirty to you or spins out a fantasy.

Some of the stories are free, but others cost credits, which you buy through the app. For the purpose of this review, I listened to three free stories — well, two and a half, but I’ll get there.

Onto My Box

I started using the Vibease vibrator manually (by its buttons) first, to understand its design and quality. The motor itself is strong and decently rumbly, with a vibration that travels nicely through my clit without making me itchy. (I hate itchy vibrations!)

The design of the Vibease works well. My main problem with vibrators of this shape is that their raised hump is not always raised enough to be effective. This one works well with my body. The raised part actually contacts my clit while the body of the toy sits against my mons. This makes for a pleasant, effective hands-free design, which is what you want in a toy like this.

One downside I noticed is that as I got wetter, the toy was more likely to slip out of place. That seems unavoidable.

My App Experience

I played a few of the stories on this app for the purpose of this review, and for the purpose of enjoying my new toy. Two of them are voiced by a woman. This isn’t great if you don’t like listening to women say sexy things to you, but surprise! I’m into that. For both of these stories, she talks and the vibrator amps up in pattern and intensity as the story goes on. I was able to get off “on schedule” for both of them, as in right when the story was asking me to, which was really neat.

*Note: I did this testing on different days, not in one big marathon wanking session.

I also listened to half of a short story voiced by a guy in between the other two. I only listened to half, because while he was doing all right, he started to add sounds. Sounds. Not moaning or grunting sounds, which have their place, but pussy eating tongue slurping sounds. These made my misophonia light up with disgust so fast that I could not exit out fast enough. It was gross. I don’t like listening to someone eat pussy even if they’re eating my pussy, let alone simulating it by slurping thin air or a fruit or something.

After getting grossed out, I changed over to the other audio I mentioned above, and that was fine.

App Thoughts

I think if you’re going to invest in the Vibease, you have to do it because you’re going to listen to the stories. That’s its main draw. The Vibease’s uniqueness comes from the way it interacts with these audios.

It does have other features: you can have it vibrate along to your music, or you can program patterns into it. It’s multi-functional.

This does mean there’s some risk involved in getting a terrible story. I don’t know that there’s any form of quality control. You can see the “likes” on each story, and there’s a preview function, but previews don’t always give the full picture. I think if the app stays popular, quality control will end up being crowdsourced, and that’s okay.

What’s also nice is that if you’re a content creator, you can sign up as a Vibease affiliate and upload your own audio stories to the app. Then you get a cut of what people buy. Seems pretty neat.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for a design that provides good clit stimulation in a hands-free fashion.

More kudos for a rumbly vibrator!

Caveat: The toy says “waterproof” in its description online, but “water resistant” on the box, and its text describes being used in the shower but not the bath. So I’m not sure how water resistant it is, but I wouldn’t submerge it. Flowing water seems fine.

Kudos for the innovative interaction of sexy audio with the vibrator. I love this idea, and the execution works great.

Kudos for customization: you can adjust the maximum level of vibration with the stories, and if you’re using it manually, you can control patterns and intensity.

Caveat: The toy isn’t cheap, and you don’t get any free story credits when you purchase. It’s a high-quality product that I think is worth the investment, but everyone’s acceptable price point is different.

Final Thoughts

In a world of increasingly innovative sex toys, Vibease is doing what I haven’t seen before: adding interactivity with sexy stories. It’s a high-quality vibrator with wonderful features and design, and it’s making great use of Bluetooth technology for an immersive experience.

I received this toy in exchange for an honest review. Links in this post are affiliate links: using them to buy products gives you a discount and gives me a commission that helps keep this blog operational.

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