Blush Lush Kira Review: Too Much Is Just Enough

Sometimes, I get toys that really surprise me. Often, it’s an unpleasant surprise: a promising toy turns out to be a complete dud. Once in a while, though, a toy that seems to have too many strikes against it ends up wowing me. That’s the case with the Lush Kira from Blush Novelties. This Blush Lush Kira review digs into a toy that seems like a mess, but–at least for me–delivers in orgasmic payoff.

Background Info

When Blush Novelties contacted me way back around the holidays about reviewing some products for them, I was happy to agree. They make a range of interesting toys carried by a number of online retailers, and I’d tried a product from them in the past. Then the holidays happened, and then COVID-19, and then suddenly everything was delayed. We finally connected again this past fall, and I requested a couple of toys to review, both from Blush’s Lush line of products. One of those is the Kira.

I chose the Kira because it seemed ambitious, maybe too ambitious. A warming shaft that gyrates and thrusts, plus two vibrators? I don’t always have great luck with toys that try to do everything at once, but I wanted to give it a go.

Out of the Box

The Kira comes in fairly straightforward packaging: a cardboard box with a plastic insert, and the toy visible from the outside. It’s not the most elegant packaging I’ve seen, but you’re not buying these toys for the box, am I right?

blush lush kira in box

Inside, you get the Kira, a charging cable, and some instructions.

Blush lush kira with charging cable

The Kira has a shaft with an accordion-style base to allow for movement. The shaft extends and retracts, and it also moves in a circular pattern. Here’s a look at the toy from the side and top.

As you can see in the above pictures, there’s also a clit arm with two rabbit-ear style thingamabobbers designed to stimulate the clitoris from two points. Rather than being side by side like on many similar toys, these “ears” are one above the other. The entire clit arm is quite flexible, too, as you can see below.

There are three buttons on the Kira. The top button (as pictured below) is the one that makes the shaft gyrate and thrust. The middle button controls the vibrators. The bottom button turns on the heating element.

Blush lush kira buttons

The Kira charges through magnetic induction charging. It’s not submersible waterproof, but it is splashproof, so you can clean it pretty easily under running water in the sink.

blush lush kira magnetic charging attachment

Before My Box

Before I use any toy on my bits, I of course push all the buttons and see how it works. I charged up the Kira and then put it through its paces. Immediately, I was struck by how loud it was. The whole thing announced its presence like a Hitachi.

The vibrations were intense. The “low” setting was strong and buzzy, far stronger than I’d normally choose for “low.” I cycled through all the settings, which included patterns, and none were any weaker than the not-weak “low.”

The shaft gyrations and thrusts were fast and aggressive, too. There seemed to be only two speeds: fast and faster. I turned on the warming button, but I honestly couldn’t tell if it was getting warm or not, because silicone holds body heat pretty well.

I did not have high hopes for this toy.

Into My Box

The first time I used the Kira, I felt like the toy was taking over. The lowest settings were still pretty intense, and as soon as I turned them on, there was an entire battle happening between my legs. The vibrator was racing, the shaft was thrusting and spinning (and presumably heating up, although that was hard to tell), and it was all a bit overwhelming.

But it made me come suprisingly fast.

And this was the result each time. The vibrators were too strong, too buzzy, the thrusting too aggressive, but it got me off in no time flat. Truly, honestly, I have frighteningly fast orgasms with the Kira. I’m left feeling a bit bewildered and bemused, but I’m also left orgasmic.

Why The Kira Works For Me

Each element of the Kira has several reasons why it should be less effective, but still works for me. Here’s my analysis, as near as I can tell.

  • The vibrators are really buzzy, not rumbly, but that buzzy energy is concentrated in small, pinpoint rabbit ears around my clit. With two points of stimulation around my clit and a vibrator that’s inherently strong, the vibrations penetrate enough in the right places. Broad buzziness just makes me itchy, but pinpoint buzziness can work well.
  • The shaft’s accordion-style base could mean that the base of the toy thrusts out rather than the shaft thrusting in, like I noticed on other toys in the past. But the accordion is not quite at the bottom of the shaft, so it’s actually in my vagina. This provides some stabilizing friction, letting the base stay in place and the thrusting part thrust correctly.
  • Because this accordion fold is right at the most sensitive entrance part of my vagina, the movement is detectable and there’s some extra stimulation.
  • The gyrating shaft brushes against my g-spot while the thruster is thrusting, making the movement noticeable.
  • The slight movements of the thruster make the clit vibrator bump a little bit against my clit, providing some extra stimulation.
  • It’s strong and aggressive, and that much force can be overwhelming in the good way.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for an all-silicone body-safe product that actually has a working thrusting mechanism.

I’ll also hand out kudos for a toy that attempts a lot, pretty aggressively: warming, thrusting, vibrating, and gyrating? Set a goal and strive for it, Blush.

Caveat: I’m not really sure the warming feature is that great. This could be because A) my vagina is a furnace and so I heat everything up, or B) I’m not using the toy long enough to notice the warmth, but it doesn’t make much of a noticeable difference for me.

Caveat: This toy is loud enough to be heard through a closed door, although probably not if you’ve got all the covers piled on top of you.

Another caveat: The button design is Not Great. I hate having to scroll through all the options because I missed the one I liked and there’s no “back” button. Get this toy an app, or some other buttons or something.

Kudos for the price point. At only $55 on SheVibe, this is a moderately priced vibrator but definitely one with a ton of functionality.

Caveat: Buzzy vibrators. The Kira still works, obviously, but it would be way better with rumblier vibrators. I think that would raise the price point, though.

Kudos for splashproofing so you can wash it in the sink with soap and water. Caveat: splashproof isn’t really waterproof, and I’d love to have this toy be submersible waterproof.

Final Thoughts

The Kira from Blush Novelties is not a subtle toy. It is not gentle, it is not delicate, it is not quiet. It is a powerhouse product to roar into life, spin and pump and buzz and heat, and get you off. It is not going to caress you and lead you gently to orgasm. It’s going to drag you there by your hair. Frankly, I like that in a toy now and then. I wouldn’t recommend this as a starter vibrator. I would definitely recommend it to someone who’s adventurous and looks for sex toys with a little less kiss and a lot more bite.

This product was provided to me by Blush Novelties in exchange for this honest review. Affiliate links are being used in this post, and buying something through those links benefits this blog.

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