Wood, Glorious Wood: Dicksmas Day 3

My friends, I’m writing this post on Christmas Day. We’ve opened gifts, I’ve got BBC’s Top Gear reruns on the television, and my husband is seasoning a roast. It’s the perfect time for me to review one of the most overwhelmingly perfect toys I have ever introduced to my nether bits. As my Christmas gift to you, let me bless you with the NobEssence Intrigue. This is a wooden dildo which may live forever in my go-to toy box.

Out of the Box

The NobEssence intrigue comes in a suitably lovely container: a well-crafted, aesthetically simple box with a flip-open lid.

As soon as the toy is out of the box, its craftsmanship is obvious. It’s made of hardwood, coated with NobEssence’s “Lubrosity” finish, which ensures the toy is waterproof, body-safe, and perfectly lustrous.

The NobEssence Intrigue is two-sided, with a more slender, rippled top end and a bulbous, girthy back end. Both are available, depending on your preference.

This is my first wood dildo, and I was immediately struck by how light the toy is while nonetheless feeling firm, smooth, and high quality. I felt like I was holding a piece of art more than a dildo.

Into My Box

The fact is, though, the NobEssence Intrigue is a dildo, and so it needed to function as one. All the beauty in the world is useless if it doesn’t do the job it needs to do.

I expected, honestly, that I’d want to spend most of my time on the bulbous end. She’s big and girthy, at the upper end of what my body can handle, especially with no flexibility in the material itself. So I started with the narrow end.

Immediately, I was surprised by the wonderful design of the narrow end. The pointed end is ostensibly for g-spot stimulation, but I found most of the pleasure from the raised curve pressing against my g-spot instead. That part of the toy is not ridiculously girthy, but it’s wide and tall where it counts: I feel it pressing against the outer walls of my vagina, and also really firmly against my g-spot. It’s not uncomfortable in any way. Only a small amount of back-and-forth movement presses pleasantly exactly where I want it.

I found I wanted to keep this end exactly where it was. But in that my first attempt needed to be a whole-toy experience, I swapped the narrow end for the girthy end.

The design of this toy is brilliant on this end, too. It’s tapered at the exact right angle for my preferences, allowing me to be gradual with insertion in a way I can’t be with a non-tapered dick-shaped shaft. The downside to a tapered girth is that my vagina wants to squirt it out unless it’s fully inserted, but I was able to remedy this by holding my legs closed if I needed to let go of the shaft.

I mentioned girthy, but again let me emphasize girthy. There’s a difference between a soft silicone dildo and one of a firmer quality, like ceramic, stone, glass, steel, or wood, and that difference is noticeable when the toy gets larger. I loved the stretch of the NobEssence Intrigue, and when I was finally able to insert the entire large end, I appreciated the immediate taper that held the toy in place. At that size, I could revel in the full sensation without worrying about it slipping out.

I’ve since used the NobEssence Intrigue a number of times. The girthy end is perfect when I want to work up to a very full sensation, and the narrower end lets me have immediate penetration while also giving me g-spot pressure exactly how I like it. Also wonderful is how the surface accepts any kind of lubricant, and is especially lovely with silicone lube, needing only a small bit for frictionless, perfect slide.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for everything about this design, but I’ll start with the narrow end. I was uncertain about the NobEssence Intrigue’s wavy small end, hesitant about the shape and whether it would provide stimulation like I wanted it. Reader, it does, and its curves make it feel like a much larger toy.

Kudos for that big end, too. It reminds me a bit of a queen bee’s stinger in its shape, honestly. It’s smooth and girthy and tapered and so damn pleasant.

Of course, I’m giving kudos for the wood itself. Wood is so light, it’s pleasant to use and hold, having all the firmness of glass or stone without the weight. Sometimes I like the weight, like with the nJoy Pure Wand, but it’s also tiring on the hands. Wood is also warm, and while I do enjoy temperature play, an ice-cold shaft is sometime a drawback. The NobEssence Intrigue is room temperature but also holds body temperature as well.

A tiny bit of Kudos for the punny name. NOBESSENCE. KNOB. ESSENCE. It’s great.

We’re on a kick of kudos, and so here’s another for the Lubrosity coating. This coating means I never have to worry about re-treating the Intrigue, or having it break down in water, or fearing for the types of lubricant I can use. Obviously, there’s also no splinters.

Caveats: I have one caveat. Just one. This is an expensive dildo. It’s $156 on SheVibe.com, which is beyond the reach of many people. I’m also going to say that if you have the money to spend, in my opinion, this dildo is worth every penny. The craftsmanship is gorgeous and the design is perfect. It’s a piece of art. I received this product in exchange for my review, but even if I hadn’t, I would purchase it. It’s that good.

Final Thoughts

The NobEssence Intrigue is one of the best dildos I’ve ever used. The materials and design work together beautifully. It’s not cheap, but it’s worthwhile. If you’re going to invest in a pricey dildo this year, consider making it this one, or one of the other from the Nobessence line. You won’t regret it.

I received this dildo in exchange for this honest review. Affiliate links are being used in this post, and by purchasing products through these links, you benefit this blog and help me continue to write reviews.

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