Immortal Flower 3 Review: Double-ended this time

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The internet has no shortage of rose toys right now. This rose toy review is about a detachable suction rose toy with two usable ends: one end for suction and one for vibration. The online page at Ootyemo just calls it “Rose Toy with Detachable Suction,” but the box calls it “Immortal Flower 3,” and that’s way cooler so that’s the name I’m going to use. While this toy is fun to use, I am stymied by the design that keeps me from using both ends at the same time. Let’s talk more!

First Impressions

The Immortal Flower comes in a simple box depicting an image of the toy.

Immortal flower outer box

We’ve been through my opinions of “Give you sexy hands” from other toys by this S-Hande product line, so no further comments on that.

The Immortal Flower comes with everything you see below: a black storage bag, charging cable, quick instructions, and a pentagonal insert to turn the rose end into a suction toy.

Immortal flower with accessories

Here are some shots of the Immortal Flower from different angles.

As you can see, the stem of the rose is quite bendy, allowing for multiple angles. (That’s not especially useful, but we’ll get to that.) The last pic above shows the vibrating end of the toy.

Here’s what the rose suction-end looks like with and without the pentagonal insert. The silicone slots easily into place, allowing for different means of stimulating the clit.

Obviously, the Immortal Flower has some versatility. Now let me talk about it in use.

In Use

First, the good: the rose end of the Immortal Flower, the end with the insertable pentagon, actually provides great suction. I have used toys where there’s a vibration/suction option, and the suction ended up feeling just like vibration over a narrower area. But that pentagon insert really does make this feel like a suction toy! I loved the way it felt, and the tiny silicone bristles (stamens?) felt amazing as well.

With the design of this toy, I thought I’d be able to insert the vibrating bud end at the same time as using the clitoral stimulator on the rose end, but I just…couldn’t.

Take another look at the flower at maximum bend.

Flower in hand very bent

At maximum bend, I could not both insert the vibrating bud end and also line up the rose with my clit. I am not sure if the toy is intended for use this way, but if it was, it needed another inch or two on the stem.

I was able to buzz the very exterior of my vagina while lining up the rose with my clit, which was a fine second choice for stimulation. The whole time, I just kept thinking how true stimulation of both erogenous zones should have been possible. And yet, it wasn’t.

I did enjoy how the vibrations from the bud end transmitted through the rose end, creating a vibration/suction duality that got me off in no time flat. That was the consistent trend with this toy: although using it was a bit frustrating, it got me off reliably.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for having multiple forms of stimulation available: an insertable end, a clit suction toy, and a clit vibrator, all in one product. I love versatility.

More kudos for the aesthetics, which are rose-themed and really cute.

Additional kudos for variable speeds and patterns on both the suction end and vibrating end. (The suction end is also a vibrating end, but I’m quibbling a bit on semantics.) Love being able to independently control the speed/pattern of each end of the toy.

Caveat: this toy should allow you to use both ends at once, and I couldn’t do that. Maybe my anatomy is really weird, but I don’t think it’s me. I’m pretty sure it’s the toy.

Kudos for waterproofing! The Immortal Flower is fine to take with you for some wet and wild fun.

Kudos for strong, fairly quiet motors. When in contact with my body, this toy was not very loud, and the motors really worked well.

Caveat: At $82, I think this toy is a bit more money than I’d like to pay, considering it doesn’t provide dual stimulation at once.

Final Thoughts

The Immortal Flower is a wonderful choice if you want different types of stimulation but not necessarily all at the same time. This would be a fun toy to use with a partner, too: the extended stem can serve as a useful handle, for one. While I am overall annoyed with the fact that I can’t use this toy in a way that it seems like it should be usable, overall, I had a good time getting off with it. Experimentation is always fun!

If you’d like to add this Immortal Flower to your bouquet, you can pick it up from Ootyemo, which also has a wide variety of other toys!

I received this toy in exchange for my honest review. This is a sponsored post, which does not affect the honesty of my review. At this time, affiliate links are not being used in this review.

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