Seeing Green: Womanizer Premium Eco Review

Womanizer has been a leader in sex toy innovation for years. Popularizing pressure-wave/”pleasure air” technology and spawning the next wave in clit stimulation, Womanizer is again breaking new ground with the Premium Eco. My Womanizer Premium Eco review looks at this sustainable sex toy for its design and its effectiveness. In short, the Premium Eco keeps most of the great features of the Premium while attempting to make the world a greener place.

Out of the Box

The Womanizer Premium Eco leans into the environmentally-friendly angle with every design decision, and that starts with exterior packaging. The Premium Eco comes in a neutral-colored cardboard box with a sleeve that explains the product’s features and benefits.

Here’s what you get when you open the box.

Inside the premium eco box

It’s cute, right? Friendly, decorated in earth tones, nicely packaged.

Here’s everything that comes in the Premium Eco box.

Premium eco with accessories

In addition to the Premium Eco itself, you get a cotton bag that says “Go. Love Yourself!”, a cloth charging cable, an extra nozzle in a different size, and instructions for use. (Side note — I keep reading the bag as “Go fuck yourself,” which is not in line with Womanizer’s branding but which makes me giggle every time.)

Now for a closer look at the Premium Eco itself.

The Premium Eco has a nozzle that detaches (in case you want to switch sizes — we’ll talk about that soon) which fits over the clitoris. On the back are two buttons to control the toy: a larger + button and a smaller – button. You can turn the Premium Eco on by holding the + sign, and then that is also used to increase the intensity level.

The Premium Eco is made of Biolene, which the Womanizer site describes as “a bio-based material…largely made from renewable raw materials.” It’s a plastic alternative. The texture feels like plastic, although not rough or cheap-feeling. The nozzle is silicone.

Let’s talk charging.

The Premium Eco charges using magnetic induction. The charging cable (pictured right) attaches to the little metal dots on the base of the toy (pictured left). The cable is cloth-wrapped, rather than plastic, and it’s short, which is advertised as a feature to save on materials.

The Premium Eco, like the regular Premium, comes with two nozzles so you can choose which one best fits your clitoris. Here they are side-by-side.

Nozzles side by side

I know, I know, they look identical, right? But it’s easier to tell them apart when you put them on their side.

Nozzles from side, showing one as taller than the other

There, that’s clearer. The picture above shows that one nozzle is taller if your clitoris protrudes more, and one nozzle is shorter if you’ve got more of a hider.

Changing the Battery

The Premium Eco contains a long-life rechargeable battery that you can actually take out and replace.

The cloth bag comes with a little plastic tab (left picture) that at first I thought was decorative. But it’s actually there for a purpose. You insert it into the little slot at the top of the Premium Eco (right picture) and slide it down each side to pop off the back clamshell.

For the record, this was terrifying, and I felt like I was going to break both the toy and the little plastic tab, but I did it anyway because I am not going to half-ass a review for you all. This isn’t something you should have to do all the time, and that’s good, because the plastic tab got some scratches and dents in it just from doing it the one time.

The documentation that comes with the Premium Eco also gives you information on how to take the whole device apart and recycle it, so that’s pretty cool.

Onto My Box

Design is great, and obviously important, but the Premium Eco needs to function. Fortunately, it does. With 12 intensity levels, there’s something for everyone in the full range of the Premium Eco’s capabilities. Like other products in the Womanizer line, the Premium Eco uses air pressure to stimulate the clitoris. If you’ve never used a pressure wave device, it’s a life-changing experience.

I played around with different setting, and I found that the Premium Eco has a bit of a variation in its pressure where it felt like the intensity shifted back and forth rather than remaining at one constant level. I actually really liked that, and found it helped me get off quickly and easily.

That’s the bottom line with these pressure wave/Pleasure air/clit sucker toys. They are designed for reliable, powerful orgasms, and the Premium Eco delivers as well as its predecessors. It’s a high quality toy.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for going green. Sure, in this era of late-stage capitalism, it’s impossible to really attribute altruism to a company. I’m sure that Womanizer knows they can market to a particular eco-conscious demographic with this product. But if it’s actually better for the environment, I say the ends justify the means. Now, sustainability is not a perfect metric, but even the move toward renewable materials and recycling is a step in the right direction. Oh — and they have a tree planted for every Premium Eco sold. You know what? I’m going to give that its own kudos.

Kudos for having a tree planted for every Premium Eco sold.

Kudos for keeping the price the same as the regular Womanizer Premium. It’s nice not being asked to pay more for the Eco version.

Caveat: the Premium Eco is not the same as the Premium. The Premium has an “autopilot” feature that I really loved, which the Eco does not have. The original Premium is also fully waterproof, and the Premium Eco is only splashproof. Having a changeable battery and a toy one can dismantle came at the expense of full waterproofing.

Caveat: The Premium Eco, as of right now, only comes in pink. While I personally love pink, I’m also not a big fan of the way it’s presented as a shortcut to femininity. But, of course, the company is named “Womanizer,” so there’s already gender essentialism at play.

Kudos for a really effective product that gets me off like a champ. The Premium Eco is a pleasure to use and it’s got powerful suction/air pressure capabilities undiminished by any tech changes for sustainability.

Kudos for making the two buttons different sizes. This is such a small detail that makes a big difference! I can easily tell which button I’m going to push without being able to see them.

Kudos for Smart Silence: the device only starts working when it makes contact with your body, so it’s easy to pull it away if you need a moment of quiet. The Premium Eco is actually really quiet on its own, which is another point for kudos, but Smart Silence is a thoughtful bit of design.

Caveat: that short charging cable may save on materials, but it means my Premium Eco has to charge really close to the plug, and that’s sometimes a pain in the ass.

Kudos for two nozzle heads that make the product usable by folks with a wider range of clitoris sizes.

Caveat: pricing. I know, I gave kudos for keeping the price the same as the Premium, but it’s still $200, which keeps it out of reach for a lot of people.

Final Thoughts

I appreciate Womanizer’s innovations in sex toys. Pressure wave air stimulation changed the way I get off for the better, and I’m forever grateful. I’m grateful now for this move to sustainability. I know Womanizer may be making this decision not out of eco-consciousness but out of smart business sense, but…I’m okay with that. I don’t need altruism if there’s a real ecological benefit. Is there? I hope so. But even if all this product does is make more people think eco-consciously about the products they chose to purchase, that’s still a step in the right direction. I also hope it inspires more sex toy companies to make sustainability a priority.

And frankly, the Premium Eco is a damn good sex toy. It’s functional, it’s well-designed, and it’s great at getting me off. I recommend it for anyone with an eye toward sustainability who wants a high-quality sex toy that aligns with their eco-consciousness.

I received this product in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are being used in this post, and buying a product through those links benefits me and this blog.

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