Thrusting Rabbit Review: Everything But The Kitchen Sink

There’s an old saying: if you can’t tie a knot, tie a lot. This Thrusting Rabbit review has nothing to do with bondage, or knot tying, but it does connect to that old saying. The Rechargeable Thrusting Rabbit from Adam & Eve is not the best at any one of the things it does, but it does so many things that it just works. If you’re into multiple forms of stimulation and you want a thrusting toy at an excellent price, Eve’s Rechargeable Thrusting Rabbit is a great pick.

Out of the Box

The Thrusting Rabbit box is a plain black box with an image of the product on the outside.

Thrusting rabbit box

My box got a bit cronched in transit, as you can see, but the product inside was just fine.

The toy inside was in a clear plastic tray. You get the Thrusting Rabbit and a USB charging cord.

Thrusting rabbit and charging cable

Let me show you the Thrusting Rabbit from the front and side.

The Thrusting Rabbit has an accordian-style hinge around halfway up the main shaft, which is how it gets the “thrusting” part of its name. The “rabbit” part of the name comes from the external clitoral vibrator, which in this particular toy happens to have rabbit ears.

The entire clitoral vibrator extension is very flexible.

Clitoral arm being extended down away from the shaft at about an 80 degree angle.

Also, those little rabbit ears are flexible as well.

Bending the two little rabbit ears down so they touch the top of the clitoral vibrator

The Thrusting Rabbit charges by stabbing the charger into the charging port.

Charging port

There are three buttons on the base of the toy, each decorated with a little jewel for aesthetics.

Thrusting rabbit buttons

There are three different functions of the Thrusting Rabbit, and each has its own button. The top button controls the vibrator in the shaft. The bottom button controls the vibrator in the clitoral arm. The center button controls the thrusting motion, which is both a thrust and a gyration.

Features Galore

As you can probably tell from the description above, there’s a lot going on with the Thrusting Rabbit. In addition to a clitoral vibrator, an internal vibrator, and a thrusting/gyrating motion, each of those separate functions has a range of 10 different strengths and patterns that are all independently controlled. This leaves you with an entirely customizable experience based on your own individual preferences.

First, I want to talk about the thruster/gyrator, because this is the hardest part of a toy to get right. In my experience, it’s difficult to make a toy that thrusts successfully and actually gives you that sensation. The Thrusting Rabbit does a great job. It actually thrusts back and forth internally without just making the handle poke out. I’ve had that problem with thrusters before. The way the Thrusting Rabbit succeeds is by having the soft accordion folds farther along the shaft, so the base of the shaft does a good job holding everything in place. The top half of the toy extends and retracts, creating the feeling of motion. Also, since the accordion is internal rather than right at the entrance, there’s less chance of pinching or pulling any delicate bits or hair.

Not only does the shaft thrust, but it also gyrates. The top part of the shaft moves around in a small circle, pressing against the interior vaginal walls. That’s a wonderful sensation! You can control the speed and pattern of the thrusting/gyrating by cycling through options with that center button.

The shaft is doing most of the work in this toy, but in case the thrusting and gyrating weren’t enough, you’ve got vibrators. There’s a vibrator on the clitoral arm as well as the internal arm. Both vibrators are independently controlled, so if you like more internal and less (or no!) external vibration, or vice-versa, you can opt for those settings.

Into My Box

I found that the thrusting sensation of the Thrusting Rabbit was really nice. I actually own a fucking machine, and while the Thrusting Rabbit isn’t the same by any means, it’s still an excellent sensation of movement. The main feeling is that of deeper penetration that presses back and forth. Because of the nature of the toy, there isn’t a “thrusting in and out” sensation near the entrance of the vagina, since that part of the toy isn’t moving. But there is a definite “more/less filled” feeling. The actual shaft moves a half inch, but it feels like more.

The vibrators are really buzzy. That’s a bit of a disappointment, because rumbly vibrators are much more effective at deep, resonant stimulation. They’re strong vibrators, though, despite the buzzy quality, and the positionable clitoral arm meant I was able to get that stimulation right where I wanted it.

Here’s where we come back to “if you can’t tie a knot, tie a lot.” The vibrators are not the kind of vibration I enjoy, but because there was also thrusting and gyrating and both internal/external stimulation, I had no trouble getting off with this toy. Multiple different sensations together combined to create a greater effect than any of those stimulation types individually. That’s synergy, folks. A toy that did just one of any of the features would have been okay, but probably not effective. Give me all of them at the same time and I’m doing awesome, thank you very much.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for a thruster that actually thrusts without pinching or shifting. It’s the main selling point of the Thrusting Rabbit and I am a fan.

Kudos for the gyrations that accompany the thrusting, so you can not only know it’s moving but feel more of the movement along the way. Due to the types of nerve endings deeper in the vagina, it’s nice to have that pressure.

Kudos for customizable vibration and thrusting settings. The three different buttons are easy to use and make it very simple to turn on/off parts of the toy and focus on the type of stimulation you enjoy.

Caveat: buzzy vibrators are not as good as rumbly vibrators, and if you’re not planning to use the thrusting part of this toy, I would recommend a different type of rabbit vibrator. (But why would you buy the Thrusting Rabbit if you’re not here for the thrusting? C’mon, folks. It’s in the name.)

Kudos for 100% waterproofing. Want to take your Thrusting Rabbit for a bath? No problems here. Fully submersible waterproof toys are a delight if you enjoy shower or bath play time.

Kudos for a good-looking design. The teal color, the silicone exterior, the little flexible bunny ears, all of it works for the aesthetic. Not a huge fan of the jewel buttons, but the rest of the toy is lovely.

Final Thoughts

The Thrusting Rabbit does everything. It isn’t the best at any one thing, but it does everything well enough that the combined effect is delightful. This is an ideal toy for someone who’s tried some basic vibrators but wants something more exciting, or for someone who likes multiple kinds of stimulation at once. If you’re into the thrusting sensation but you don’t want to spend five hundred dollars on a fucking machine, this is a great thrusting toy.

Best of all, the kind folks at Adam & Eve are offering a fabulous deal: Get 50% off almost any 1 adult item & FREE US/CAN shipping by using offer code ELIA at . 18+ Only.

This is a good toy at $100, but it’s a wonderful toy at $50. Don’t pass up this offer!

I received this product in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are being used in this post, and buying a product through these links benefits me and this blog.

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