Duo the Pleasure: The Womanizer Duo Review

My Womanizer Duo review delves into the nuances of a space-age sex toy that actually delivers on its tantalizing promise, with a few minor drawbacks. I do think the name is a bit misleading, as a product called “Duo” makes me think I should use it with another person. But this toy is perfectly suited for solo use! (Your partner can watch, or play with other parts of your body, whatever. They’re welcome to join, even if the Duo does most of the work.) But enough preamble! Let’s get this Womanizer Duo review underway.

SPECIAL NOTE: For one week only, you can WIN one of these! The entry form is at the bottom of this review, but I would love if you’d read the whole review first.

Out of the Box

The packaging for the Duo is beautiful. It comes in a fairly large box, which makes sense because it’s a fairly large product.

Womanizer Duo outer box

Folks, it was actually really hard for me to get this photo, because the plastic is so darn reflective. As it is, you can sort of see me in the shadow, and my phone, and I couldn’t do anything about that. (I have taken photos with a better camera, and they are indistinguishable in many ways from those taken with my Pixel 3a.) But here we are, and you can get the gist of this lovely packaging and the Duo itself. This is the one in “Bordeaux,” which is a nice wine color.

Once you get into the packaging itself, here’s what you see.

Womanizer Duo in packaging

The Womanizer Duo is in its tray, accompanied by what seems to be a lengthy manual about how to use it. Spoiler alert: it’s not a very lengthy manual; most of the length is multiple languages.

But wait! There’s more!

Get into the packaging itself, and you also get a charging cable and a lovely carry case with little tassels. You also get a larger-sized nozzle (in the maroon box) and a little card that says #IMASTURBATE in eye-chart format.

Womanizer Duo accessories

Okay so funny story: I had that little eye chart card out on the kitchen table from another product, and my husband picked it up and was like, “I’m a… I’m a stur… I’m a sturb… oh.”

Back to the Duo.

Once you get this product in hand, it’s clear that this is no cheapo sex toy. For starters, it has more buttons than the Apollo 11 spacecraft.

In the second photo above, you can see the two magnetic dots where the charger attaches. The Duo works by magnetic charging, like most great sex toys on the market today.

The Duo gets its name from dual points of stimulation: a pressure-wave clitoral stimulator, like the Womanizer Starlet and similar products, and an insertable vibrator. Here are a few different angles so you can see how these two parts function together. In the last one, I’m flexing the angle between the dildo and the clit sucker so you can sort-of see the flexibility.

The way the Duo works is that you insert the vibrating arm, align the clit sucker, turn everything on, and have a great time. In reality, things are a bit more fiddly, but the great time part is still included.

I’m getting ahead of myself. Before I talk function, I’m going to talk buttons. All those Apollo 11 buttons do different things. Let me bring that image up again so you don’t have to scroll.

Womanizer Duo buttons

The top set of buttons, above the diagonal line, controls the pressure wave function of the clit stimulator. The one that looks like a little megaphone (or like the clit stimulator arm itself, I know, I know) turns the stimulation up, and the minus sign turns it down.

Below the diagonal line are the buttons controlling the intensity of the vibration for the insertable dildo. The upper button turns the intensity up, and the minus sign turns it down.

But here’s things get interesting. Below all these buttons is a little button with dots all over it. That controls the patterns of vibration. Because not only can you turn the vibration intensity up and down, but you can also turn the intensity up and down *while in a pattern.*

See, I told you this fucker was complex. And I’ve completely skipped the power button, which is on the back side (so you don’t accidentally press it) and whose function should be obvious.

All this is great, yeah? A ton of bells and whistles. But all the bells and whistles are useless if they don’t work, and with many products that try to do too many things, that’s often the case. The Duo, fortunately, works.

Into My Box

Part One: Alignment

The Womanizer Duo has “smart silence” technology, like some other toys by these companies. That means that you can turn the product on, but it won’t start doing any vibrating or sucking or anything else until it’s actually in contact with your body.

With the Duo, that’s a less helpful feature, since you have to insert the dildo before you can line up the clit arm, and as soon as you get that clit sucker head close, everything on the toy fires up at once. I end up just keeping the whole toy turned off while I line up the business end, but you can also turn off Smart Silence by holding down the two clit sucker buttons.

So, dildo first. It’s a moderate-width dildo, with a bit of narrowing at the base for flexibility and to make it manageable for most people with vaginas. Use some lube and take your time, as you can’t use the pressure wave stimulator to warm up without that dildo in place. It also has a nice curve for pronounced g-spot stimulation.

Once the dildo is situated, the next step is lining up the oval-shaped spaceship part that has the clit stimulator. The clit stimulator is angled to fit better against the body, but everybody’s body is different, and so there’s a bit of finagling necessary.

I realized pretty quickly that I needed the larger size of clit stimulator nozzle. I have a hood piercing that can get in the way with pressure wave devices if I don’t line them up well. So, I swapped nozzles and tried again. (Swapping nozzles, by the way, is pretty fast and easy.) I still had to play with angles a bit; the body of the clit stimulator had to be tilted for the nozzle to make solid contact with my clit. But honestly, I was surprised at how easy it was to align. It was a little fiddly, but not nearly as fiddly as I had feared.

Part Two: The Fun Part

So then it was time to play with the buttons. I noticed that with the clit sucker on, I had a difficult time distinguishing between vibration intensities and patterns. I left the clit sucker off while I cycled through different patterns and intensities of vibration. There are ten different patterns, and you can adjust each up and down for intensity. If you’re tired of patterns, you can hold down the pattern button and go back to regular vibration. Even though there are a lot of buttons to keep track of, I found it pretty easy to remember which one did which, and then also pretty easy to find the right button when it was in use. This is not always the case with certain products, so I’m happy that thoughtful button layout and textures paid off.

I like some patterns, especially if the patterns are supplemental to my primary form of stimulation. The separate clit stimulator means the vibration patterns are just a nice backup, so I found a nice oscillating vibration and then turned the clit stimulator back on.

Once I had the Womanizer Duo situated exactly right, it was a direct train to orgasm town. The combination of rumbly internal vibrations against my g-spot and the strong, constant air pressure on my clit had me coming hard and fast. I love using toys hands-free, and this product was very easy to use hands-free, just by closing my legs gently around it. It stayed in place even when I did some shifting around. While I had to do some initial setup, the payoff more than made up for that time. Wow.

If you’ve never used a pressure wave device, you’re in for a hell of a ride. I’ve talked about this type of device in other reviews, but the brief version is that I believe it’s the best kind of clit stimulation on the market and everyone with a clit should have one. Maybe not this specific toy, but one of them. Please. Do yourself a favor.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for the making dual stimulation work with a pressure wave device. I remember the great disappointment of the Satisfyer G-spot Rabbit, which wanted to do both and ended up doing neither. But the Duo is a majestic beast with enough flexibility to hit my g-spot and clit. A built-in caveat: this doesn’t mean it will work perfectly for you, but I think the odds are decent and the flexibility generous enough that it’s worth a try

Kudos for 100% waterproofing. You can take this toy into the bath with you for some delightful solo fun. Waterproof toys are also easier to clean, although you do have to pay attention to all the nooks and crannies of this product when doing so. Be especially careful if you want to share it with someone else if you’re not fluid-bonded with them; there are a bunch of small areas to keep clean.

Kudos for clit stimulation that’s mind-blowing, and for vibration that’s rumbly. In this, the year of our Lord 2020, when so much is cursed and terrible, sex toys should be amazing. This toy is pretty amazing.

Caveat: if you use this toy with a partner, that partner will be stimulating other parts of your body or themselves; most of the vulva is already in use. Related to that caveat is this one: you can’t really thrust or move this toy. You set it and forget it, like those old Ronco infomercials. I mean, you won’t forget it, because WOW. But if you’re someone who likes moving your sex toys all around, this isn’t a product for that. This is a product for glorious, lazy masturbating, when you want a toy to do all the work and do it well.

Kudos for mind-blowing orgasms.

Caveat: this toy isn’t as quiet as other pressure wave products I’ve tried. You can use it with the covers on and the door closed and people probably aren’t going to hear, but if you don’t have covers over you, they might. Whatever; turn some music on and lock your door. Others have said this toy is fairly discreet, but I don’t find it that way. It’s not as loud as other toys, for sure, but I’m used to near-silence and this isn’t that.

Kudos for beautiful packaging, a very pretty storage bag, and aesthetics that make me feel like I’m using something space-aged.

Caveat: all these features come with a price, and that price is over $200. It’s easy for me to say I think it’s worth it, but worthwhile or not, dropping $200 on a premium sex toy is not in everyone’s capacity. If you’re able, though? Damn, buy the Womanizer Duo.

Final Thoughts

The Womanizer Duo is a bit finicky and highly effective. It’s going to require alignment and setup each time you use it, but then, you’re in for a hell of a ride. This toy balances thoughtful, beautiful design with excellent functionality and power where it’s needed. The hefty price tag accompanies a gorgeous product that will stay on my go-to shelf for a long time.

I received this product in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links are being used in this post, and buying a product through those links benefits this blog.

20 thoughts on “Duo the Pleasure: The Womanizer Duo Review

  1. I have a Womanizer product and love it. My eyes went WIDE when I saw this!

  2. This looks incredible! I keep wanting to get one of these eventually.

  3. Thanks for your work on these reviews! I’m hoping to find a good toy for clitoral stimulation during penetrative sex, but this looks fun for solo play.

  4. If I am correct, this isn’t the first time I have heard about this product. Now I have to research.
    Also, would this be recommended for a first time toy user?

    1. I think it’s a bit complex for a first time toy user, but if you’re adventurous, sure! Otherwise, I think the Womanizer Starlet is a better starter.

  5. This may be everything I’ve ever wanted in a sex toy. Also I agree about the pressure wave vibrators, they are out of this world for clit-having people!

  6. A clitoral stimulator *with* a thrusting function sounds like a toy that might actually work my G-spot. The saving of the pennies commences (unless I win–fingers crossed!).

  7. If I had this vibe, I would add ‘studied rocket science’ to my CV…

  8. I have a doxy that I’m totally wild over..however, the Duo sounds absolutely fun! I love the design.. As for the buttons, sigh.. But, I’ll get used to it.

  9. i have the womanizer premium and i love it! I’ve been eyeing this for a while now, you may just make me take the plunge and get it.

  10. Perfect timing, my Hitachi breaks, and now I can look into one of these, or something similar in general 😀

    Also, toy giveaway=all we lurkers come out of the woodworks.

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