Doxy Wand Review: Sexmas Day 1

It’s that season, folks. This Doxy Wand Massager Review is coming at a precipitous time: the beginning of the Days of Sexmas. Known for the last few years as the Days of Dicksmas, the newly-rechristened Days of Sexmas is when I post a bunch of sex toy reviews sometime in the November/December holiday season. A few important notes:

  • The Days of Sexmas are not constrained by an orderly number. There aren’t 12 Days of Sexmas or anything. There are as many days as reviews that I get to.
  • The Days of Sexmas don’t happen one per day on consecutive days. I skip days. Sometimes many days. Spontaneity is the spice of life or something.
  • Sometimes, like this year, the Days of Sexmas start before Thanksgiving, because we need a little holiday spirit around here.
  • Sometimes I continue after Christmas, because Three Kings Day and the actual 12 Days of Christmas or something, but more likely because I didn’t finish by Christmas.

Enough about the history, right? Let’s talk Doxy.

Background Info

I have wanted to try a Doxy Wand for years. These are the top shelf of wand vibrators. Every toy reviewer I know swears by their Doxy. How could I not yearn for this opportunity? Granted, I was unsure: wand vibrators aren’t generally my favorite type of toy. But I had to know, readers. I had to feel for myself.

The wonderful folks over at Doxy were so kind, and they set me up with a Doxy of my very own to review: the Doxy Original. I was still worried I would be kind of “meh” on it, but my fears are allayed: the Doxy Original is a fucking delight.

Out of the Box

The Doxy comes in a giant box that made my husband ask, “God, what is that?”

Doxy magic wand in box with my hand for scale to show that it's a big big wand

Here it is, the Doxy Wand Massager Original, with my hand for scale so you can see how big it is.

When you pop open the box, here’s what you see:

Doxy in open box

Great, right? Simple packaging, catchy tagline (“Let’s Get It On”), all the instructions you need printed right on the cardboard itself.

The Doxy is a corded vibrator, so there’s nothing to charge in. We’re plug and play, baby.

Doxy with different plug heads

Doxy’s a UK company, but they have distribution centers all over the world. As such, the Doxy comes with several different plug heads baed on what your outlets look like. How cool is that?

Here’s the mighty Doxy in hand:

Doxy in hand

Three simple buttons: power, up, and down. It’s heavy, but the kind of heavy that lets you know there’s Powerful Machinery enclosed. The handle is plastic but it doesn’t feel cheap. The head is cushioned medical-grade PVC, and it’s firm but not hard.

Uh, here are some other close-up pics of parts of it, I guess, because you’ve pretty much already seen everything. *shrug*

Ta da! Now let’s rock and roll.

Onto My Box

As I mentioned earlier, I was nervous about the Doxy not working well for me. I pretty much never pull out my Hitachi anymore because it’s too buzzy and loud and leaves me feeling itchy. But the Doxy! The Doxy is rumbly and powerful and it works great! All my fears were allayed.


I mean, at first, I turned it on without reading the instructions, because sometimes I’m a dumbass. How hard can it be, right? It’s literally three buttons. But it turns out when you hold down the power button for more than a couple of seconds (as I’m used to doing from my rechargeable vibes), the Doxy starts a “pulse” mode where it builds from low to high in a few seconds. I screamed a little and turned it off, then realized my error (thanks, instructions) and just pushed the “on” button quickly. That pulse setting is not for me, but it’s a great option for someone. It ramps up from low to high over and over, and you can control the length of each cycle with the + and – buttons. But that’s not my speed, so I went with the classic “on” option.

The deep, rumbly vibrations penetrated nicely even with the broad head of the vibrator. I could just slap that fucker somewhere in the vague vicinity of my clit and go to town. (Not literally. It’s pretty important to stay home in this circumstance. Plus we’re in a pandemic.) I played around with angles, figuring out whether I wanted the top of the head on my clit, the side, the rounded “corner,” etc, and honestly, they were all good. Mostly I had to figure out what I wanted to do with the giant wand body itself. Hold it way down between my legs? Point it straight up like the giantest penis? Lean it so it’s resting on my stomach? It all works.

I’ve tried a number of other positions with the Doxy, too, including kneeling over it, propping it up on pillows, etc. This is a versatile chonker. However I line it up, it delivers.

Unlike the Hitachi, which has as its settings “strong” and “stronger,” the Doxy has a variety of power settings. Want some low, rumbly vibrations? You can have those! Want some medium vibrations? Got those, too. Want high vibrations like the entire electrical grid is screaming through your vibrator? The Doxy is here for you. We’ve got “steady thrumming” all the way through “the hand of God is jackhammering your clit” and all of these options are good for somebody! Huzzah.

The Doxy is not a stealth toy. I mean, it’s like two feet long. But it’s also not really loud for a wand vibrator. It gets louder as it gets stronger, but that’s to be expected as well. Don’t expect your roommates not to know what you’re doing. But you’re an adult. Just put on some music.

PS — It’s also great on sore backs, too.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for a kick-ass powerful wand massager that’s rumbly and not buzzy.

Also sending some big kudos for a whole range of power intensities. Some people like high and some like low and all of that is valid.

More kudos for the fact that this fucker will likely make you come. Not sure? Try it. But it’s a powerhouse.

A mixed kudos/caveat for having to plug it in. For one, it’s always charged and you can use it right out of the box. But you also always need to plug it in, so you’re limited by that cord. Fortunately it’s a really long cord.

(Don’t like the cord? Consider a Doxy Rechargeable.)

Caveat: you have to plug in the Doxy, so no taking it into the bath or shower.

Caveat: because you can’t get the Doxy wet, it’s not as easy to clean as something you can throw in the sink or a pot of boiling water. You have to wipe the head with a cleansing cloth or a sex toy cleaner.

Caveat: don’t use oil-based lubes with this or they will affect the structural integrity of the material.

Kudos for a simple design that’s effective for sex play on all different types of bodies.

Caveat: the wand is heavy and will be hard to hold for people with hand/arm strength issues.

Kudos for plug adapters that work all over the world.

Kudos for offering the Doxy in multiple awesome colors.

Caveat: the Doxy Original is the lowest price Doxy, but it’s not cheap. At over $100 US, it’s beyond the reach of many people. But trust me: it is not sacrificing on quality. This feels and works like a wand massager that costs over $100, and I highly recommend it.

Kudos for literally everything else.

Final Thoughts

I have a lot of sex toys, and the Doxy Original has officially earned a permanent spot on my nightstand. It’s efficient, it’s no-nonsense, it’s powerful as fuck, and it gets me off in no time flat. I’m a believer. Check out the whole amazing line of Doxy wand massagers and treat yourself this holiday season to some amazing self-love. With the trash fire that has been 2020, we could certainly use it.

I received this product in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are being used in this post, and buying a product through those links benefits me and this blog.

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