A Better Touch: Touch X Review

Recently, I reviewed the We-Vibe Touch, and found it a good vibrator all around. Well, much as they did with the Tango X, We-Vibe has released the Touch X, and it has some great improvements on an already quality vibrator. This Touch X Review looks at how it compares to the original and how it stands on its own.

First Impressions

The Touch X comes in a sturdy, high-quality box with an image of the product on the front.

Touch X in box

Open the box and there’s the Touch X behind some clear plastic.

We-Vibe touch x in open box

In addition to the Touch X, you also get a storage bag, charging cable, and some lube, plus instructions.

touch x with accessories

Let’s take a look at the Touch X itself. It’s a small-to medium handheld clitoral vibrator with a broad, mostly flat body, a tapered tip for direct clitoral stimulation, and a concave face near the tip for broader clitoral stimulation. Some describe it as “tongue-like,” and I guess I can see it.

The Touch X has three buttons: + and – as well as a ~ button which controls vibration patterns. It charges magnetically and has its charging points at the base of the toy.

Touch X buttons and charging point

In the above photo, I’m holding it with the tip pointing down, probably the orientation you’d be holding it when using it.

Now let’s discuss its performance.

In Use

The Touch X is a strong, rumbly vibrator with a lot of variety in its intensities and patterns. There are seven patterns (including no pattern at all), and each pattern is independently controllable through eight intensity levels. This means you have a wide range of customization available in this hand-held product.

I didn’t have trouble finding a good angle for the Touch X. The strong vibrations are equally resonant through the entire tip of the vibrator, so whether I was applying the curved “inner” face of the toy or the very tip (my preference is for very tip), it performed fairly well. It was pretty easy for me to get off with the Touch X, and its moderately small size didn’t get in the way if I was partnering it with a dildo or an internal vibrator.

Worth noting is that the Touch X is not just for the clitoris. It has a pretty universal shape that makes it good for any erogenous zone, or probably regular muscle massage as well.

Touch X vs. Original Touch

The Touch X has made some improvements over the original Touch, in the same way that the Tango X improved on the original Tango. If you’ve read that review, you’ll see some repeats here with the Touch X.

Charging Connection

The Touch X charges with a solid magnetic charging cable that attaches right to the body of the toy itself. The Touch charged with an adapter, and the magnetic points where more tenuous, making it easier to accidentally knock the charger off. Big improvement.

Button Controls/ Variable Vibration Intensities

Unlike the original Touch, which had one single button for scrolling through the patterns/intensities and only one level of intensity per pattern, the Touch X has several buttons to allow you to adjust the pattern intensities independently. You still have to scroll all the way through all the patterns if you missed the one you like, but now you have way more choice in the way those patterns feel.


Theoretically, I think the Touch X is stronger than the original Touch. I’m just not convinced. It’s very hard to tell for me, personally. They’re both quality vibrators, though, and the Touch X certainly isn’t any weaker.


The original Touch is purple, and the Touch X comes in coral or green.


The Touch X is currently $99 on the We-Vibe site, and the original Touch is currently discounted down to $69.00.

What Hasn’t Changed

The Touch X is very similar to the original Touch in a lot of ways.

  • Size: both products are the same size.
  • Material: both are made with body-safe soft-touch silicone.
  • Waterproofing: both are submersible waterproof, safe for bath or shower.
  • Design: both have the same overall shape and tapered tip.

Final Thoughts

I try to rate each toy on its own merits, and not as comparison to other toys, but I can’t really give final thoughts on the Touch X without looking at all its comparable cousin vibrators. It’s got some improvements in design over the original Touch, like the variable intensities and the better charging/control setup. But in reality? It’s pretty similar to the original, and I’m not sure that’s a bad thing. The original Touch is also a quality vibrator. I have no complaints.

As someone who prefers pinpoint stimulation, though, the Tango X is my go-to vibrator over the Touch X or the Touch every single time. If you like broader stimulation, you will probably prefer the Touch X. The great thing is that no matter which vibrator you choose, you win.

Cheers for rumbly, strong vibrators, and for the pursuit of improving them.

This product was provided in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are being used in this post, and buying a product through those links benefits me and this blog.

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