Purely Professional is under contract!

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve signed a contract with Carina Press, Harlequin’s digital imprint, to publish Purely Professional. I’ve had to keep this under wraps for some time now, but now the book has officially been sold and I’m excited about the next steps!

In Purely Professional, a journalist explores the submissive side of her sexuality under the guidance of her Dominant neighbor.

Bridget Hartwell, a senior editor for a women’s magazine, volunteers to write about BDSM to impress her “edgy” new executive editor. Unfortunately, it’s a topic she knows nothing about. She discovers her attractive neighbor Max Harlow is experienced in the lifestyle and convinces him to teach her. As Bridget delves deeper into the submissive side of her sexuality, she must confront what their encounters mean for her own sexual identity, her career, and her relationship with Max.

You can read an excerpt here.

As soon as I have a release date, I’ll be announcing that on this blog as well. Stay tuned!


4 thoughts on “Purely Professional is under contract!

  1. Hello Elia,

    Congratulations on your literary successes. I am finding all this very entertaining; you and I know each other in our other lives. Yes, that is a semicolon between two closely related independent clauses not conjoined with a coordinating conjunction. No we do not work together, but we have spoken on many occasions. You would be surprised and delighted I’m sure. Tell me if you like this mystery.

    Mr. Sturges

    1. Well, I love a good mystery! I try not to let my “other” life interfere too closely with this life, though, so it may remain a mystery. *cue dramatic music*

  2. I love good mysteries too! And Purely Professional sounds like such a hot read, especially since I have such strong submissive leanings. I can’t wait til it comes out to read all the smexy scenes; my mouth is already watering. 🙂

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