Silc Touch Ergonomic Handle Review: Sexmas Day 1

It’s Day 1 of Sexmas, folks! Sexmas begins on Thanksgiving and runs until the end of the calendar year, or thereabouts. It’s when I catch up on my reviews before year’s end, and it’s probably when you’re shopping for some gifts for yourself or loved ones. Now, the food has been eaten, right down to the pie, and you’re as stuffed as that turkey. Well, if you want to get stuffed in a different way — after the digestion, that is — you’re going to want to hear about the Silc Touch Ergonomic Handle. This is an amazing product that’s making sex play more accessible and more fun.

Silc Arts is a small business run by Matt Heft, an artist with a background in tattoo arts who now applies his aesthetic talents to the sex toy industry. When he contacted me about this product, I was excited to review it. He’s been a pleasure to work with, professional and responsive, and I’m happy to be promoting his company and these products on the blog today. So let’s get into it, shall we?

First Impressions

The Silc Touch handle comes simply packaged in a branded plastic bag with some instructions.

Handle in bag

Here it is out of the bag.

Handle out of the bag

The version I reviewed is the one compatible with Vacloc toys, but Silc Arts also makes one with a suction cup platform for suction cup base toys and grinders. Here’s the Vacloc end.

Vacloc barbed end

And here’s the other end, which looks like a cute devil tail.

Handle end

The handle is made of urethane resin and pigment, and it’s quite light in hand. I chose purple, but you can get it in several other colors or sizes.

Silc Arts also sent me a dildo to use with the handle. I have a Vacloc toy, but I wanted to try something more manageable for this review. They sent me the Unicorn dildo, which comes in absolutely gorgeous packaging.

Isn’t that beautiful?? Matt Heft signed it, and there’s even a wax seal. I saved this container for sure. I wish all sex toys came in containers that look like they contain fancy whiskey bottles.

Here’s the unicorn dildo.

Unicorn dildo

Pretty sure that silicone lump is a plug for the Vacloc hole at the bottom.

This unicorn dildo is in beautiful bisexual colors, decently firm to promote ease of use with the handle. If it was too floppy, it would be difficult to insert. With a bit of lube, it slips easily onto the barbed end of the handle.

In Use

The Silc Touch Ergonomic Handle makes sex toy play more comfortable. You seat a dildo on the end and can use the handle to grip and move it without having to strain or stretch. This is a boon for accessibility: people with limited reach or flexibility can fuck themselves more easily now. This is also more accessible for people with larger bodies (like me)!

I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about the handle, and whether it would seem like just a novelty or a small improvement in my experience. As soon as I used it, though, I was amazed: it was so easy to situate and insert the toy, and moving it was a breeze, requiring no reach or struggle. I could hit angles that normally would be more challenging. Also, it felt natural: without handling the toy directly, its movements felt more like they were directed by a partner. My whole experience was stellar. No strain, no struggle or stretching, no reaching. Just relaxed indulgence. I loved every moment.

The unicorn dildo was perfect for this experience, not too big or small. The silicone is high quality and the workmanship is beautiful.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for the very existence of this handle. I love any products that make sex play more accessible for more people.

Additional kudos for lightness; the handle is long, but it’s not heavy. If it were heavy, it would offset the accessibility aspect.

Caveat: the handle is a decent size, and it’s not going to fit in your nightstand. You’ll need to find some more creative storage for it.

Huge kudos for the way this thing makes self-sex feel totally new and different!

Final Thoughts

I adore the Silc Touch Ergonomic Handle, and I love the dildo that comes with it, too. Even if you’re able-bodied, if you’d like to make self-sex easier and have fun with more angles, you need this. It’s earned a spot by my bed for good. I love it, and I’m recommending it highly! You can get your Silc Touch Ergonomic Handle directly from Silc Arts. Support small businesses and support better self-sex!

I received this product in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are not being used in this post at this time.

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