YoYoLemon Vibrating Licking Pump Review: Arcane Magic

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I’m here on the blog today with my review of a vibrating licking pump from YoYoLemon. It’s a bit bold to label a sex toy as arcane magic, but here we are, and I will explain in time. Never fear, dear readers: we’re going to jump right into the action. The licking pump stimulates the clitoris in two ways. It works as a “pussy pump” (not a big fan of that term) and a clit licker, and these two factors make a powerful orgasm-filled combination.

Let’s get to the details.

First Impressions

The Licking Pump –is that what I’m going to call it? It sounds like a fetish shoe– comes in a simple, sturdy black box with no branding. Elegant and discreet.

Outer box

Inside, you get the Licking Pump along with a charging cable, storage bag, and instruction card.

Licking pump with accessories

The pump is handheld and a bit squat, which I like. It has two buttons. One controls the power and the tongue motion, and the other controls the suction. The backside has an attachment point for induction charging.

The business end has a silicone tongue-like protrusion inside a cup that develops a strong suction seal.

Looking into the cup

It’s a bit intimidating if you’ve never seen a toy like it, for sure. But this thing is an orgasm machine… with a few noteworthy caveats.

In Use

I have used a toy similar to this one in the past, but there were a few differences in function. One thing I noticed right away is that the suction button didn’t seem to have an off switch. Once the suction was activated, it just kept sucking over and over. The only options were “hard, harder, and hardest.” I am a smart sex toy user and so I tested it on my hand before I put it on my bits, thank goodness. This suction feature stymied me. I read the instruction card but couldn’t made sense of things. When I held the suction button, which usually means “off,” it just kept sucking harder and harder.

Eventually, I returned to the product page to get more info. I realized here that holding the button for a short burst would activate the suction and then keep it there, whereas a tap would activate the unending suck cycle. I was able, then, to get the suction how I wanted and leave it in place while I used the licking function.

The silicone tongue is firmer than I expected, and its movement over the clitoris is intense. I had this partner who used to press-pop my clit back and forth beneath her finger and it was too much and also just fucking right and it would make me see stars, and…yeah, it’s like that. You can control the speed, and I found a slower tempo I enjoyed. You’re welcome to crank it up to ludicrous speed if you like. With the suction pulling my clit into place and the tongue going to town, holy shit, I almost blacked out. I felt that climax in my toes.

Kudos and Caveats

Let’s talk kudos straight away. This thing will make you come. It’ll pull an orgasm out of you like a force of nature. It’s merciless.

Additional kudos for aesthetics, for that teal silicone body and the chonky handle.

Kudos for magnetic charging and waterproofing. Wow! Waterproofing is great.

Caveat: The cup does not detach from the body of the toy, so if you get it suctioned on and the suction is too great, and it doesn’t release for some reason, you’d have to break the suction manually and that might get tricky. I was a bit nervous sometimes, even though there was no sign of the toy malfunctioning.

Caveat: The suction function button is not intuitive, and it’s easy to end up with the unending suck. Now that you’ve read this review, you’re safe from that, but I wish the instruction card was more detailed.

Caveat: The tongue is very firm, and so if you like a softer touch, you won’t get that here.

But did I mention it gives Richter-scale-level orgasms? Yeah, that’s a big plus right there.

And another giant batch of kudos: It’s only $55 at YoYoLemon.

Final Thoughts

There are a few aspects of the Licking Pump‘s design that give me pause, like that non-detaching cup and the suck that will not end. BUT, now that I have the hang of it, my god, it’s a wondrous device. It’s indeed like one of those arcane magical artifacts in high fantasy where it brings incredible good fortune for those brave enough to wield it. Are you brave enough? Get one at YoYoLemon today. Are you not quite brave enough? YoYoLemon has lots of other amazing toys as well.

Godspeed on your quest.

I received this toy in exchange for my honest review. This is a sponsored post, which does not affect the honesty of my review. At this time, affiliate links are not being used in this review.

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