Five Sex Toys To Get You Through The Holidays

I love the holidays, but it’s also a stressful time of year for many of us. Between family visits and the litany of public gift-giving, large meals, travel, and expenses, this isn’t always a time of unquestionable joy. Plus, your body and society are sending you conflicting messages: society wants you to consume, to engage, to rush nonstop, and your body wants you to rest in this time of darkness.

In our house, my husband tested positive for Covid on Saturday. He’s doing fine, fortunately, but he’s also isolating to keep me from getting sick, and that’s making the Winters household feel a bit lonely this holiday. I’m grateful that we’re not dealing with any serious illness, and I’m counting my numerous blessings…but I can also appreciate how lucky we are overall while still being a bit bummed about how circumstances have turned out. I contain multitudes.

Anyway, that brings me to where I am now: sitting on my couch on Christmas blogging about sex toy recommendations. Because if you, too, need a little extra something to get through this week…well, you might just splurge on some expedited shipping.

Here, in no particular order, are some sex toys to get you through the holidays.

We-Vibe Tango X

Tango X from back

Small, highly effective, and nearly silent, this powerhouse remains a nightstand favorite. Slip it into your purse or suitcase and take care of business wherever you go. You can get the Tango X from Lovehoney.

Hitachi Magic Wand

Magic Wand image

This is not exactly going to slip into your carry-on without attracting notice, but you could possibly pass it off as a back massager. After all the relatives have left and you finally have some free time, pull out the classic Hitachi to relax your sore muscles or race your way to climax. You can get yourself a Hitachi from Amazon and have it here in no time.

Satisfyer Pro Penguin

Penguin in Hand

I haven’t talked about the Penguin in a while, but it remains a near and dear companion. The Penguin is all dressed up for winter with a silicone bowtie, but appearance is nothing next to the majestic clit stimulation. Find the Penguin on SheVibe.

Fun Factory Bouncer

bouncer in box

This list has been fairly clit-focused so far, but maybe you want something for penetration. The Fun Factory Bouncer is a weighted dildo that’s endlessly fun to use, and it’s not going to require batteries or charging or anything other than your own enthusiasm. You can get the Bouncer directly from Fun Factory.

Tracy’s Dog OG Pro 2

OG Pro 2 in hand

If you need to come so hard that you forget your own name, consider the OG Pro 2 from Tracy’s Dog. With a combination of clit suction and internal vibration, the OG Pro 2 is a force to be reckoned with, and it might just be powerful enough to combat your stress this holiday season. You can get the OG Pro 2 right from Tracy’s Dog.

Hope your year ends with good health and happiness, and with lots and lots of orgasms.

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