Magnifique Necklace Whip Review

It’s October, the time for mischief and mayhem, for naughtiness dressed up in the trappings of play. It’s a perfect time for me to be reviewing the Magnifique Necklace Whip from Bijoux Indiscrets. This toy hides in plain sight as a necklace and does double duty as a playful (and effective!) flogger.

First Impressions

Bijoux Indiscrets does branding beautifully. The Necklace Whip comes in a black box with an elegant aesthetic of gold lettering and black relief designs.

Magnifique box

The necklace comes in a plastic envelope, which I unwrapped for this next picture.

necklace whip on black box

Here are a couple of shots of the product in hand.

The necklace hangs on a beaded chain, and it consists of a long silver handle with hanging beaded strands. This is the silver, because I like silver better, but it’s also available in gold.

In Use

As a necklace, this toy is simple and elegant. It hangs long, which on me means the top of the handle starts at the middle of my breasts and the ends of the chains reach past my waist. I don’t know how discreet it is, if discretion is what you’re looking for. I didn’t, for example, wear it to work to see if people asked about my kink necklace. But if your fashion is creative, or your work place very liberal, you could try it for yourself.

As a flogger–because this is a flogger, not a whip–this product packs a serious sting. Small, thin strands are quite sharp as an impact toy. Plus, this is metal, even if it’s very thin and light metal.

I played around with this and found it fun but severe, quite whippy and surprisingly painful, which could be exactly what you’re going for.

This isn’t a toy for serious impact play sessions, and I think that’s obvious. This is a perfect toy for keeping your play visible-but-invisible. It’s ideal for a quick bit of naughty impact just out of the public eye. Keep your sub (consensually) in line with a little discipline that you wear around your neck…or make them wear, for a constant reminder of just what might happen if they misbehave.

Final Thoughts

The Magnifique Necklace Whip (flogger) is a fun bit of jewelry for daring public wear or a private bedroom accessory. It’s functional, although mostly as a novelty. It’s also very lovely. This would make a great holiday gift for a kinky partner or friend, or as a treat for yourself.

This product was provided in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are being used in this post, and buying a product through those links benefits me and this blog.

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