Elia’s Top Five Sex Toys of 2022

We’re in the early days of 2023, and a common pastime is, of course, looking back at the previous year.

I reviewed a number of sex toys this past year, all visible on my Sex Toy Master List (best viewed on desktop). Here are my top 5 from all the toys I reviewed in 2022. Click on the headings to read the full review.

5. Lelo Dot

I was hesitant about the laser-focused pinpoint precision of the Lelo Dot, but I ended up loving it.

4. Fun Factory Rainbow Amor

While not particularly impressive in size or scope, the Rainbow Amor remains a bedside favorite. It’s a perfectly shaped dildo with a lovely color scheme.

3. Kistoy Cathy

My #3 came in right under the wire at the end of the year! This wild ride thrusts and sucks with equal skill.

2. Womanizer Premium 2

I loved the Womanizer Premium, and the Womanizer Premium 2 continues the trend with amazing performance.

1. Tracy’s Dog OG Pro 2

I still hate the name, but I can’t deny the power of the OG Pro 2.

It’s been a hell of a year in reviews! On to 2023!

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