My Eroscillator Review: A Love Story

It’s my first post as an Official Sex Toy Reviewer, and I can think of no better way to start than with my Eroscillator Review. I received an Eroscillator Top Deluxe in exchange for an honest review.

I’ve long referred to the Hitachi Magic Wand as the Cadillac of vibrators, and if that’s true, then the Eroscillator is the Lotus Exige: Elegant with precise handling and top performance. I have a Hitachi, and it’s got its place in forced orgasm play, but I never was a big fan of the “shock and awe” campaign it inflicted on my genitals. Sometimes it was overstimulating rather than pleasurable. Also, at the moment of orgasm, the vibration was so strong as to be painful, but backing off from the direct contact diminished the orgasm too much. Frankly, the Hitachi is not my go-to vibrator like it is for many women.

Enter the Eroscillator. If the Hitachi is a nuclear strike, the Eroscillator is a sniper rifle. Ugh, that’s a disturbing analogy about something that’s going near my pink bits. If the Hitachi is a paint roller, the Eroscillator is a liner brush. It’s a precise tool for precision stimulation.

Now, it’s important to note that I’m really not a vibrator girl. I own vibrators: I have owned and thrown out a ton over the years, including a very high-end rabbit-style vibrator that I just didn’t love. Twice as nice was always half as nice for me. I have a Tenga Iroha Mini that I enjoy for some pinpoint stimulation or a helping hand during intercourse, and I do love my Lush remote vibrator for some distance play, but it’s hard for me to top what my fingers can do. Based on all the reviews I’d read of the Eroscillator, I was cautiously optimistic, because it sounded amazing but so did the Hitachi and we know how I feel about that.

Spoiler alert: the Eroscillator is amazing.

Let’s start from the beginning.

Getting to know the Eroscillator

eroscillator box

The packaging is a little floral-feminine for me, but I don’t care about any boxes but the one between my legs. Inside, there was a LOT of stuff.

Body and cord

The actual body of the toy is a little bigger than an electric toothbrush. It has a generously long power cord, nice if (like me) your closest free outlet is not right next to the bed. And then there are the attachments.


Look at all the attachments!

They even have really stupid names that I love.

  1. Seven Pearls of the Orient
  2. Soft Fingertip
  3. French Legionnaire’s Moustache (I am not making this up, folks)
  4. Ball and cup
  5. Grapes and cockscomb
  6. Golden spoon

I’m a pretty simple girl when it comes to toys: I like my toys to do one thing and do it well. So honestly, I was a bit put off by so many different heads. What to do with all these options? Well, try them, of course.

Getting to know the Eroscillator… intimately

I decided to start with the “soft fingertip” attachment. I also decided to stick with low speed for this whole test. The Eroscillator oscillates, rather than vibrates, so it moves back and forth very fast, producing an interesting sensation. I liked the fingertip attachment, but I didn’t want to settle there, so I switched to the “Golden Spoon.” The literature said this was a favorite.

whole toy

Immediately, I could tell why. This attachment was designed to fit right over the clitoris, providing a clear and focused stimulation. I wasn’t sure how it was going to work with my hood piercing, but there wasn’t even a rattle, and the piercing didn’t hinder the oscillation in the least. It took me a few minutes to find the exact right spot, though: lots of spots felt really good, but on moving it around, I found the exact spot, and suddenly I didn’t want to move at all. I decided to try relying on nothing but the oscillations: I didn’t move the head in circles, as I often do with a vibrator, and I didn’t use any toys for insertion, just focused solely on this one device.

The first thing I noticed was the transmission of the sensation. I could feel the oscillations traveling down the nerves of my clitoris to its internal branches, so it felt like I was being stimulated in my g-spot even with nothing inside my vagina. I’d read another review that mentioned this experience, so it wasn’t a total shock, except that the sensation was a total shock. Like, holy fucking shit. That’s new. I didn’t think my clit could surprise me.

My orgasm from the Eroscillator was absolutely nothing like other orgasms I’ve had before, and trust me, I’ve had a lot of orgasms. I consider myself a pro at giving myself orgasms. My orgasms tend to be very sharp and strong, intense and overwhelming but focused. My orgasm from the Eroscillator built from my knees. I’d never had that before. I just let it happen, curious about the way it was going to feel. I didn’t have the urge to pull away like I usually do with the Hitachi, no sense that it was going to hurt rather than feel good. It was a slow build, but inexorable, like a snowball rolling downhill and gradually picking up speed. When I actually came, it felt broad, a whole-body orgasm, all my nerves firing at once. I realized somewhere in there that I hadn’t closed my eyes like I usually do, but my vision had glazed over.

Normally, I reach a point during orgasm where the sensation is too much, and I have to pull away. I didn’t get that way with the Eroscillator. My clit didn’t get overstimulated. I left the attachment in place as the pleasure continued to roll over me, waves of it, slow and soft but steady, and this continued for a ridiculously long time. Maybe five minutes. I couldn’t tell if I was continuously orgasming during this time or building toward another, because the pleasure was not overwhelming, but I kept having intermittent vaginal spasms that indicate continuous orgasm to me. After a little while, I felt another orgasm building, this one sharper, and it overcame me with much more intensity. Then I turned off the toy and set it aside, a little shaken. At no point did my clit become uncomfortable. MIRACLES.

It was at this point that the toy earned a nickname. Anything that can make me come like that gets a nickname, and that’s when the Eroscillator became Rossy.

Rossy came out again a couple of days later. If the toy alone was good, it must be amazing when combined with insertion, right? I used my silicone dildo along with Rossy, keeping the Golden Spoon attachment. This time, the sensation of internal stimulation was compounded by actually having a toy in my vagina. My climax arrived much faster. I tried the Eroscillator on medium speed, which was much more intense, and this time I had the overwhelming “this is going to hurt so good” feeling right before I came. This orgasm was sharp, fierce, overwhelming, full-body, toe-curling, every cliche imaginable. I finished shaken, again.

My third Rossy experience, I tried a different head, the “grapes/cockscomb” attachment, which I tried on both sides but settled on the “grapes” side on low. I also used the dildo again. I had another blindingly intense orgasm after almost no time at all. And then I decided to write it love poetry and stroke it gently and find it a better case than the weird plastic case it comes with.

plastic case

I have a few quibbles with Rossy. The attachments aren’t silicone, and for someone who uses nothing except silicone, glass, and steel, that’s a big concession for me to make. They also require some detailed cleaning. As someone who uses sex toys with more than one partner, I just want to be able to throw stuff in the dishwasher to sanitize it, but that’s not an option.

Other people say it’s ugly, but I don’t feel that way at all. I think it looks Steampunk.

My main negative – and this is mostly just a warning – is that the Rossy is expensive. Like, well over $200 for the kit I have. That’s not a small amount of money to spend on a sex toy. That said, having had the experiences I’ve had, I would definitely purchase this device. I would save up and shell out and never regret a single dollar.

What’s next for Rossy and I?

I have some next steps: I’d like to try this toy during penetrative sex, and I haven’t done so yet. I’d also like to have a partner use this toy on me. I’m also hoping to use this toy on a partner and see her reactions, too. As of yet, I’ve only used Rossy solo, and I’m hoping that changes soon. When it does, you can expect an update.

Until then, I’m ruined for other vibrators, and I’m madly in love with Rossy.



6 thoughts on “My Eroscillator Review: A Love Story

  1. I bought one for my wife six years ago. We use it regularly as an addition to intercourse. Missionary or slight variations. After foreplay we get our bits together with some water based lube. Then, when we have everything moving along nicely, she picks up her toy and adds it to the mix. The soft head over her clitoris. I need to hold back to give her room to move it. Then I say to her, I will watch for the belly ripples to start. It doesn’t take very long to set her off. Of course, I can feel what is happening to her, with my penis inside her. When she really starts to come, I lean in a little closer and deeper and hold the toy firmly against her clitoris. Sometimes we come together, sometimes she can come a few times before I blow, which triggers another orgasm for her. If/when it dies, I will order another one immediately.

  2. After a tear mine got a bit noisy as the heads were a bit loose on the motor capston they clip onto. I thought about it and figured I was really only ever using the grapes/cocks comb so why not glue it on to quieten things down. A little epoxy carefully applied before pushing the head back on and now it’s great. Being locked down due to covid restrictions I have been masturbating much more than normal, a dozen times a day I guess at least most days but the Eroscillator does me over and over… quietly. The bill for lube though is high.

  3. Mine too got a bit rattley after a couple of years and I glued the a head in place perminantly to fix it. I went for the 7 pearls one as it had been my most used and enjoyed. Difference in noise was amaizing. Clatter and buzz went and it just purs quietly now, much quieter than when new Makes me think the manufacturer could have done a better job with the clip-on attachment system in the first place.

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