Tantus Rumble Review: Rumbles and Grumbles

Getting the toy in my hands to write a Tantus Rumble review has been a far more difficult endeavor than I anticipated. Tantus doesn’t send them out to just anyone to review; you need to have a proven track record of doing reviews, I think, and I’m early in my Tantus career.

Needless to say, when Tantus said they would send me a Rumble, I was quite excited. I waited anxiously for it to arrive.

Unboxing the Rumble

When it came, I admired the packaging, the slim size, the light weight of the toy.

Tantus rumble box
Look at dat box.
Tantus Rumble in Box
So sexeh.

Then I charged it and it didn’t work.

Long story short, I got in touch with Tantus and they sent me a new Rumble along with a return label to send back the broken one. Along with the (first) Rumble, they also sent me the Dorado Fin, which is a replacement head for the toy.

Dorado fin in package
Named after a fish?
Dorado head
Silicone and flexible

Rumble vs. Hitachi: Appearance

Rumble in hand
Notice how the + is on the bottom, so when you’re using it on yourself, it’ll appear on the top.

The Tantus Rumble, as you can see, is a wand vibrator in the same vein as the Hitachi Magic Wand. Aside from being the same type, though, the similarities end there. The Rumble is rechargeable. While they make a cordless Hitachi, the main Hitachi has a cord. The Rumble is also light-weight, compared to the Hitachi, which is pretty big and unwieldy. The Rumble has variable speeds and patterns, compared to the Hitachi’s “high and higher” two options. Also, the Rumble’s silicone head comes off, allowing you to sterilize it, unlike the Hitachi, which is much harder to clean. Both toys, though, have attachments that fit over the head for a variety of alternate stimulations.

Rumbly First Impressions

Once I finally had the Tantus Rumble charged and functional, I gave it a go. The first thing I noticed is that it’s not prohibitively strong. It felt more like a regular vibrator than what I expected from a wand vibrator. When I pressed the head to my clit, I didn’t get that gasping “holy shit!” moment. It felt nice, but it wasn’t breathtaking. In fact, because of the wide head and moderate vibrations, I was not getting to the edge by holding the head against my clit.

I noticed that the toy itself was quite easy and comfortable to hold. It’s a light toy, and the handle is a nice size for my hand to wrap around. I also noticed that the buttons light up, and when I was holding it and looking down the length of my body, the buttons were all aligned to be in the orientation I’d expect: I could read them right-side up even though the toy was technically “upside down.” Thanks, Tantus! You know I’m going to be using it on myself and made it easy to read.

I had time to think all these things about the toy’s weight and comfort and button orientation because I wasn’t having an orgasm. It felt nice, but I wasn’t rocketing to the moon. I switched the way I was holding it, so I was pressing the edge of the head, where the top meets the side, into my clit. That gave me a more focused vibration, and that vibration got me over the edge. It was a nice, solid orgasm, about the same as my vibration-driven orgasms usually are, but not mind-blowing. I didn’t adore it, but it was all right.

The Road to El Dorado

The next time I pulled out the Rumble, I swapped out the head for the Dorado Fin. I like the feel of the fin in my hands: it’s a soft silicone, and the ridge is way more flexible than it seems like it would be.

bending the dorado fin
Look how bendy!

With the Dorado fin in place, I gave the Rumble another shot. I had heard from another reviewer that the movement of the soft fin felt like a tongue, which was an exciting possibility. There aren’t nearly enough people licking my clit on a regular basis.

The Dorado fin did not feel like a tongue. It didn’t move that much. It vibrated, but it didn’t “lick.” And that’s fine! I got my hopes up for nothing, but that’s not a slight on the toy. I tried turning the Rumble sideways so the fin would be aligned more like a tongue, and I tried moving it back and forth like a licking motion, but no. It wasn’t doing a licking thing.

The disappointing no-lick-feel aside, I liked the fin much better than the toy’s normal silicone head. That ridge let me concentrate the vibration exactly on my clit. I aligned it between my labia, and I could gently rest the silicone edge of the fin where it needed to be. With this, I found my “oh wow” moment much more quickly, and I came harder and longer.

I also wasn’t totally numb afterward. I left the Rumble in place and went for a second orgasm. It was a little harder to achieve, as my vibration-driven second orgasms usually are – but I still got off and it felt really nice.

Rumble vs. Hitachi: Performance

The Hitachi is a far stronger vibrator than the Rumble, for better or worse. The Rumble got me off without making me numb, whereas the Hitachi generally leaves me numb. The Rumble allowed me to get a second orgasm, which I can almost never get with my Hitachi’s overstimulated aftermath.

There was no “shock and awe” campaign with the Rumble. Unlike the Hitachi, there was no way for me to set the Rumble and be sure that “This would make me come whether I wanted to or not.” I could have resisted the Rumble if I wanted, and I can’t always resist the Hitachi.

Who Needs a Rumble?

The Tantus Rumble is going to be a great toy for certain people. If you like wand vibrators but find the Hitachi too strong, or you want some patterns, you’ll like the Rumble. If broad, diffuse vibrations work for you, you’ll like the Rumble. If you enjoy attachments on your wand vibes, you’ll like the Rumble.

If you have some mobility issues and the Hitachi is too big and heavy for you, the Rumble is a good alternative.

If you need the intensity of the Hitachi to get off, you will probably not like the Rumble. It isn’t as powerful and you’ll likely end up frustrated.

If, like me, you like clitoral vibration but you don’t seek it out, the Rumble will probably be “meh” for you. It’s not as powerful as other wand vibrators, but fairly versatile, and maybe worth giving a shot.

Final Rumbles

The Rumble is a fun toy. It’s not going to be a go-to toy for me. It’s not as pleasurable as the Eroscillator by any means, and it’s not as powerful as the Hitachi, so it still requires more work and focus than I want to give a vibrator.

I will probably have a partner use the Rumble on me at some point, though. That’s where I see its advantage for someone like me: a partner can use it to get me off without the overwhelming nature of the Hitachi. It’s fairly straightforward and easy to use, and that’s a nice toy for sharing.

Want Yours? Get Yours.

Tantus graciously provided me a Rumble in exchange for this honest review. I am also a Tantus affiliate. You can get the Rumble and the Dorado Fin on the Tantus website, and enter code ELIA15 at checkout to save 15%.


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