Spin Me Right Round: Blush Lush Juna Review

I’m always hopeful when I try a new sex toy. The Juna from Blush Novelties’s Lush line pleasantly lived up to my expectations, delivering quality orgasms in an attractive and easy-to-use design.

A Word About Terminology

In the world of vibrators, there are buzzy vibrators, and there are rumbly vibrators, and then there are oscillators. Oscillators have a tip that moves from side to side, or in a small circle, rather than just vibrating. The Juna is an oscillator. Other oscillators I’ve reviewed include the Zumio and the Eroscillator. It’s a thoughtful design that many people find more effective than standard vibrators.

Out of The Box

The Juna comes in a simple black box with a clear plastic front that shows the device and its attachments.

Blush lush juna in box

Here’s what you get when you take it all out of the packaging.

Blush lush juna out of box

The main body of the Juna is a purple bulb. It comes with four attachments, pictured below. You can also remove all the attachments and just use the tip of the Juna itself, which looks a bit like a q-tip.

Two of the attachments are very similar: there’s a top brush and a side brush. In the pic below, I’m holding both at once, although one is closer to the camera.

Blush lush juna two brush heads side by side

The Juna has one button on the bottom, which is how you turn the device on and off as well as cycling through the patterns and intensities. It charges by a magnetic charging cable that attaches to the body of the toy.

The device is fairly light and handheld, and with only one button, it’s pretty simple to figure out how to operate. So let’s talk performance.

Onto My Box

Overall, the Juna is a very effective clitoral stimulator. The tip makes little circles when turned on, providing focused contact. I liked that I could hold it in place by hand, or hold the body of the toy lightly between my thighs. It’s a bit of a game to find the right level of stimulation, but that experimentation is fun.

I spent time experimenting with all the attachments of the Juna before writing this review. They’re all pretty good. Some have their contact point on the side, and some on the top, which affects how you align the toy with your clit. I liked the bare tip as well for more pinpoint, focused stimulation. The rabbit ears were very fun for nipple stimulation as well as clit stimulation. Especially interesting was holding up the Juna and cycling through the various patterns, watching the rabbit ears move differently based on the signals being sent.

In short: it was effective, and it easily made me come.

Kudos and Caveats

Now for some of the nitty gritty.

Kudos for a reasonably priced oscillator. This is one of the cheapest oscillating vibrators I’ve seen at $55 on SheVibe. That price point puts it solidly in the mid-range of inexpensive but good-quality products.

Kudos for magnetic charging and splash-proofing, but caveat: no actual submersible waterproofing.

Caveat: there’s no carry bag for this toy, and it has four loose attachments. That feels like a huge oversight for a product like this. Even now, I’m going to need to steal a bag from another toy or risk losing one of the attachments currently flopping around on my bookcase.

Kudos for a full-silicone body and body safe materials, and for a design that’s aesthetically pleasing and simple.

Kudos and caveat, simultaneously, for only one button. The one button is simple, but it means if you want to get back to the beginning, you’ve got to shut it all the way off or cycle through. And if you forget what number you’re on, it sometimes means that what you think is low is actually “low but escalating into high,” and that’s an unwelcome surprise.

Caveat: the patterns are all very similar. I can’t really tell the middle ones apart. For example:

The difference between rise, plateau, and midway seems to be only a matter of timing. This makes it hard for me to know if I’ve actually hit the button to change patterns or not.

Caveat: if you limit the movement of the tip, either by holding it too tightly or pressing it with your legs, the device stops moving altogether. Probably a failsafe mechanism, but good to know before you dive in.

Kudos for oscillation over vibration, which is a really nice design feature. I know I’ve got a lot of caveats here, but honestly, this is a pretty great product.

Final Thoughts

The Blush Lush Juna is an excellent vibrator for those new to sex toys, those experienced with sex toys, and most everyone in between. It’s mostly designed for clitorises, although it can be used on other parts of the body as well. With its non-threatening design, simple mechanics, effective stimulation, and reasonable price point, this is a great gift for yourself or someone you care about. Enjoy!

This product was provided in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are being used in this post, and buying a product through those links benefits this blog.

2 thoughts on “Spin Me Right Round: Blush Lush Juna Review

  1. I was interested in this product because of the bunny ears attachment. Ive found that two fingers squeezing on the side of the clit works well. Do you have any recommendations for two pronged clit vibrators? Tappping also works well so maybe this product can achieve both those things?

    1. Hi Betty! My favorite two-pronged clit vibrator (and one of my favorite vibes altogether) is the Fun Factory Volta . The Le Wand Deux is also good, but much buzzier. The Juna might indeed work well for what you’re looking for, although the bunny ears might not be wide enough. It’s still a great vibe! Hope this helps your search.

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