The Novel Nova: We-Vibe Nova 2 Review

The We-Vibe Nova is a vibrator I had always wanted to try. Shortly after getting one sent to me for review, though, We-Vibe mentioned they were coming out with the Nova 2! I decided to wait and do a comparison review of the Nova and Nova 2. While most of this post is a We-Vibe Nova 2 review, I will also compare it to the original Nova.
May 2022 Update: The original Nova has indeed been discontinued.

Short version: The improvements are great, and the Nova 2 is an excellent vibrator.

Out of the Box

The Nova 2 comes in an elegant purple box depicting an image of the product itself. Even though it is the Nova 2, the box just says Nova, which makes me think the Nova 1 may not be long for this world. May 2022 update: I was correct.

We-Vibe Nova 2 in box

Open the box, and you get the Nova 2 along with a charging cable, instructions, a storage bag, and a single serving of lube.

The Nova 2 has a curved insertable portion and a curved external clitoral arm. Here are a few shots of what it looks like in hand.

The clitoral arm is highly flexible. It’s designed so the top part of the clit arm can stay in contact with your clitoris even when you’re moving the toy in and out.

The Nova 2 is controlled by buttons which increase and decrease the vibration and let you cycle through the the patterns. You can see those in the left photo below. In the right photo, you can see the magnetic attachment point for the charger.

It’s a sleek, lovely vibrator.

Side By Side: Nova 2 and Nova 1

Here are some shots of the Nova 2 and its predecessor side by side for comparison. The newer Nova is on the left of each pairing, in case you’ve already forgotten what it looks like from up above.

Pretty similar. They’re also nearly identical in size and shape.

It’s a bit hard to tell because the distance is a bit different, but trust me: they’re nearly the same in external design. the newer Nova 2 is sleeker with its all-one-color body.

The buttons are different. The buttons on the Nova 2 (left) are much more intuitive, in my opinion. They’re easier to find when you’re not looking, too.

But looks aren’t everything, right? It’s gotta perform. So let’s talk about functionality.

Vibrator Comparison: Nova 2 and Nova 1

Before using the Nova 2, I made sure the Nova 1 and 2 were both fully charged, and then I turned them both on to the lowest setting. Immediately, I found the difference.

The Nova 2 is way, way rumblier than the Nova 1. I could hear the difference between the two vibrators. The Nova 1 was fine, but it wasn’t a “wow.” I’d noticed this when using it, too. It wasn’t buzzy, per se, but it wasn’t a particularly rumbly vibe. Turning up the Nova 1 made it stronger but didn’t make the vibrations carry any more deeply.

The Nova 2, though, had strong and rumbly vibrations that I knew were going to be something special. On to the actual testing.

Into My Box: Nova 2

The Nova 2‘s strong, rumbly vibrations make it a great vibrator for me. The vibrations penetrate, hitting not only the external nub of the clitoris but also the internal portions of my clitoris and my g-spot There are two vibes: one for the clit arm and one for the insertable portion, and they are both rumbly and strong.

The design of the Nova 2 (and original Nova) means that when thrusting, the clit arm never loses contact with your clit. It does move, so the specific tenor of the vibrations changes. Even with moving, though, it stays in touch.

I was pleased at how easy it was for me to get off with the Nova 2. It was an effective shape, a good size, and built with enough flexibility to suit my body. I also found it was an effective toy to set up for some “on top” kneeling play, where I could press down against the clit arm for more direct stimulation. No matter what, though, it was a winner.

The We-Connect App

I played with this toy with my partner using the We-Connect App, which was also a jolly good time. The app has more functionality for controlling the vibrator than just the buttons. Even if you’re not playing with a partner, it’s great to use the app for solo play. You can control each vibrator individually, set up patterns, use the pre-programmed patterns, let it respond to music, etc etc. Some people have had difficulty with the app disconnecting, but I haven’t had those problems with this app in a very long time. I think We-Vibe has fixed most issues from earlier versions.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos to the fully waterproof, silicone design of the Nova 2.

More kudos for making the buttons easier to use on this version.

Further kudos for the rumbly motors and improving on the Nova 1 where it counts.

Even more kudos for a thoughtful clit arm design and an awareness that people like to thrust vibrators and still have clit stimulation while they do it. REVOLUTIONARY.

Kudos for a flexible clit arm that lets such thrusting work well and not be weird or painful or anything.

Caveat: having most of the best functionality live in the app means you’re going to be wanking while staring at your phone.

Kudos for the app anyway, because it lets you play remotely with someone if you want to.

Kudos for We-Vibe finally replacing their outdated language “connect lover” from the app with “connect partner.” Fucking FINALLY. I was thrilled to see that. (Maybe it happened a while ago but I just noticed it.)

Caveat: At the current on-sale price of $100, the Nova 2 isn’t the priciest vibrator in the world, but it’s not pocket change, either. I think this is an excellent starter vibrator, but many people will be reluctant to spend $100 without knowing if the design will work for them. I definitely think the regular price of $150 is a bit steep, but it’s an excellent vibe, so your mileage may vary.

A final round of kudos for an elegant design that’s non-intimidating and not super penis-y.

Final Thoughts

The Nova 2 is very similar to the Nova 1 except in the biggest way that counts: the vibrator itself. It’s improved, it’s sleek and lovely, and it’s a thoughtful and effective design. This is going to the top of my “I’m new to vibrators and a little scared so what should I buy” list for rabbit vibes. Highly recommended.

I received the Nova and Nova 2 in exchange for this honest review. Affiliate links are being used in this post, and buying a product through those links benefits this blog.

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