Lelo Comparison Post: Sila Cruise vs. Sona 2 Cruise for Sexmas Day 5

It’s Day 5 of Sexmas, and I’ve got something special for you all! Today, I have a Lelo comparison: the Sila Cruise vs the Sona 2 Cruise. These are both powerful, top-notch clit stimulators with a lot of similarities, and both would make excellent holiday gifts for yourself or a loved one. Let’s get into it!

First Impressions

Lelo’s sleek black packaging with clear front window provides a good look at the product you’ve just purchased (or been gifted, if you’re very lucky).

Both toys come with a soft black storage bag, lube, a charging cable, warranty card, and a not-manual with instructions on where to download an actual manual.

Now, a closer look at the two of them. I kept mixing up the names of these toys at first, and finally helped myself remember that “Sila” has four of the letters of “Snail,” and the Sila looks like a little snail.

Both toys are silicone with a gold plastic panel that’s incredibly reflective.

Here’s the Sona 2 Cruise reflecting my ceiling fan.

Sona 2 cruise and my ceiling

The toys are both controlled by three buttons: a + and -, and a center button to switch between vibration patterns.

One of the most immediately noticeable differences between the Sila Cruise and the Sona 2 Cruise is nozzle size and shape. The Sila Cruise has a wider, almost triangular nozzle with a broad rim, and the Sona 2 Cruise has a slender, slimmer nozzle.

Apparently the Sona 2 Cruise nozzle is broader than the original Sona, which had a very narrow rim.

Both products have a similar charging port.

While the aesthetics are a bit different, each is lovely and feels great in hand.


Both these toys use sonic waves to stimulate the clitoris. It’s a lot like the air pressure toys from Womanizer and Satisfyer, although these have more of a vibration aspect. The sonic pulses come from a solid plate inside the nozzle that pulses back and forth. This sends air but also vibrations through the end of the nozzle. It feels a bit like a vibrator/air pressure combo in use.

The Sila Cruise has 8 sonic wave intensities, and the Sona 2 Cruise has 12. I found the differences between each level a bit hard to parse sometimes — did I actually hit the button, or is it just a really subtle difference? Each has a sequence of patterns, too. Once you’re in the patterns, getting out is a real challenge. Even the least patterny pattern feels a bit like a pattern, so multiple times with both toys I was trying to get back to “no pattern” and accidentally toggled right past it to restart the cycle.

When you turn it off, it remembers what pattern you’re on, which is great if you find a pattern you like. It’s less great if you’re just trying to reset the thing. (This is true for both toys.)

Both the Sila Cruise and the Sona 2 Cruise get the “cruise” part of their name from “Cruise control technology.” This basically means that there’s a boost in power (or at least not a decrease in power) if you press the toy hard against your body. Whereas in some toys that kind of pressure can make the vibrations cut out, in these, it makes them intensify.

If you like to play in the bath or shower, good news: both toys are completely waterproof.

In Use

I used both the Sila Cruise and Sona 2 Cruise in separate sessions and then in a session together, switching back and forth, trying to get a more direct comparison.

I did notice that for each, the buttons were finicky. It’s hard to know which one I was hitting without looking. They all feel very much the same. I was always having to find the edge and then slide my finger over, counting buttons. I think that could be fixed in a future design.

Both are stronger than I would normally choose for a toy, even on their lowest intensities. There was no real opportunity for a ramp up. It’s just full speed launch. I kept turning them down as far as they would go, but that was still pretty intense if I wasn’t already in the zone. Once I was more warmed up, the intensity was nice.

Once I got used to the intensity, I did find that the Sila Cruise had a more gradual ramp up than the Sona 2 Cruise. While both were strong, the Sila meandered a bit more, and the Sona was more intense.

I like the broad head of the Sila Cruise, and the way it seemed easier to position, wrapping around everything. It also had a pretty strong suction lock right away. With my hood piercing, I had to reposition it for that not to get uncomfortable. Sometimes the Sila took this to mean I wanted the Cruise Control to engage, at which point it would achieve HIGH VELOCITY and I was frantically trying to turn it down. But it was a solid, strong toy that had no trouble getting me off.

The Sona 2 Cruise was more finicky to position, with the narrow nozzle not always aligning exactly. Despite the small nozzle size, though, the Sona 2 worked even if it wasn’t making full contact. It was easier to lift slightly away or tilt to reduce the intensity. Again, adjustments were often interpreted by the toy as Cruise Control, and it ramped up unexpectedly at times. The Sona 2 Cruise was also easily able to get me off.

While both toys were effective, I found myself going for the Sona 2 Cruise more often, as I didn’t love the more intense suction that I got from the Sila Cruise, and I liked being able to lift the toy off and still feel more of the sensation. I still think it’s a bit of a toss up for me, though, and I will probably switch between them quite a bit in the future.

Which Should You Get?

Get the Sila Cruise for…

  • A larger clitoris
  • Sensations over a broader area
  • A stronger suction lock
  • A more gradual orgasmic build

Get the Sona 2 Cruise for…

  • More focused sensations over a smaller area
  • Consistent sensations even if you lift or angle the toy
  • A wider range of sonic pulsation intensities
  • A cheaper price

Final Thoughts

Both the Sila Cruise and Sona 2 Cruise are powerful clit stimulators that will take you for quite a ride this holiday season and beyond. While there are some differences between them, I think both are excellent. Treat yourself, or a very lucky someone else, and invest in a new toy from Lelo!

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