Lelo Enigma Wave Review: A Wave of Delight

I’m on the blog today writing a Lelo Enigma Wave review just in time for Halloween, but there’s nothing spooky or supernatural about the delight of this toy. While the original Lelo Enigma was an excellent product in its own right, the improvements on the Wave have elevated it to new heights. Or shall I say…new waves of pleasure.

First Impressions

Like all Lelo products, the Enigma Wave comes in a black box with a clear front to show the toy itself. The gold lettering on the transparent plastic identify the product, and the plastic itself means it reflects my overhead light. So here’s the product in an artsy, rakish angle.

Enigma wave in packaging

The Enigma Wave comes with a storage bag, charging cable, warranty card, and lube.

Lelo Engima Wave with accessories

The Enigma Wave is shaped much like the original Enigma. It has a flexible internal arm for g-spot stimulation and a large, bulbous exterior head that resembles a giant squid. That part’s for clitoral stimulation. Try not to think too much about the giant squid thing unless you’re into that.

Here are some shots of the Enigma Wave from various angles.

I stretched out the internal g-spot arm to show its flexibility.

arm stretched out

And because it’s spooky season, here’s the Enigma Wave being held by the skeleton hands.

Enigma wave in skeleton hands

It’s a neat looking product, but where it really shines is when it’s doing what it’s meant to do: bringing orgasmic delight.

In Use

The Enigma Wave is designed with multiple motors. The clit stimulator is a sonic wave air-based clit sucker magic thing that’s absolutely delightful. The ring fits around the clitoris and then provides stimulation using air and sonic waves? and also some suction, and other magical things that are just *chef’s kiss* delightful.

The “wave” part of the Enigma Wave comes from the internal g-spot arm, which has multiple vibrators to create a sense of motion within the arm itself. This is one of the few devices where the patterns are the heart of the magic. With those patterns, the arm feels like it’s stroking or moving in multiple ways. In combination with the clit stimulation, it’s absolutely breathtaking.

The Enigma Wave is almost too powerful for me. The stimulation is so direct and focused, it makes me come incredibly fast. I have to purposely adjust the intensity and pattern if I want the stimulation to last. If I want to take the express train, well, the express train has arrived. Otherwise, it’s fun to try and hold off and extend the experience. With its clever design and ingenious vibrators, well, maybe this is witchcraft at work.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for improving on an already good design. The wave motion of the internal vibrators elevates this toy to new heights.

Kudos to dual stimulation. Twice as nice, as they say!

More kudos to flexibility. The bendable, movable g-spot arm make this toy versatile enough to be used by most people who have a clitoris and vagina, no matter how they’re spaced apart.

I also want to give kudos to waterproofing. Want to use it in the bath or shower, or in a rainstorm in your backyard? Go for it.

Kudos for a storage bag. Lelo’s storage bags are soft and high quality, too, not a cheap plastic-feeling material in sight.

Caveat: The Lelo Enigma Wave is not a cheap toy. Not in quality, not in materials, and definitely not in price. For most people, the $259 price tag will be enough to put this toy out of reach. If you want to invest, though, by gosh, it’s a wild ride.

Final Thoughts

The Lelo Enigma Wave is a wonderful product. It’s expensive, yes, a true luxury sex toy, and it’s luxurious at all levels. This toy is an orgasm machine, a triumph of design and engineering, and it’s going to have a well-earned spot on my nightstand for the foreseeable future. No bones about it, folks: the Enigma Wave is worth the hype.

I received this toy in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are being used in this post, and buying a product through these links benefits me and this blog.

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