Nothosaur Zerger Ovipositor Review: Laying Eggs For Science

It’s my birthday on Monday, and I can’t think of any better way to celebrate than reviewing an ovipositor, or egg-laying dildo, for my wonderful readership. I’m thrilled to be partnering with Nothosaur, a toy company specializing in the fantasy realm. When Nothosaur contacted me, I was happy to collaborate on this long-awaited product review. I’ve been curious about ovipositors for a long time. As a tentacle fan and a monsterfucking enthusiast, this felt like the logical next step in my toy endeavor. If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you know that I’m always interested in toy innovation. Nothosaur has a range of fun products with creative designs, and the Zerger Ovipositor is an excellent example of what you can do with silicone and some perversions.

First Impressions

Nothosaur won me over right away by sending their product accompanied by a whole bunch of fun swag. Amazing swag! Look at all this great stuff!

Here’s the swag, left to right in rows: A Nothosaur collector’s coin in a protective case, a keychain of a very happy tentacle fan, three tiny squishy dildos, a foxtail dick keychain, a page of branded stickers, and an adorable red cloth drawstring bag to carry it all. The bag is adorned with an enthusiastic dragon carrying an armful of themed dildos, living their absolute best life.

But there’s more: of course I got the Zerger Ovipositor itself. It came in this pink box with the company branding.

Pink box labeled Nothosaur

Inside, here’s the Zerger ovipositor sealed in its mailer.

Zerger ovipositor in bag

My custom color requests unfortunately didn’t arrive before the company prepared my product for shipment, so I got the generic white-on-black color design. Which is fine! Love a grayscale tentacle.

Here’s the Zerger ovipositor from some different angles.

As an ovipositor, the Zerger is hollow and designed to hold and distribute silicone or gelatin eggs. It’s got a very alien aesthetic, as do most ovipositors, since the fantasy tends to align with being the host of some kind of alien tentacle monster. I’m intrigued.

Here are the silicone eggs:

I ordered the small-size ovipositor and small-size eggs, not wanting to overdo things.

Nothosaur also sent the molds to make gelatin eggs in small, medium, and large, along with a push rod.

The website has instructions for the gelatin eggs, but you have to dig around on the blog to find it. Gelatin Egg Instructions here.

The Zerger also came with a large cloth bag for storing the toy and silicone eggs, and it’s decorated with the same enthusiastic dragon from earlier.

Larger storage bag

I love that guy.

So let’s talk about the part you’ve all been waiting for: the ovipositor experience.

In Use

Using an ovipositor dildo like the Zerger is inherently a messy endeavor with lots of lube involved. I set down a very large towel.

The Zerger is quite squishy and bendy. The softness aids in facilitating egg pass-through. I decided to use the silicone eggs and not make gelatin eggs. (I’ll talk about considerations of using silicone or gelatin in the next section.)

I lubed up both the toy and the eggs and started inserting them through the bottom of the toy.

Flashback to the bottom and top of the toy:

The top is somewhat narrower than the bottom, so the eggs don’t just fall out. They have to be pushed out. However, the bottom is wider, so it’s easy for the eggs to schlorp out the bottom if squeezed in the wrong direction.

The toy comes with six eggs, but only four fit in the barrel at a time, and the fourth is quite a tight squeeze. I found that if I pushed too hard, one of them ejaculated itself right out the top nozzle, but it was also easy to lose one out the bottom.

In short, this was an involved endeavor! I ended up testing this toy a couple of times to really get the hang of it.

Upon using the toy for its intended purpose, I had a difficult time getting the eggs to release out the top when the toy was inserted. Pushing from the bottom didn’t quite work. My hands were also quite slick with lube, as was the toy, and so there was a lot of reaching and pressing and finagling. I found the most success using the push rod, which I think is only intended for the gelatin eggs but worked great for this purpose. Also, making sure my hands were as lube-free as possible facilitated the endeavor.

It took some experimentation to get the right level of force to release the eggs from the top of the toy. I didn’t want to push too hard and torpedo my cervix, for example. But once I figured out the correct amount of pressure, it was a lot of fun! Releasing one egg made room for another, and the eggs created a definite full sensation that I found enjoyable.

After use, all the eggs came out via a combination of muscles and fingers.

I was more caught up in the logistics of the process than any fantasies, since there was a lot going on to make this happen. It’s definitely something that would be easier with a willing partner.

Gelatin or Silicone?

Gelatin eggs are a safer but messier option for vaginal ovipositor play, and the only safe option for anal ovipositor play. Your body heat will melt the gelatin over time, and the eggs will liquify and slide out if you can’t remove them. Never put anything solid in your anus that doesn’t have a flared base, and that includes silicone eggs! It’s fine to use gelatin eggs, though, because they’ll melt.

(Remember, this is straight gelatin, not Jello! Jello has sugar in it and is a gigantic infection factory for your body. Please do not make gelatin eggs with Jello!)

Good reminder here that you cannot lose anything in the vagina. The vagina has a solid end! The cervix is too small in its normal undilated state to permit an egg to pass through! However, you can put something in your vagina that’s difficult for you to reach.

I chose to use silicone for this experiment because even though I bought the gelatin packets to make the eggs, I didn’t want to deal with the mess of having them melt. Gelatin eggs is definitely a bathtub endeavor and I wanted to play in bed. Also, I know I can reach the entire depth of my vagina with proper body positioning, so I wasn’t worried about getting the eggs out afterward.

It’s fine to use silicone eggs with an ovipositor if these conditions are met:

  • You are using the toy vaginally
  • You can reach past your cervix into the vaginal area beyond (your fornix)
  • You aren’t anxious about either of the previous bullet points

If you’re at all worried about reaching deep inside yourself or losing eggs, please use gelatin eggs!!

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for alien tentacle monster aesthetics. The look of the Zerger is really on-brand for what it’s offering.

More kudos for good-quality design and cute multicolored eggs. The setup for making the gelatin eggs seems similarly straightforward.

Kudos for ovipositors in general! This is a pretty niche kink, I think, and I like that companies are making toys to let people try out these fantasies.

Kudos for a whole array of swag and for a pretty delightful storage bag.

Caveat: the entire operation of using the ovipositor is complicated and challenging to do alone, so it was difficult to lose myself in any kinds of fantasies. I think this is just how ovipositors are, though. This isn’t a design flaw by Nothosaur. It’s just that ovipositors are complex.

Final Thoughts

Ovipositors are challenging to use and messy. If, like me, you’re excited about the prospect anyway, then throw down a towel and go for it. It’s fun for its uniqueness: the sensation is different than anything else. While I couldn’t get lost in the experience, I had a great time anyway. The puzzle of “how do I make this work” was rewarding in its own right.

Nothosaur has so, so many fun fantasy toys, and the Zerger Ovipositor is just one of them! I’m excited to review more of their toys in the future. If you’re intrigued, check them out, and don’t forget to use lots of lube.

I received this toy in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are being used in this post, and buying a product through these links benefits me and this blog.

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