Nomi Tang Flex Bi Review: Flexible Effectiveness

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I’m always excited to try a new product. This Nomi Tang Flex Bi review looks at an aesthetically pleasing, effective dual-stimulation vibrator that offers versatility in its thoughtful design. The Flex Bi shares some commonalities with other rabbit-style dual vibrators while also presenting several key differences that positively impact the product. Plus, I felt seen by the name “flex bi,” as I am also a fairly flexible bi.

But no further digressions! On to the review.

First Impressions

The Flex Bi comes in a white box that has an outer sleeve depicting images of the product and information for its use.

Flex Bi outer box sleeve

The box-inside-the-box is far prettier, elegant and simple with a heavy weight packaging and Nomi Tang logo.

Nomi Tang inner box, white with the maroon logo

The Flex Bi dual vibrator is perhaps intended to be stored in this box, because it has a hinged lid and a satin-lined interior. This is not the type of box meant to be just thrown away.

Interior of box with product

The Flex Bi comes in two different colors, hot pink and lavender. I got the lavender one, which is quite lovely.

The Flex Bi has a long shaft for internal use either vaginally or anally. It is broader toward the head and a bit narrower toward the base of the shaft. The “bi” part comes from the second stimulating shaft, which is smaller. Each shaft has its own independent motor and accompanying button.

Here are some shots of the Flex Bi from different angles.

As one would hope from the name, the Flex Bi is flexible. You can bend the main shaft in several directions, and it bends easily but then holds its shape well.

The Flex Bi also gets its name “Flex” from flexible use. You can use this toy for a combination of vaginal/clitoral use (either bent to stimulate the g-spot or a-spot), or for vaginal/anal use. If you’re a person with a prostate, you could likely use this for anal use and perineum stimulation as well. I focused on vaginal/clitoral use, but I can appreciate its versatility.

Now for some specifics.

In Use

The Flex Bi marketing materials advertise a “bass” motor in the larger shaft and a “treble motor” in the smaller shaft. In practicality, I found that this meant the larger shaft was rumbly and the smaller shaft buzzy. Not terribly buzzy, but less resonant.

The angle I bent in the shaft stayed put in use. This was excellent. I’ve had many experiences with positionable toys where they bend out of shape at the slightest resistance from the vaginal walls, but the Flex Bi stayed put. It was easy for me to find a good angle to hit my g-spot and still get the outer shaft aligned with my clit.

The two buttons on the Flex Bi aren’t labeled, and I mixed them up a few times in use, but that’s not a big deal. The buttons each cycle their respective motors through a series of intensities and patterns. I liked being able to independently control them. It was easy for me to find settings I liked for the two parts of the toy.

I did notice that the smaller vibrator lost some intensity when pressed too hard against my body, so I adjusted the alignment accordingly and had no further problems. Even with the buzziness, it was easy for me to get off, and I loved the dual stimulation.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for the product aesthetic. The color is lovely, the shape is pleasant (not very “dick-forward,” as many toys can be) and the texture is that silky, velvety silicone that feels elegant.

Caveat: there’s no storage bag, and this is a large toy. You could store this in its box, though, which somewhat makes up for the lack of storage bag. It’s a very nice box.

Kudos for the hole at the base of the handle, which makes it easy to grab and position the toy even with lube-slick hands.

Kudos for waterproofing. The entire Flex Bi is submersible waterproof, so you can take it in the bath or shower with you.

Giant kudos for the flexibility of the toy itself, both literally and metaphorically. I loved getting to angle the shaft how I wanted it. Plus, I can easily reshape it every time. Also, a person can use this toy multiple ways for multiple types of stimulation.

Caveat: as with any toy that’s usable in the anus, please make sure you do not go anus-to-vagina on this toy without a thorough washing in between. I’m worries that with the priority on flexible use, people won’t do their due diligence in toy care. The waterproofing makes this easy to clean, so clean it!

Kudos for a rumbly big shaft, and a caveat for that buzzier smaller shaft. I do like the rumbly vibes for my g-spot, but my clit would like some, too.

Kudos for a variety of settings and intensities. Also kudos for letting me control each motor independently. Caveat: if you miss the setting you like, you’ve gotta circle all the way back around again.

Mixed bag for the pricing: at $89.90, this is not an inexpensive vibrator, but it’s also made with quality and has a number of use options. I think it’s a great value for the price, but that doesn’t mean it’s financially accessible to everyone.

Kudos for a product that’s both beginner-friendly and also versatile enough to please the sex toy enthusiast (like myself).

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed the Flex Bi. I liked having a customizable vibrator with beautiful aesthetics and motors strong enough to make pleasure a breeze. While it isn’t perfect, it is well-designed and effective, and I think it’s a worthwhile investment or an excellent gift. I’d happily try many more products from Nomi Tang and I’m excited to have this introduction to their product line.

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