Lelo Lily 3 Review: Blooming Brilliant

As the weather warms and thoughts turn toward spring, flowers are on the mind…and sex, too, obviously. This Lily 3 review explores a small clit stimulator that manages to pack a powerhouse engine in a tiny, silent package. It’s a perfect toy for all seasons, whether you’re ready for blooming florals or (like me) hoping for a few more snowstorms before winter bids farewell. I think that’s all the flower and seasonal references I can pack in for this intro, but don’t worry: I’m going to get down to business with the Lily 3.

First Impressions

Lelo’s packaging is always simple, elegant, and iconic. The Lily 3 box is (like perhaps all Lelo products) black heavy duty cardboard with a clear front to show the product itself.

Lelo Lily 3 in black box as described, angled artfully

You’ll notice from this box that this is the 20th anniversary of Lelo’s Lily vibrator, now in its third incarnation. I love a product that’s so good a company keeps coming back to it.

The Lily 3 vibrator comes with a charging cable, a mini-manual that’s really a link to a full manual, warranty card, lube packet, and a storage bag.

Lily 3 with instruction manual link, warranty card, charging cable, and storage bag

I love Lelo’s storage bags. They’re made of this black stretchy fabric, suitable to the high-end nature of their products.

Now, take a look at the Lily 3 from a few different angles.

The Lily 3 comes in three different colors: dark plum (pictured), polar green, and calm lavender. The material covering the product is amazing: it’s a soft-touch silicone that feels smooth and velvety, not at all sticky, with no sense of “drag.” It’s so nice to hold. Without even using this small vibrator, you can tell it’s high quality.

The shape is bent to align the vulva, and the tip is rounded overall with a pronounced bump.

The Lily 3 has a port at the bottom for charging. It’s the plug-in kind of charging, but even with that divot, this stimulator is submersible waterproof.

Two buttons control all of Lily’s features. Once it’s on, a double press swaps between modes, and a single press increases or decreases intensity.

Now, the good stuff: The Lily 3 in use.

In Use

The first thing I noticed about the Lily 3 was its volume: specifically, almost none. This gem is nearly silent! The second thing I noticed was the power. Even though this is a small vibrator, it packs a punch. Deep, rumbly vibes resonate through the rounded tip and WHOA BOY are they effective.

While the Lily 3 has a variety of patterns, I’m much more of a straight up non-pattern person. I loved the range of intensities with the Lily 3. The lowest handful of settings gave me the power I wanted most of the time, but it was fun to boost it higher on occasion.

I also love how I can hold the button to ramp the power up or down, rather than clicking through a series of levels. The gradual increase and decrease feel more pleasant than a sudden switch. It’s just wonderful.

The Lily 3 is one of the most effective clitoral vibrators I’ve used. It rivals some of my past favorites. I had no trouble coming with this every time I used it, and it’s become something I reach for all the time.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for powerful rumbly vibrations. There’s nothing buzzy about the Lily 3: that motor penetrates beautifully.

More kudos for near silence. What an amazing invention! I’m in awe.

Caveat: the “double press” to cycle through patterns is inconvenient. I don’t love patterns anyway, so I’m not really using that setting, but I think I’d be annoyed if I were trying to switch patterns all the time.

Kudos for the shape and texture of the Lily 3 itself. It feels good to touch and it fits nicely where it’s supposed to go.

Kudos for actually including a nice storage bag, which should be standard in higher end vibrators.

Even more kudos for the waterproofing, which should also be standard in higher end vibrators. This small vibrator will go wherever you want it to go, including the bath or shower.

Additional kudos for a product that appeals to a broad range of clit-having sex toy users: the beginner will not be intimidated by the aesthetics or functionality, and the expert will appreciate the top notch quality.

Final kudos for discounts: the Lily 3 is on sale for half off its normal price! Lelo is apparently doing this sale all year. I’m blown away by that.

Final Thoughts

The Lelo Lily 3 is an incredible clitoral vibrator. While you can use it all over the body, it’s designed for the clit, and it excels at that application. Rumbly vibes, waterproofing, a beautiful aesthetic, storage bag, and the reliability of Lelo? You can’t go wrong, here. This amazing toy is great as a gift for others or for yourself. It’s truly blooming brilliant.

I received this toy in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are being used in this post, and buying a product through these links benefits me and this blog.

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