Sexmas Day 1: Honey Play Box Joi Review

It’s the first day of Sexmas! This annual holiday sex toy review-fest is now several years in the making, and I’m starting a bit early this year with Thanksgiving rather than waiting until December. For this first review, I’m taking a look at the Honey Play Box Joi. The Joi is a J-shaped toy combining a licking tongue-style clit stimulator and a rotating g-spot arm. It’s a fun combo that may be just the ticket for a little holiday joi in your life.

First Impressions

The Joi comes in a box with an image of the toy on the front and the company branding.

Joi outer box showing the toy name and branding

When you open up the box, there’s the Joi. The charging cable sits alongside and the instructions lie underneath.

Here’s a look at the different parts of the Joi (and a bit of my reflection). It has two buttons, one to control the clit tongue and one for the rotating head, and it charges magnetically on the back.

Here’s a better look at the size of the Joi.

And finally, I want to show you a closer look at the clit tongue. Also, this pic looks like the alien face-hugger worm that bursts out of the guy’s chest in Alien.

The Joi is a chonky toy with some heft to it and not a lot of flexibility. But as we all know, it’s all about functionality.

In Use

I love a pressure wave toy and a vibrator as much as the next person, but I’ve gotta say, there’s something about a physical tongue flappin’ back and forth. It was pretty easy for me to line up the external clit tongue once I’d inserted the main body of the toy. The tongue is really firm, which means it was almost too much direct stimulation, but I could adjust it so it wasn’t pressing quite so hard. I was pleased that the motor had enough oomph to move no matter what. There are several intensities as well as a series of patterns.

The internal arm is controlled by the other button, which makes it rotate. Well, it doesn’t really rotate: the head inscribes a circle in the air. This motion is also available in a variety of speeds and patterns. When inserted, I found this motion noticeable and pleasant. It’s strong even on the lowest speed. Also, the bumps in the g-spot arm add to that feeling of fullness.

The Joi is pretty loud. The clit tongue is quieter than the g-spot arm, but when you turn the g-spot arm on, it doesn’t matter that the entire part of the toy is inside: you’re gonna hear it. Don’t use this toy in a library.

This type of stimulation was excellent for me, and I had no problem getting off with this toy. I liked the direct clitoral stimulation where I didn’t have to worry if it was rumbly or buzzy or what: it was flicking over my clit, and that was good enough.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for a clit tongue. Vibrators are great, and pressure wave devices are awesome, but actual physical stimulation most closely mimics a human touch, and I love that. It’s way faster and stronger than a human touch, but that’s good too.

More kudos for a rotating internal head. I find that kind of stimulation much more enjoyable than just vibration, which has to be rumbly in order to feel good on my g-spot. The circling head make me aware of the sensation of fullness, which was delightful.

More kudos for full waterproofing. Use this toy in the bath or shower if you so desire! Waterproofing also means it’s easy to clean.

Caveat: As I mentioned before, this toy is not quiet. I wish it were quieter.

Another caveat: no storage bag. I hate having loose cables flopping about, so I’ll probably have to repurpose some other toy bag for the Joi.

A mixed kudo and caveat: pricing. The Joi is $79.99 at full price, which is not inexpensive, but also not exorbitant. But the good news is that I’ve got a sale for you! Use code EliaWinters to get 20% off anything on Honey Play Box, which brings the cost down and makes it even more affordable.

Final Thoughts

I really liked the Honey Play Box Joi. It’s a unique toy that expands upon the idea of simultaneous clit and g-spot stimulation. Rather than just another vibrator — which, don’t get me wrong, I love a good vibrator — the Joi gives movement and physical touch. That’s pretty damn great. I’ll even forgive the weird alien head look to it for the delight of those orgasms.

Remember: use code EliaWinters to save 20% on Honey Play Box!

I received this toy in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are being used in this post, and buying a product through those links benefits me and this blog.

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